BN35 Funk-Thermostat mit Zeitschaltuhr
Steckdosenleiste PV4‑MID PS
Energiekosten-Messgerät BX09
Raumhygrostat HG 130 mit Schaltsteckdose
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Trotec general accessories

Suitable accessories for all occasions: energy cost measuring devices, start-up current limiters, window seals, extension cables and more are available here!



To avoid the formation of condensate and consequential problems the air in accommodations and storage facilities needs to be permanently dehumidified to a level below dew point.

Powerful desiccant dehumidifiers such as the high-quality Trotec devices TTR 400 D or TTR 500 D with separate internal air flow ducts are an ideal solution for these requirements.

In many cases an indoor installation of the devices is not permitted, undesirable due to the noise or impossible to realize for other reasons. Here the Drybox – especially developed for TTR 400 D and TTR 500 D – allows for the weatherproof outdoor installation of the dehumidifiers.

Via an air transport hose, the humid indoor air is sucked in, reliably dehumidified to below the interior dew point and then transported back into the room as dry air via a second connected hose in the recirculation air cycle.

Quick and easy measurement of your energy demand

Which electrical device in your office or household costs what amount of energy?

This question is answered quickly and reliably by the energy cost measuring device BX09 – offered at an optimum value-for-money ratio. With a minimum possible current indication of 0.1 W this measuring device even gets on the track of the smallest energy wasters, e.g. devices in standby mode. Simply plug the device in between a socket and the power consumer to be checked, and the BX09 will immediately display the current energy consumption. This can be done either as active power in watts, kWh, price or costs per kWh. Use the BX09 energy cost meter to check your electrical appliances, such as TVs and HiFi systems, LCD TVs, amplifiers, DVD players, video recorders, computers, servers, refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, dryers, air conditioners, heaters, ceiling washers, floor lamps, background and shop window lighting, machines, and much more.

Billable power consumption measurement made easy

The BX50 MID is probably the most compact ready-to-connect energy consumption measuring instrument with MID-compliance* on the market and therefore is the ideal solution for many craftsmen or service companies, which, for billing purposes, have to determine the amount of energy consumed at the customer's site. The MID-compliant* energy consumption measuring device can be easily plugged between the electrical appliance and a normal household safety socket (230 V/AC) and does not involve any further installation effort. Only when operating the BX50 MID on construction or installation sites at a socket of the building's wiring with unknown protective measures, a BGI-608-compliant plug adapter must be used.

Billable electricity consumption measurement made easy
Quick and easy measurement of energy demand
Billable electricity consumption measurement made easy

AirLock 100
AirLock 200
AirLock 200


Do not waste any energy and consequently money when using mobile monobloc devices for the creation of a chilly feel-good climate. With our window seals AirLock 100 and AirLock 200 you can save energy costs and cool the room air economically. Assembled in just a few steps these window sealings permit an energy-efficient application and substantially reduce consumption costs.

The door and window seal AirLock 1000 was specially designed for sealing floor-to-ceiling windows or balcony and patio doors – it is the only window seal on the market that has a perimeter of 560 cm.

Also perfect for floor-to-ceiling windows or balcony and patio doors.

The convenient door and window seal AirLock 1000 was specifically designed for sealing floor-to-ceiling windows or balcony and patio doors – it is the only window seal on the market that has a perimeter of up to 5.6 metres. The AirLock 1000 can be used for both one- or two-hose devices. Further information on all available AirLock versions is provided here.


A room thermostat is an intelligent temperature controller which regulates the room temperature fully automatically so as to comply with your requirements and settings. For this purpose, the socket thermostat is simply plugged into a free socket in the room and the power cable of the electric heating or cooling unit is connected to the room thermostat. After setting the desired target temperature, the integrated thermal sensor continuously measures the air temperature and switches the device connected on or off, as required, to obtain the desired room temperature.


Two different operating modes enable the use of both heaters and air conditioners. A connected heater is always switched on when the actual temperature is below the target temperature, and conversely, an air conditioner is used only if the air temperature measured is on the verge of exceeding the target temperature. In the case of digital room thermostats like the BN30, the target temperature can be preset in practical increments of 1 degree C (or Fahrenheit) in the range of 5 °C to 30 °C, and in the case of the radio thermostat BN35 even in the range of 0 °C to 70 °C.


