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Heating requirement calculation

Instruction for use:

You can use the following method to quickly and easily determine the heating performance required for your rooms. This heating requirement calculation should be seen as an estimate to serve as a rough guide for room volumes up to 1000 m³ it is not a substitute for an exact calculation in accordance with existing norms. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

The following items must be included in order to be able to determine the required heating performance:

  1. What is the exact size of the room to be heated?
  2. What is the rough insulation value of the room to be heated?
  3. What is the expected maximum temperature difference between the outside and inside temperature?

(What is meant is the difference in °C between the lowest expected outside temperature and the desired room temperature.)

Room volume calculating

Expected temperature difference:

Results of the calculation

Result of the volume calculation [m³]:


Result of the heating performance calculation [kW]:


Legal notice:
This form may only be used for the purpose for which it was intended. It is not permitted for third parties to use the source code or duplicate it in any form.

Please contact our expert advisers to calulate the humidification performance. The results derived from these calculations serve solely as a means for providing a rough estimate and TKL GmbH does not resume liability for any damages resulting hereof. All use is at your own risk and all responsibility is assumed by the user. All our services are subject to our general terms of Business.