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Business: +49 2452 962 400
Industry: +49 2452 962 777
End-consumers: +49 2452 962 450


The right kind of ventilation is crucial for a good working climate. Toxic gases and substances like paint fumes, fine dust particles, welding smoke, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and water vapour can be conducted away from the working environment.

Fields of application for our fans and wind machines:

  • Welding
  • Dust extraction
  • Tank cleaning
  • Canal work
  • Ventilation of tunnels, canals, basements, and underground car parks
  • Ventilation during excavation work with contaminated soil
  • After fire damage, to prevent asphyxiation
  • Temporary storage of agricultural products and in cowsheds
  • Film productions and photo shootings
  • Stage ventilation at concerts, shows and presentations
  • Inflatable promotion products
  • Drying after water damage, construction drying
  • Provision of cool air for pavilions, gymnasiums, theatres, canteens, conference halls, offices, etc.

Fields of application for our accessories in the TTV series:

The accessory modules in this sophisticated series are all you need to compliment your basic model and equip it in order to make it ready for a whole host of applications. For further information, please click here.

Calculating ventilation performance:

You will find an approximate calculation for the required ventilation performance under the menu item „capacity calculation”. For an exact calculation of the ventilation capacity, especially for large-size room volumes or complex climate or surrounding conditions, please contact our team of experts.

Here you find the performance characteristics of our TFV series fans.

Our goods and services in the ventilation sector and ventilators to hire:

On request we can also analyse your individual requirement situation on location, and determine the number and type of machines and appliances which you need before presenting you a custom-made project solution. We can provide adequate numbers of suitable dehumidifiers to match almost every conceivable requirement.

In addition to our on-site inspection service, our machine installation, maintenance and monitoring service, we can also offer you most of our construction dryers and dehumidifiers to hire without the provision of these service packages.

For self-collectors or brought to you directly to the building site by our bring and collect service, according to your wishes. Construction dryers and dehumidifiers at top conditions.

Please ask for our attractive season rates: Dehumidifiers to hire for a whole season at a fixed price.

Buying or hiring, new or used products, financing or leasing

Just about all the fans and wind machines in the TKL hiring program can be 'bought' or leased directly from our system partner, the industry supplier Trotec, should you be planning on using them over a longer time period.

Whether you choose to hire or buy, we have just the right contact person to match your requirements.

You can regularly find attractive used air conditioning units at unbeatable prices in our online marketplace at

TKL and Trotec offer you service from a single source - also in case of financing and leasing! For further information, please contact us online at or phone us on: +49 24 52 / 962 – 400.