Allows unattended operation of dehumidifiers in continuous operation

For humidity-dependent control of the TTK 170 ECO or other dehumidifier with 6.35-mm jack socket for external hygrostat, for example for unattended drying processes in continuous operation.

The Trotec hygrostats HG 110, HG 120 and HG 130 are technically identical and only differ in their connection type. The HG 110 has a 6.35 mm jack plug. The HG 120 has a 4-pin DIN plug and the HG 130 is offered as a 230 V version with a maximum switching load of 10 A and a CEE 7/7 combination socket.

The external hygrostat HG 110 in combination with the matching dehumidifier serves as a two-point controller for controlling the relative humidity, for example, on indoor construction sites, in basement rooms, in climate control cabinets or for controlled dehumidification of office and computer rooms. Other areas of application are warehousing for goods or foodstuffs, cold storage rooms for fruit and vegetables, greenhouses of horticultural businesses, textile industry, paper and printing industry, film industry, hospitals. Wherever air humidity needs to be controlled or monitored, the HG 110 jack with the associated dehumidifier is generally applicable. 

Mode of operation and mounting location

The mounting location should be chosen to ensure a representative humidity measurement, i.e. the humidity readings at the mounting location should match those of the room and the humidistat should be located in the air flow. The room hygrostat responds quickly and accurately to changes in humidity. By adjusting the setpoint knob, the lever system is intervened in such a way that when the set humidity is reached, the internal microswitch is actuated.

PlugSafe enables the proper protection of service sockets also on existing devices

The use of MID-compliant meters, however, is prescribed by law for determining the electricity consumption for commercial billing purposes, for example for insurances.

In addition to the MID-compliance* in some EU countries, however, further requirements with regard to the energy consumers concerned apply, like for example in Germany. Here, the Weights and Measures Act (MessEG) additionally requires the guarantee that for devices provided with a service socket neither further electricity consumers are connected during the period of use nor that they can be replaced by other consumers.

The smart solution to this task comes in the shape of Trotec's innovative PlugSafe base plate.

This base plate protected as a utility model for built-in sockets with flange mounting can be easily mounted to existing devices below the service socket available by authorized expert staff and then enables their proper protection by applying a seal to the two mounting angles facing the PlugSafe base plate.

PlugSafe base plate for built-in sockets with flange mounting
Multiple socket outlet PV4-MID PS
With residual current device and MID-compliant* energy consumption meter
Easily handling the building site power supply in line with the regulations

Ideally equipped from the current consumption to the consumption measurement for invoicing

This multiple socket outlet that is equipped with PlugSafe is a quality product from original EU-manufacturing of robust design with which you're on the safe side in every respect when it comes to current consumption. The PV4-MID PS can be variably used for indoor and outdoor applications and facilitates the usage in accordance with MID, MessEG and MessEV.

The PV4-MID PS is intended for the operation at proper building-site power distributors and meets the requirements of BGI 608 with respect to switching devices and distributors for circuits with sockets. Please note that a BGI 608-compliant plug adapter must be used when operating the PV4-MID PS on construction or installation sites at a socket of the building's wiring with unknown protective measures.

Practice-oriented equipment

The extremely robust solid rubber housing with integrated carrying handle accommodates four safety sockets in accordance with VDE 0620-1. Furthermore, the PV4-MID PS is provided with a residual current device (RCD) and an MID-compliant* energy consumption meter – both secured beneath a transparent sealing cap that can be locked by means of an optional U-lock.

Mobile power distribution

The robust plastic mobile distribution boxes PV16 and PV32 with IP44 protection are equally suitable for adverse indoor and outdoor environments and can be used in a wide range of applications thanks to their two CEE sockets (16 A / 32 A, 400 V) and the earthing contact sockets (16 A /, 250 V), e.g. as power or lighting distributors on construction sites, in agriculture, at events and functions, as well as for industry and commerce or camping and leisure.

Trade or renovation companies are familiar with this problem: If several 16 A three-phase devices have to be operated on site, then the connection options available on site quickly become tight. This is because common surface-mounted socket outlet combinations usually accommodate only one additional 16 A CEE socket outlet in addition to a 32 A CEE socket outlet - this combination is also frequently found in mobile construction power distribution cabinets. Whether electric heaters, dehumidifiers, high-performance radial blowers or mobile air-conditioning units - when a particularly high level of power is required, such devices usually cannot manage without three-phase current. And even if the employees carry an appropriate power distributor with them, it can sometimes happen that suitable connection cables are missing in sufficient quantity. The robust plastic PV30 mobile distributor is a completely ready-to-connect solution equipped with a 32 A plug and two 16 A connection couplings. The input line and both output lines are each equipped with a two-meter connection cable, so that even missing cables do not pose an obstacle on site and at the same time sufficient operating radius for device installation is always guaranteed.

