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Hot air blowers from Trotec
Hot air blowers from Trotec
Hot air blowers from Trotec
Hot air blowers from Trotec
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Hot air blowers

Electronically controlled – universally applicable

Whether for plastic welding, the deformation of material, heat-shrink tubing, removing material residues or drying paint – hot air blowers are universal aids and hence belong in every professional’s basic tool kit.

With the powerful heat tools from the Trotec range of products you always have the appropriate solution for every requirement.

Hot air blowers

What is a hot air blower?

In order to deliberately heat or cool down various materials you need a special power tool known as hot air blower, heat gun or, alternatively, hot air gun. For this purpose the hot air blower sucks in the ambient air and heats it by means of a heating element. Then the heated air is discharged again through an outlet tube. You can systematically control or adjust the according air flow rate. In the majority of application scenarios this flow rate ranges between 150 and 500 litres per minute. Normally, temperatures between 50 and 600 °C are available on that score. If you want to specifically direct the air current, you should get a hot air blower with differently shaped discharge nozzles.

A reliable, high functionality is only guaranteed for high-quality products

But in order for you to know the true promise of and benefit from these advantages regarding simple operation and precise temperature adjustment, you should only rely on high-quality devices. For a rather simply constructed hot air blower can usually not meet the highest demands. This is due to the fact that most basic hot air blowers only allow for rough temperature and flow rate adjustments. An accurate and reliable determination of the air flow rate and temperature is therefore not possible or at any rate very difficult to realize. And that’s not even the end of the story ... If your temperature setting turns out to be too high because of the vague regulation options, there is an increased risk of the generated and discharged warmth damaging the respective base material.

In the private sector also the hot air blower belongs into every well-stocked tool box

A hot air blower of high quality can be used in the commercial and industrial sector but also for private applications. In addition to the previously outlined range of applications for hot air blowers, such a tool may well be used in the hobby and home sector. For instance, a hot air blower can be used for hot air sterilisation – to kill mould mycelia or to sterilize tools or other smaller objects. You can further utilize a hot air blower to solder or unsolder electrical components and to quickly light charcoal without generating much smoke. Moreover, hot air blowers are need-based tools for e.g. flame-scarfing or defrosting surfaces. Anyone partial to beekeeping can use the hot air blower to identify honeycombs that are ready to be harvested by centrifugation. 

Hot air blowers: their main application purpose and advantages at one glance

For the deformation of plastics and other materials.
For the deformation of plastics and other materials.
For shrink-wrapping or the heat-shrink tubing that jackets cables.
For shrink-wrapping or the heat-shrink tubing that jackets cables.
To remove material residues or layers of paint.
To remove material residues or layers of paint.
To accelerate chemical curing processes (here: drying of paint).
To accelerate chemical curing processes (here: drying of paint).
For hot air sterilisation (here: to eradicate mould).
For hot air sterilisation.

Compared to a Bunsen burner or a blowtorch, which could also be used for some of the tasks, a hot air blower features simple handling characteristics and a temperature regulation that allows for relatively low values. Especially the latter attribute makes for a distinctive advantage seeing as combustible materials can be processed with a substantially reduced hazard potential owing to the low temperature settings.

Focussing on equipment and accessories

Accessories for hot air blowers

As a rule, wattage should never be your only basis for the evaluation of hot air blowers. What matters more is the combination of performance, functionality and characteristics. Moreover, you should take the entire package of supplied accessories into consideration for your purchase decision. It is always an advantage when there are several types of attachment nozzles available – as we supply with our products.

Since they are all clearly predestined for various applications based on their respective shape, the range of possible application scenarios is substantially enhanced. This places you in a position to direct the generated heat as needed for different tasks, you can work on larger surfaces or selectively and straight to the point.

Hot air blowers made by the Trotec Group: a symbiosis of quality, functionality and specifications

Guaranteed premium quality from Trotec

As a company that has specialized in the ideal conditioning of air and water focussing mainly on the industry, leisure or building sector the Trotec Group provides you with hot air blowers of perfectly high quality. In order to cover the full range of application purposes and fields, we integrated a number of models in our portfolio. All of our hot air blowers are of premium quality and have proved themselves to be useful and effective solutions for diverse tasks in everyday working conditions for quite some time now. With each of the hot air blowers supplied by us you will benefit from a clear control concept, ergonomic handling characteristics, practice-optimized German industrial design and TÜV-tested safety. On top of that, the individual hot air blower models feature specific properties and functionalities that render them predestined for certain application purposes. 

Here an overview of the high-quality hot air blowers provided by the Trotec Group

For instance, we have included the following hot air blowers for your private or professional deployment in our product range:

Trotec hot air blower HyStream 200

Universal, pistol-shaped hot air blower with 2,000 watts, clearly structured and simple operation, a two-stage combination switch for the temperature and air flow regulation and a well-balanced distribution of weight. The hot air blower HyStream 200 reaches a maximum performance of 550 °C tops with a total of 500 l/min. Owing to this performance data the hot air blower already covers a wide range of applications. But the set of attachment nozzles included in the scope of delivery ensures an additional plus in terms of flexibility when it comes to the intended use.

Trotec hot air blower HyStream 2000

Also manufactured in an ergonomic pistol-shaped design and powered with 2,000 W is the hot air blower HyStream 2000 of highest quality that comes with a total of 60 preselectable temperature levels from 50 up to max. 650 °C. An integrated LCD keeps you continually and conveniently updated of the selected performance values which minimizes the risk of an accidently incorrect setting. Further product highlights include the memory function and the set of attachment nozzles included in the scope of delivery that again considerably enhances the application possibilities. 

Trotec hot air blower HyStream 2100

Now this is an electronically controlled, pistol-shaped and powerful 2,000 W hot air blower for professional applications. The temperature can be adjusted in increments of 10 degrees ranging between 50 and 650 °C. Collectively, this adds up to 60 temperature stages – and there is an additional cold setting (50 °C) for the quick temperature reduction or cooling. The flow rate can be adjusted in five steps (250 to 500 l/min). User comfort is substantially increased by the large LC display for viewing the respectively selected performance values. Once the desired temperature has been reached the display indicates this by a change of colour. Safe working even during extended and intense operation is ensured by the overheating protection integrated in the hot air blower HyStream 2100. And you can draw on a comprehensive set of attachment nozzles that is included in the standard scope of delivery. Consequently, you’ll always have the right solution aka matching attachment nozzle at hand for the respective application. 

Trotec hot air blower HyStream 3400

The device equipped with a powerful 3,400 W hot air blower is further provided with an extremely high-class ceramic heating element and an infinitely variable temperature control between 20 and max. 650 °C. Moreover, the hot air blower produces an especially high air pressure of 3,000 Pa. Thanks to its high level of performance and functionality this professional hot air blower is suited for use on construction sites at any time. The handle of the HyStream 3400 has an optimal centre of gravity and thus ensures ergonomic working even during continuous operation. And owing to the fins integrated in the handle, the device can also be placed onto your worktop without rolling away – for a safe, entirely hands-free heating application.