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HighPerformance - Innovation is our passion

We continually provide new and innovative product solutions. See for yourself!

Future product innovations

  • PT 6500 HT-TrotecInnovations Don't miss this!

    Mobile air conditioner PT 6500 HT

    Reaches its top potential, even when outdoor temperatures are high

    The name says it all: HT stands for “High Temperature”, as these are exactly the climatic conditions for which the mobile air conditioner PT 6500 HT has been designed.

    Whereas the outside of the housing is structurally identical to its sister model PT 6500 S, in the case of the PT 6500 HT, all internal components of the compressor cooling unit are specifically designed for the use even under extreme summer conditions with ambient temperatures up to +55 °C and in combination with the more powerful heat exchanger PT S+ reliably generate a continuous flow of cooling air in environments with a temperature range of +7 to +55 °C.

    The special cooling unit design of the PT 6500 HT ensures that this mobile air conditioner can offer maximum cooling capacity even under extreme temperature conditions even in T3 climate zones.

    And Duplex-Cooling even makes it possible to extend the application area to environments up to +60 °C.

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  • TTSL platform with MultiMeasure Cloud-TrotecInnovations Don't miss this!

    Trotec’s TTSL® platform

    Mobile, modular, multifunctional – a platform for all data and application scenarios

    TTSL® is a universally usable system for the telemonitoring, telecontrol, analysis and documentation of your machines and processes – to be operated easily from a distance via smartphone, or via the office PC. The new TTSL® system from Trotec allows for easiest condition-monitoring. Record and monitor a large variety of different measurement data of all your construction sites or machine processes.

    From climate data management to the manufacturing process, including the machine status – with the TTSL® system you can virtually connect any measurement transducer and configure the system so that it meets your requirements. In future also control devices connected to TTSL® directly via cloud.

    Whether water damage restoration, building technology or industrial production – the system can be quickly installed and all devices such as sensors can be interconnected automatically in only a few steps, making all measured values and machine information available to you in a blink via multiMeasure cloud on a PC or smartphone for monitoring, analysis, evaluation and documentation....

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  • VSC106-TrotecInnovations Don't miss this!


    Professional industrial videoscope

    The cordless VSC106 is a mobile and user-friendly compact system. The robustly designed videoscope with 1 metre IP67 push probe (Ø 6 mm) provides razor-sharp and high-contrast digital videos and images even in poorly accessible locations. Using the joystick control unit, the high-quality camera head can easily be bent to all sides; its 6 dimmable white-light LEDs ensure brilliantly illuminated image results on the large VGA display. The VSC106 features a strong ABS housing providing protection both against impact damage and the infiltration of dust or splashing water. Ideal prerequisites for the rough conditions of industrial applications. And in the event of a defect, the entire probe, including the articulation system, can be easily replaced by the user.

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  • DH 610-TrotecInnovations Don't miss this!

    Industrial dryer DH 610

    Our most powerful condenser dryer for industrial continuous operations

    With a maximum dehumidification performance of more than 1,000 l/24 h, this professional industrial dryer is ideally suited for large-scale dry keeping applications in industrial surroundings such as storage facilities, transformer stations and computer centres.

    Its robust housing, mounted in an extremely corrosion-resistant design and equipped with a powerful refrigerant compression system ensures trouble-free continuous drying applications with a long service life.

    Equipped with a smooth scroll compressor for constant, pulsation-free pressure for energy-efficient refrigeration, a professional hot gas automatic defrost system with automatically-controlled cycle inversion, a self-regulating EC radial fan and a high-conveyance condensate pump, the robust industrial dryer DH 610 ensures steady dehumidification performance in continuous operation even at low temperatures.

    Furthermore the DH 610 is optionally available in stainless steel design and with KTL-coated heat exchanger.

Current product innovations

  • TAC mobile variant (innovation)-TrotecInnovations The very latest!

    Mobile high-performance air purifiers of the TAC series

    State-of-the-art: the new generation

    Can Germany's most famous mobile virus air purifier get even better? Trotec makes it possible! With the current model series 2021, the lead of the TAC high-performance air purifiers will be further expanded: Even more energy-efficient, even quieter, even more powerful and all of this combined in an outstanding product design.

    The new TAC is now thermally decontaminated by means of thermal pulsation, which reduces power consumption by 50% compared to the previous model with the same decontamination effect. This means that two can now be operated from one socket at the same time.

