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Odour neutralisation

TKL generators are a quick and reliable solution for many purposes when doing odour removal, desinfection or disinfection.

Consequential loss due to fire and water damages, odour nuisance in hotels, homes or hospitals, neutralisation of tobacco and animal odours in vehicles, smell of scorching after electrical fire or mustiness in rented apartments - our processes can eliminate even the most persistant odour molecules without using chemicals or scents.

Organic matters originating from evaporation or decomposition processes mainly contain nitrogen, sulphur and hydrocarbon compounds which can be neutralized through a specific oxidation.

1. Fields of application for the appliances in our AirgoPro series:

These odour neutralisers can be used in occupied rooms: The units in this series are plasma field generators which in contrast to ozone generators produce singlet oxygen and concentrations that are normally below the permissible values for ozone concentrations. This active oxygen is, like ozone, a super fast oxidation agent, but non-toxic - as long as the appliances are used professsionally according to the operating instructions.

Ideal for use in:

  • Practices, clinics, homes, flats
  • Catering and hotels
  • Refuse collection rooms/landfills
  • Toilet rooms and hygiene spaces

1.1 Functional principle of plasmafield cold burning:

The units in the AirgoPro series function according to the micro oxidation method whereby atomic oxygen is produced in so called clusters. Atomic oxygen (free radicals) is like ozone a super fast oxidation agent. The odour molecules (hydrocarbon, H2S, ammonia, etc.) in the ambient air are neutralised. At the same time microbes and allergens like spores, for example, are destroyed and killed.

2. Fields of application for the appliances in the Airozon series:

Where other odour neutralisers flag and fail - in the case of ammonium compounds which due to their molecular structure are extremely difficult to dispel - Airozon odour neutralisers get really cracking and, due to their unique operating principle, eliminate lingering odours caused by amino acids/proteins (vomit), complex fatty acids (butyric acid) and amines/amides (urine residue).

2.1 Functioning principle of the ozone generators:

The odour neutralisers in the Airozon series produce ozone, a highly reactive oxydation agent, which splits the odour molecules and neutralises them. The ozone is won from the oxygen contained in the ambient air. Because of its metastabile structure, the ozone breaks down again into oxygen when the appliance has been switched off, without leaving any toxic traces.

2.2 Information regarding MAC ozone:

MAC (Maximum Allowable Concentration) values are maximum values as defined by the government safety organisation. The permissible defined average value of ozone (over an 8-hour peroid) is 0.2 mg/cubic meters = 200 µg/cubic meters = 0.1 ppm = 1 MAC.

Please observe the pertinent national laws/regulations, accident prevention regulations as well as the governmental safety leaflets for the operation of ozone generators in closed rooms. They can be ordered from us for a nominal fee.

TKL odour neutralisers are designed for commercial use only and may only be used by trained and authorised staff!

Our goods and services in the odour neutralisation and odour neutralisation hiring sector:

In addition to our on-site inspection service, our machine installation and deinstallation, maintenance and monitoring service, we can also offer you most of our heaters to hire without the provision of these service packages.

Buying or hiring, new or used products, financing or leasing

Just about all the odour neutralisers in the TKL hiring program can be 'bought' or leased directly from our system partner, the industry supplier Trotec, should you be planning on using them over a longer period.

Whether you choose to hire or buy, we have just the right contact person to match your requirements.

You can regularly find attractive used air conditioning units at unbeatable prices in our online marketplace at

TKL and Trotec offer you service from a single source - also in case of financing and leasing! For further information, please contact us online at or phone us on: +49 2452 962 400.