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Professional odour neutralisation using ozone for car valeting.

Ozone generators simply eliminate unwelcome odours

In professional car valeting the same issue crops up time and time again: how do you sustainably clean the vehicle interior from persistent, clinging odours such as the smell of nicotine or dogs? With its ozone generators Trotec offers an innovative solution – which simply eliminates the odour molecules by use of ozone.

The popular application of car deodorants and other chemicals solves the odour problem only on a temporary basis, for usually they merely blanket the true stink. Often enough the reek that was so unpleasant in the first place becomes prevalent again after a short period of time. More and more car valet services therefore use ozone generators for the professional odour elimination in automobiles. The device generates active oxygen (ozone), which neutralises odour molecules. Hence, the initial odour is eliminated rather than just covered. Even extreme stenches such as nicotine or dog smells are sustainably eliminated by using ozone.

Trotec ozone generators – easy to handle in the hands of pros

Our ozone generators are designed for commercial use and must only be applied by trained expert staff with the relevant authorization. Yet for the trained professional the application is extremely simple and unproblematic:

In order to achieve permanent odour neutralisation for car valeting, unwelcome odour sources such as dog hair and ashtrays are to be eliminated. By and large, the interior should be valeted before the ozone generator is used. The treatment duration depends on the size of the car and the odour intensity. If required, ozone flooding can always be repeated. Since the only residual substance of UVC-generated ozone is oxygen, the interior does not need to be cleaned again after the treatment. There are no residues such as dust, powder or smudges.

Range of applications for our ozone generator Airozon 5000

The field of application of the Trotec ozone generator Airozon 5000 ranges from car treatment and disinfection, e.g. in case of mould growth, over the elimination of burnt or chemical smells in rooms, on furniture and textiles or of the musty smell after water damages to the neutralisation of extremely persistent odour molecules.

The Airozon 5000 is compact and easy to transport. Moreover, the odour eliminator is equipped with operating hours counter and timer for automated cleaning intervals to an application period of 30 hours. Due to its simple handling characteristics combined with an excellent output of 5,000 mg of ozone per hour, the device is suited for manifold applications.

Just temporary requirement? Simply rent the Airozon 5000

Car repair shops, for instance, are only occasionally confronted with the task of professional car valeting: Here, it pays off to rent the ozon generator Airozon 5000 for one or a number of days in our TKL rental portal.

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