    All TAC model variants now have an efficiency-increasing, dual intake air duct via an integral silencer as standard equipment and are significantly quieter than their predecessor models and also have more circulating air! Whether mobile or stationary, the new generation of TAC high-performance air purifiers from Trotec sets standards!

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  • TAC stationary variant (innovation)-TrotecInnovations The very latest!


    High-performance air purifier in a stationary tower version

    The professional air purifiers TAC V +, TAC M, TAC BASIC and TAC ECO in tower version ensure maximum security in a fixed location. If you do not need to change the location of the air purifier and keep the air clean at a permanently defined location, then the TAC in a tower version is the ideal choice. 50% smaller / lighter, 100% more stylish and yet more robust than competitive models, this version is much easier to move than other stationary air purifiers due to the integrated furniture castors.

    The extremely stable, stable and scratch-resistant metal housing of the high-performance air purifier was specially designed for use in environments in which many people stay, work, play, study or celebrate.

    The professional devices "made in Germany" are from original Trotec production and equipped with a highly efficient H14 HEPA filter according to EN 1822. The TAC V + and TAC M also have a programmable touch display including a USB update function and an integrated FlowMatic control, which guarantees constant air circulation rates at every power level. If desired, the blow-out height can also be flexibly adjusted using FlowExtender attachments....

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  • Compact commercial dehumidifier TTK Qube-TrotecInnovations The very latest!

    Compact condenser dryer TTK Qube

    The living space dryer for professionals – ultra-compact, efficient, quiet

    The TTK Qube does not make water damage drying itself any easier – but much easier to handle!

    The TTK Qube is a high-quality, powerful condenser dryer whose development has been based on three priorities: Maximum dehumidification performance and easy maintenance, minimum dimensions and weight, lowest possible noise emission for use in inhabited surroundings. All these requirements are met by the TTK Qube with flying colours!

    Taking only the smallest of spaces, the multi-stackable TTK Qube concentrates all performance characteristics that professional drying service providers want from an innovative living space dryer:

    Powerful compressor technology, small footprint, reliable continuous operation, condensate pump integrated as standard, comfort mode for ultra-silent operation in occupied rooms and, of course, an MID-compliant meter for operating hours and energy consumption.

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  • BX50 MID-TrotecInnovations The very latest!

    BX50 MID

    Energy cost measuring device

    In this day and age, precise and accurate billing of energy costs incurred, e.g. in the framework of restoration work or ongoing site work, is mandatory, since insurance companies and customers do not want to pay more than is necessary. By means of the energy measuring device BX50 that is calibrated and MID-certified in accordance with DIN EN50470-1/3 the energy demand of electrical devices can be determined quickly and easily. Since it measures the consumption directly via the socket. The tamper-proof device features a measuring range from 0.25 to 16 A. With the indication of watts, volts, amperes, active power, power factor (cos φ), kWh and the mains frequency, all important parameters for efficient energy monitoring can be retrieved at all times.

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  • TTK 500-TrotecInnovations The very latest!

    TTK 500

    Universal construction dryer – newly defined

    Its super robust build, very high drying effectiveness and extremely low-maintenance modular design make the TTK 500 the ultimate universal construction dryer.

    The combination of a high dehumidification performance together with a minimized energy demand and a great mobility with a low floor space requirement makes the TTK 500 the ideal dehumidification solution at low temperatures – for continuous operations also optionally available with a hygrostat and condensate pump.

    Thanks to the innovative central chassis the complete housing can be removed quickly and easily from the device – making it ideal for service, maintenance and cleaning tasks. Furthermore the whole electronics assembly is designed in a modular fashion and is provided with maintenance-friendly plug connections, which makes it very easy to replace the modules.

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  • Zerozon 200-TrotecInnovations The very latest!

    Oxygen regenerator Zerozon 200

    For the accelerated ozone depletion after an Airozon® treatment

    This globally unique oxygen regenerator is able to substantially accelerate the natural ozone disintegration after use of an ozone disinfector by technical oxygen regeneration: As a master-slave solution, the Zerozon 200 can be combined with all ozone disinfectors of the Airozon® Professional series and effects a depletion process that is up to 10 times faster than the natural decay process. With this innovation "made in Germany", drastically shorter treatment times can be implemented, and the areas treated can be entered and used again much earlier!

