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Cordless drill driver PSCS 11‑12V
Cordless drill driver PSCS 11‑16V
Cordless drill driver PSCS 11‑20V
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Cordless drill driver

Cordless drill drivers are indispensable all-rounders for do-it-yourselfers and professionals

Powerful screwing and convenient drilling in one

Cordless drill drivers have quite rightly been an integral part of every professional tool kit for a long time. After all, they do not only help private and professional users to considerably ease all kinds of screwing and drilling work during reconstruction and expansion, e.g. assembly or disassembly – the small, lightweight and cordless power tools also accelerate the work process and guarantee optimal quality thanks to a preselectable torque and several other useful functions.

Brand quality plus cost-efficiency

Until now, however, you basically only had two options when choosing a cordless drill driver: either good but expensive, or mainly cheap. Trotec’s PowerTools now offer a smart choice: good price, good product and good design – all in one. HighPerformance in every respect, for we do not only stand for measuring devices and air conditioners, but also for power tools of brand quality: professional Trotec solutions with an excellent value-for-money ratio!

Powerful & flexible cordless drill drivers

Assembling shelves and other furniture can be accomplished in the blink of an eye if you use a cordless drill driver. Skirting boards are quickly mounted. And your new bathroom mirror will be in its designated position in no time at all. This practical power tool is deployed in equal measure by laymen, experienced DIY enthusiasts and professional craftsmen. Regardless of their performance class our cordless drill drivers come with the following equipment features:

  • powerful electric motor with two-speed gearbox
  • lithium-ion battery
  • rechargeable battery without memory effect or self-discharge
  • various torque settings plus extra setting for drilling
  • keyless drill chuck with automatic spindle lock
  • infinitely variable speed control with quick-stop function
  • integrated LED work light
  • housing with soft grip inlays, clockwise/counter-clockwise rotation selection and start lock
  • with battery status indicator
  • with quick charger (charging duration = 1 hour)

Having chucked the screw bit or drill bit, the cordless drill driver is ready for use.

PSCS 11-12V
PSCS 11-16V
PSCS 11-20V

Cordless screwdriver or cordless drill driver – what’s the difference?

In the German-speaking world both laymen and professionals often simply refer to a cordless drill driver as cordless screwdriver. However, strictly speaking, this is not correct, for they are two different variants.

Cordless screwdriver

Cordless screwdriver:

This model is only used for screwing and provides a convenient alternative to the conventional screwdriver. Cordless screwdrivers are available in different versions: for instance as baton screwdriver or in pistol-shaped design. Our range of cordless screwdrivers has bit holders with locking mechanism.

Cordless drill driver

Cordless drill driver:

As the name already suggests, the cordless drill driver is qualified for both drilling and screwing tasks. Different applications with wood and metal are completely unproblematic. High-quality cordless drill drivers are used by do-it-yourselfers and experienced professionals and are considered to be a classic among the range of power tools.

Cordless drill drivers Trotec

Cordless hammer drill:

As well as the cordless drill driver this version ca be used for drilling and screwing in wood and metal. On top of this the powerful all-rounder is provided with an on-demand impact mechanism. As a result, you can drill holes even in harder materials such as rock or concrete in no time at all.

What is a cordless drill driver?

Cordless drill driver

A cordless drill driver is a versatile combination of drilling machine and cordless screwdriver. The all-rounder is perfectly suited for precise drilling and screwing tasks in wood or metal. Owing to contemporary battery technology it is very flexible and can do without the inconvenient cable. 

Lithium-ion battery – cordless drilling and screwing

All of our cordless drill drivers come equipped with a high-quality lithium-ion battery. It is much lighter than other battery types such as nickel cadmium or NiMH batteries. Moreover, it comes with a distinctly higher energy density. These advantages permit longer working periods and due to the lighter weight the handling characteristics of the tool are considerably more agreeable.

Especially advantageous is the fact that there is no self-discharge for the lithium-ion batteries of our cordless drill drivers. Even if you only use your cordless drill driver every once in a while, that is absolutely no problem: it will be ready for use even several weeks later without restrictions or the need to recharge it previously. The so-called memory effect is not an issue for these batteries either.

The battery voltage is indicated in volts and informs you of the cordless drill driver’s available power. A higher voltage signifies a higher performance capacity. Our high-quality premium batteries impress with a constantly high performance that remains reliable even as the battery charge decreases. The available battery capacity can easily be read from the three-stage battery status indicator. The scope of delivery includes a practical quick charger. After an agreeably short charging time of merely one hour your cordless drill driver is again ready for use.

Important equipment features: torque, two-speed gearbox etc.

Screwing tasks do not require the same rotational speed as drilling applications. For this reason our cordless drill drivers are delivered with a two-speed gearbox. If required, you can simply adjust the speed by switching the convenient slide control over to the other speed level. Depending on the model, our cordless drill drivers come with 19 or 25 torque settings and an additional setting for drilling. That way, you can individually adjust the torque as desired and select a lower setting for small screws. This ensures your cordless drill driver works at maximum precision.

Further equipment features include the integrated LED work light, the clockwise/counter-clockwise rotation selection with start lock and the infinitely variable speed control with quick-stop function. It prevents the chuck from running on after having released the push button.

The convenient keyless drill chuck with automatic spindle lock permits a quick and uncomplicated exchange of the drill and screwdriver bits.

The ergonomic design with an optimized centre of gravity allows for fatigue-free working. Even during longer operation you can work with a high level of precision without undesirable breaks. Particularly comfortable handling characteristics are ensured by the soft grip rubber inlays at the housing for an extra firm grip.

The comfortable keyless chuck with automatic spindle lock

Convenient cordless drill driver & matching accessories

You can use all customary bit holders, screwdriver bits and drill bits. Nevertheless, you should check the suitability of the accessories for your cordless drill driver with regard to their shank diameter. Simply increase the application possibilities with a versatile bit set and perfectly fitting bits for various applications. An HSS metal drill bit set or a wood drill bit set can open up new fields of work for your cordless drill driver.

Should you decide to purchase a cordless drill driver, we recommend getting a matching spare battery in addition. If your work drags on over extended periods of time, a weakening battery cannot force you to take a break, seeing as you can simply use the fully charged secondary battery. Whilst you are using your cordless drill driver, the other battery can be recharged.

PSCS screwdriver bit set, 32-piece
PSCS screwdriver bit set, 32-piece
Wood drill bit set, 15-piece
Wood drill bit set, 15-piece
Metal drill bit set, 15-piece
Metal drill bit set, 15-piece
Rock drill bit set, 15-piece
Rock drill bit set, 15-piece
Cordless drill driver

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