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Proposals for caravan and RV sales:

Extra service for your customers, extra yields for you.

What if in future you could offer your customers useful optional products related to caravans and trailers? Surely your customers would be agreeably surprised by this service – and you benefit from our attractive terms and conditions for dealers.

Providing solutions before problems arise:

Key problem number one with caravans and Rvs: Consumed, humid air which originates from the climate, cooking, sleeping and showering. The possible consequence: Unpleasant smells, mould growth, damage to the car's interior and allergies.

Our dehumidifiers produce dry and clean filtered room air in RVs and awnings – and at favourable prices. Nonetheless, there's enough in them for your additional business to pay off.

In addition to our dehumidifiers we have many other useful products waiting to be discovered by you and your customers.

Products suitable for resale:

  • Mobile dehumidifiers for caravans, trailers and awnings
  • Heating devices for the chilly season
  • Tyre pressure gauge
  • Voltage detector for electrical installations
  • Devices for climate control (temperature, humidity)
  • Gas detector to detect gas leaks
  • Devices for video inspections in hollows and storage spaces