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  • Airozon® 60000-TrotecInnovations The very latest!

    Ozone disinfector Airozon® 60000

    Our strongest mobile ozone generator for large-scale indoor disinfection

    With the Airozon® 60000, schools and nursery schools, transport companies, hotels or retailers are now provided with an equally powerful and time- and cost-saving ozone disinfector for the effective treatment of large surfaces and spatial volumes.

    The sextuple compound of high-quality, durable 10g-ozone electrodes that is specially integrated into the Airozon® 60000 ensures a highly effective, stable ozone output of 60,000 mg/h under ambient air conditions, discharged evenly over the whole treatment zone by a high-pressure radial fan and 360° blow-out tower with specially formed flow lamellae. Furthermore equipped with a timer switch and operating hours counter, the Airozon® 60000 is provided with all equipment features that you can expect from a professional ozone disinfector "made in Germany".

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Former Trotec innovations

  • Electric heating devices of the TDE series-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    TDE electric heater 2.0

    Same look, usual quality, now 100 % Trotec

    In more than 25 years, the extremely stable electric heating devices of the TDE series from Trotec have lived up to their reputation as indestructible heating solution in the construction and rental business. To ensure that it will remain like this, the TDE electric heater series has now been redesigned to conquer the future.

    Distinctively recognisable by the logo printed on the side, the renewed electric heater generation of our TDE series therefore also presents itself to you in markedly good shape.

    The double-walled construction of the TDE electric heaters prevents heating of the outer shell made of 1.5 mm thick Zincor steel with hardened protective coating. This leaves the reliable corrosion protection of the housing intact, even if the coating is damaged. Ideal for extremely demanding areas of application, for example rentals or frequently changing construction sites.

    With heating capacities from 3 to 18 kW, the models TDE 25, TDE 65 and TDE 95 cover a broad range of requirements for applications even in large, unheated interior spaces or for advancing construction drying processes.

    The housing design of TDE 65 and 95 that has now been adapted will simplify space-saving device stacking and in this way facilitate storage and transport – an additional asset for machine rental companies....

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  • Spot cooler PT 2000 SP-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    PT 2000 SP and PT 2700 SP

    Cool air at the touch of a button – spot cooling made refreshingly easy

    Instead of cost-intensive cooling of the whole working environment, the two mobile spot coolers PT 2000 SP and PT 2700 SP from Trotec supply your workplace with pleasantly cool air that gets straight to the point. Easily at the touch of a button and without complicated handling – install them, switch them on and enjoy fresh cool air immediately.

    The combination of a robust construction, easiest handling and an attractive value-for-money ratio makes these spot coolers your best choice where spot cooling in workshops, halls, canteen kitchens and many other work environments is required.

    Both of the one-channel spot coolers come equipped with an exhaust duct that is rotatable by 360° and inclinable by 150°, ensuring that the cooling airflow can be targeted precisely. Beneficial to the working atmosphere and good for the environment, as the cool air is produced using the equally environmentally friendly and energy-efficient R290 refrigerant.

  • Spot cooler PT 3500 SP-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    PT 3500 SP and PT 5300 SP

    Robust multi-mode spot coolers for cool PCs

    Refreshing coolness that gets straight to the point – this is only one of the missions to be accomplished by our multi-mode spot coolers PT 3500 SP and PT 5300 SP. Instead of cost-intensive cooling of the whole working environment, the two mobile spot coolers from Trotec not only supply your workplace with pleasant cool air that gets straight to the point. They also feature an on-demand dehumidification mode for keeping the ambient air dry and, if required, can additionally be operated as refreshing fans without additional cooling.

    As a dual-channel spot cooler, the PT 3500 SP comes equipped with two exhaust ducts which can be rotated by 360° and inclined by 150°, thus ensuring that the cooling airflow can be accurately directed at two specific zones. And the PT 5300 SP even has three rotatable and inclinable exhaust ducts to offer, making it possible to provide spot cooling for several persons or work areas at the same time. A solution that is equally cool for your work and the environment, since both devices generate their cold airflow in an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient manner using R290 refrigerant....

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  • Mobile power distributor PV30-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!