The mobile power distributor PV16 from Trotec is versatile in use
The mobile power distributor PV16 from Trotec is versatile in use
The mobile power distributor PV16 from Trotec is versatile in use
The mobile power distributor PV16 from Trotec is versatile in use
The mobile power distributor PV16 from Trotec is versatile in use
Robust design, easy to transport
Can be used flexibly indoors and outdoors thanks to IP54 type of protection
PVD cable drums from Trotec – high-class solutions for indoor and outdoor applications on construction sites, in workshops or the industrial sector

Cable drums

Maximum mobility

All PVD cable drums are supplied as standard with an extremely robust drum body made of high-quality, unbreakable plastic, which has drainage recesses, an integrated cable brake and connector storage spaces. The integral carrying handle is shaped ergonomically and placed in an ideal centre of gravity to ensure convenient transport.

Maximum flexibility

With their large operating range, which is due to the connecting cable with a length of up to 40 metres, and up to four dust- and splash-proof 16 A safety sockets, the PVD cable drums provide you with a flexible power distribution for electrical work at virtually all locations – the best prerequisites for indoor and outdoor use on construction sites and in workshop or industrial areas.

Maximum safety

The non-tilting PVD cable drums of EU high-quality manufacturing with an IP54 type of protection are perfectly suited for the rough operating conditions on construction sites and in the commercial sector. The hard-wearing cable sheath consists of oil- and acid-resistant neoprene rubber, which is suited for ambient temperatures ranging from -25 °C to +60 °C, and is equipped with a solid rubber CEE 7/7 plug.

A thermal circuit breaker integrated as standard and a central braking system for the drum provide additional safety in all PVD cable drums. The PVD3 is additionally equipped with an integrated voltage indicator light.

The professional yellow Trotec cables.

Our 20 metre professional extension cables impress with tried and tested Trotec quality "made in Germany". Depending on the required input voltage, we offer robust extension cables ranging from 230 V (16 A) to 400 V (16 A) and up to 400 V (32 A), which more than meet the harsh requirements e.g. on construction sites. Their clearly visible yellow sheathing serves both as a trip and theft protection, since the imprinted Trotec logo can be immediately recognized everywhere. But our professional cables also offer a lot of inner values: they can impress with careful workmanship of German high-quality manufacturing with IP44 type of protection. Anything but China import or DIY store products! The cable sheathing made of oil- and acid-resistant neoprene rubber complies with the regulations for construction sites stipulated by the German Employer's Liability Insurance Association and can be used in ambient temperatures between -25 °C and +60 °C. Be it dehumidifiers, air conditioners, power tools, insulation dryers, gas heaters, electric heaters or oil heater fans – not only Trotec's extensive range of products can be reliably connected with these high-quality cables.

Professional extension cable
Professional extension cable

Hot air blower

A reliable, high functionality is only guaranteed for high-quality products

But in order for you to know the true promise of and benefit from these advantages regarding simple operation and precise temperature adjustment, you should only rely on high-quality devices. For a rather simply constructed hot air blower can usually not meet the highest demands. This is due to the fact that most basic hot air blowers only allow for rough temperature and flow rate adjustments. An accurate and reliable determination of the air flow rate and temperature is therefore not possible or at any rate very difficult to realize. And that’s not even the end of the story ... If your temperature setting turns out to be too high because of the vague regulation options, there is an increased risk of the generated and discharged warmth damaging the respective base material.

In the private sector also the hot air blower belongs into every well-stocked tool box

A hot air blower of high quality can be used in the commercial and industrial sector but also for private applications. In addition to the previously outlined range of applications for hot air blowers, such a tool may well be used in the hobby and home sector. For instance, a hot air blower can be used for hot air sterilisation – to kill mould mycelia or to sterilize tools or other smaller objects. You can further utilize a hot air blower to solder or unsolder electrical components and to quickly light charcoal without generating much smoke. Moreover, hot air blowers are need-based tools for e.g. flame-scarfing or defrosting surfaces. Anyone partial to beekeeping can use the hot air blower to identify honeycombs that are ready to be harvested by centrifugation. 

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