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Business: +49 2452 962 400
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Air cleaning

Our air cleaners of the HealthPro series and the air cleaning units of the TAC series are exactly what you are looking for when it's air cleaning that you have in mind. All the TKL air purification systems are tried and tested and offer a convincing performance which is certified according to EN 1822, the guideline for suspended particle matter.

HealthPro - for strongly frequented or polluted rooms

The HealthPro series is especially designed for use in living and working areas with a high number of visitors and is the ideal air cleaning solution when it comes to filtering unpleasant odours, tobacco smoke, dust particles, allergens, or bacteria from the surrounding air.

The HealthPro technology does not only guarantee clean and fresh air, it can also prevent the spread of infectious illnesses.

The TAC series - for construction sites and restoration areas in interior spaces

High concentration levels of dust do not only occur when machines and appliances like angle grinders or the now outlawed dry sweepers are in use, they also occur when dry mortar or tile adhesives are mixed. The dust coming from quartzous stones, artificial mineral fires, wood, cellulose and asbestos is also particularly hazardous and there are, depending on the prevailing negative environment, additional possible risks from spores, allergens and micro fibres.

Here the exhauster filter units of the TAC series are the optimal solution:

These devices with robust metal housing were designed especially for the rough everyday working practice on changing construction sites. Thanks to the flexibly combinable filter modules, the optimum filter ladder can be put together for any level of room air contamination.

Due to the unique vario-shift function to variably configure the filter ladder with the fan or HEPA filter optionally arranged in the final stage these air cleaners can also properly be used for clean room restoration.

Functioning principle

The ambient air which is polluted with foreign matter is purified using the vacuum recirculation method. The ventilator creates a negative pressure environment and the polluted air is drawn off.

The suctioned air is conducted through the encapsulated system and passed through the filter modules. The type of filter depends on the configuration: fine and coarse dust particles are filtered through the preliminary filter; gases and unpleasant odours are filtered using a broadband granulate or active charcoal mixture, and bacteria and viruses are filtered through the suspended particle filter.

After a complete cleaning, the purified air can be released back into the ambient air.

The TAC units can also be positioned outside a heavily polluted environment when used on building sites to ensure that the polluted air is drawn off efficiently. The rooms must first be sealed off thoroughly, and the evacuation of polluted air and the supply of fresh air is then regulated using the appropriate air hose attachments.

Application possibilities of our HealthPro and TAC air cleaners:

The comprehensive filter spectrum of the TKL air cleaners means that they are well-suited to a broad range of applications.   You can find further information here.

It is important to note that coarse or fine filters can be used individually, whereas this is NOT the case when suspended particle filters are employed. If a HEPA filter is inserted, for example, then a coarse or fine filter which will then act as a preliminary filter MUST be inserted additionally.

Active charcoal filters or ceramic catalysts should also be employed if bothersome odours are to be eliminated during the air cleansing process. In this case it is also advisable to use a fine filter ahead of the sensitive active charcoal filter to prevent it from clogging and to increase the adsorption performance.

Please feel free to contact our team of dedicated experts if you have any questions regarding the different types of filters or the combination possibilities with respect to the application that you have in mind.

How to select the required filter elements and filter classes

There are a number of different filters to choose from to cleanse the air of hazardous pollutants: there are coarse filters, fine filters, suspended particle filters. All three filter types are designed to extract foreign particles from the air.

In addition to these filter types, there is an active charcoal filter and ceramic catalysts on an aluminium oxide basis. The latter filter types are designed to adorp gas and odour molecules.

The decision whether to use a certain filter or even a combination of filters from different classes rests on the type of applicaton.

Air filters are subdivided into 17 different classes according to DIN:

Coarse filters (G1 to G4), fine dust filters (F5 to F9) and suspended particle filters (H10 to U17) are subdivided according to their quality into HEPA filters (H10 to H14) and ULPA filters (H14 to U17).

The filter performance parameters are defined according to DIN. Coarse and fine filters are divided into relevant classes according to DIN EN 779 which focuses on the size of the particles which are filtered from the air. The different classes of suspended matter filters, on the other hand, are classified according to DIN EN 1822 which defines the filtering properties the filters must possess before filtering is effected.

You will find a practice-oriented overview showing which filter classes should be used with respect to the type of pollution here.

Calculating dehumidification performance:

You will find an approximate calculation for the required air cleaning performance under the menu item „capacity calculation”. For an exact calculation of the required capacity, especially for complex conditions, please contact our team of experts.

Our goods and services in the field of air purification and air cleaners to hire sector

On request we can also analyse your individual requirement situation on location, and determine the number and type of machines and appliances which you need before presenting you a custom-made project solution. We can provide adequate numbers of suitable air cleaning units to match almost every conceivable requirement.

In addition to our on-site inspection service, our machine installation and deinstallation, maintenance and monitoring service, we can also offer you most of our air cleaners to hire without the provision of these service packages.

For self-collectors or brought to you direclty to the building site by our bring and collect service, just as you please. Air cleaners at top conditions.

Please ask for our attractive season rates: air cleaners to hire for a whole season at a fixed price.

Buying or hiring, new or used products, financing or leasing

Just about all the air conditioning units in the TKL hiring program can be 'bought' or leased directly from our system partner, the industry supplier Trotec, should you be planning on using them over a longer period.

Whether you choose to hire or buy, we have just the right contact person to match your requirements.

You can regularly find attractive used air conditioning units at unbeatable prices in our online marketplace at

TKL and Trotec offer you service from a single source - also in case of financing and leasing! For further information, please contact us online at or phone us on: +49 2452 962 400.