    Mobile power distribution made easy

    The robust plastics mobile distributor PV30 with its IP44 type of protection is equally suitable for adverse operational environments in indoor and roofed outdoor areas and can be used for a large variety of applications thanks to its two CEE sockets (16 A, 400 V): For example as power current or light current distributor on construction sites, in the agricultural sector, for events, and for the industry, commercial, or camping and recreational sector. To ensure easy transport, the power distributor PV32 is equipped with a fold-down V2A carrying handle and a take-up facility for the 2-m connecting cable. In the warehouse, the distributors can be stacked to save space. The PV30 is also the perfect accessory for the TAC XT 18, for example, as the TAC XT 18 is also equipped with two CEE 16A connection plugs.

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  • TDX 10-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    TDX 10 / TDX 19

    Compact electric heaters

    The TDX 10 has 2 heating levels with an output of up to 2 kW and an air volume of 100 m³/h. The TDX 19 provides the required heat supply with 3 levels and a powerful heating output of up to 3 kW as well as an air output of 200 m²/h. Ideally, the electric heaters can be used on construction sites, in workshops or storage rooms. The desired temperature can be set between 0 and 85°C. The robust TDX 10 and TDX 19 electric heaters are equipped with a carrying handle and feet to ensure that the devices can be easily moved and set up safely. The protective grille with degree of protection IP20 ensures that no large foreign bodies or objects can penetrate the heating element. In addition, both devices have overheating protection.

  • TTK 900 MP-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    TTK 900

    The new pride of construction drying

    Designed as reference class of professional construction dryers the TTK 900 practically leaves nothing to be desired. The tough design and robust components ensure a permanently maximum dehumidification performance and value retention.

    Along with minimized energy and floor space requirements as well as a high mobility the TTK 900 presents the ultimate construction dryer, which is also suitable for water damage drying and dewatering waterworks facilities or large storage facilities at low temperatures.

    And thanks to the innovative central chassis that provides the possibility of easily removing the complete housing, all service tasks can be performed as quickly and easily as never before! All electronics module are also provided with maintenance-friendly plug connections, making it very easy to exchange them.

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  • IDX 20 D-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    IDX 20 D / IDX 50 D

    Direct oil heaters

    The direct-fired oil heater fan IDX 50 D in martial black does not only impress with its powerful heating capacity of up to 55 kW and a large fuel tank with a capacity of 50 litres, but also with a hot air volume of up to 1,100 m³/h. The IDX 20 D also has a powerful capacity of 20 kW, a tank capacity of 19 litres and an air flow rate of 450 m³/hour. Both oil heaters indicate the current room temperature on an easy-to-read LED display, and the IDX 50 D also informs you about the set temperature on another LED display. With an overheating protection, an integrated, steplessly adjustable thermostat and a convenient carriage for easy changes of location, they are reliably suitable for continuous heating on frosty construction sites, in agriculture, well-ventilated storage facilities as well as covered outdoor areas.

  • PT 23000 S-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    Commercial air conditioner PT 23000 S

    The most powerful mobile split air conditioner with refrigerant-free connecting lines on the market

    The air conditioner PT 23000, which is as robust as it is mobile, was specially designed for temporary cooling applications with high cooling capacity requirements, for example at trade fairs, in marquees, in the catering industry or in server, storage and production rooms. Due to its powerful cooling capacity of 23 kW and the high air flow rate of 3,300 m³/h, even large rooms can be quickly cooled down to 10 °C. The water-cooled air conditioner is equipped with a refrigerant-free connecting line leading to three external heat exchangers ensuring that no refrigerant is lost when connecting or disconnecting the device.

    Thanks to the quick-lock couplings at the connection set, the external heat exchangers can be connected in no time. For cooling remote and windowless rooms, the connecting line can be extended to up to 30 m. Install, connect the heat exchangers, connect the power supply, ready for use – quickly in only a few minutes!

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  • Cable drum PVD2-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    PVD2 / PVD3

    High quality cable drums 25 m / 40 m

    The robust PVD3 cable reel has 4 protective contact sockets (16 A, 250V, IP54) with self-closing hinged covers and is the ideal solution for demanding indoor and outdoor use construction, in the workshop or in the industrial sector. The drum and frame are made of high-quality plastic and convince with drainage openings and a central brake system. The 40 meter long cable has a maximum output of 3,500 watts. The ergonomically shaped handle and the stable winder ensure comfort. Thanks to the thermal protection switch, 2 plug parking spaces and high stability, there is also a high level of safety. The little brother PVD2 offers 3 protective contact sockets and a 25 m long cable with a maximum output of 3,600 watts.

  • High-performance air purifier AirgoClean One-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    AirgoClean® One

    Our No. 1 virus air cleaner for commercial rooms with a residential character or exclusive private rooms

    This elegantly designed professional air cleaner "made in Germany" impresses with an effective 360° airflow for air intake close to the floor and a room-filling clean air flow. The certified multi-stage HEPA filter system complying with EN 1822 guarantees highly efficient room air purification – 99.995 % of all airborne viruses, bacteria, fine dust particles and pollen are removed. The AirgoClean® One ensures both effective results and quiet operation, and comes with convenient equipment features for easy handling and reliable operation. Integrated sensors for VOC and PM2.5 fine dust particles allow for automatic output control and an air quality indication including a 14-day history. All settings can be conveniently made using the remote control or touch display.

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  • Airozon® 20000-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    Ozone disinfector Airozon® 20000

    Powerful profile solution for the disinfection of large surfaces and spatial volumes

    The Airozon® 20000 is an ozone disinfector with a high ozone output, which can be transported easily and is flexibly applicable. Thanks to these properties the Airozon® 20000 proves to be the perfect choice for the professional disinfection of large surfaces and spatial volumes.

    The duplex compound of high-quality, durable 10g-ozone electrodes specially integrated into the Airozon® 20000 ensures a highly effective, stable ozone output of 20,000 mg/h under ambient air conditions, discharged quickly over the whole treatment zone by a high-pressure radial fan. Furthermore equipped with a timer switch and operating hours counter, the Airozon® 20000 offers all equipment features that you can expect from a professional ozone disinfector "made in Germany".

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  • Airozon® 10000-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    Ozone disinfector Airozon® 10000

    Compact ozone power for the oxidative disinfection of interior spaces

    The Airozon® 10000 is the ideal compact solution for the quick disinfection of all interior spaces where many people come together, where there are a multitude of visitors, or where the users of venues change frequently.

    The high-quality high voltage unit integrated into the Airozon® 10000 works with an insulated dielectric barrier to attain a high ozone output of 10,000 mg/h under ambient air conditions. Furthermore equipped with a timer switch and operating hours counter, the Airozon® 10000 offers all equipment features that you can expect from a professional ozone disinfector.

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  • Ozone disinfector Airozon 14 ECO-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    Ozone disinfector Airozon 14 ECO

    For germ-free interior spaces with the smell of fresh air

    With the adjustable two-stage ozone output up to 14 g/h and a timer function for preselecting the treatment duration between 0 to 120 minutes, the Airozon 14 ECO is an economic solution for an effective odour neutralisation in hotel rooms or vehicles and for disinfecting the room air and surfaces in interior spaces. Overnight guests and passengers will surely appreciate this hygiene service and the effects of fresh air that has been freed from odours.

    In addition to unpleasant odours, an ozone treatment with the Airozon 14 ECO also eliminates microorganisms such as bacteria, mould spores and viruses on surfaces and in the room air.

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  • Ozone disinfector Airozon 28 ECO-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    Ozone disinfector Airozon 28 ECO

    For germ-free interior spaces with the smell of fresh air

    With the adjustable four-stage ozone output up to 28 g/h and a timer function for preselecting the treatment duration between 0 to 135 minutes, the Airozon 28 ECO is an economic solution for an effective odour neutralisation in hotel rooms or vehicles and for disinfecting the room air and surfaces in interior spaces. Overnight guests and passengers will surely appreciate this hygiene service and the effects of fresh air that has been freed from odours.

    In addition to unpleasant odours, an ozone treatment with the Airozon 28 ECO also eliminates microorganisms such as bacteria, mould spores and viruses on surfaces and in the room air.

    The device is remote-controllable and can be set up and commissioned even in poorly accessible locations and also enables an ozone treatment outside of the room that is to be treated.

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  • Infrared radiant oil heater IRO 15-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    IRO 15

    Infrared oil heater

    The compact infrared oil heater IRO 15 achieves a heating capacity of max. 20 kW and has a fuel consumption of only 1.6 liters per hour. Since this is an infrared emitter, this operates, in contrast to a "normal" oil heater without air flow directly where the heat is required. In addition, the reliable and robust infrared heater is characterised by a short warm-up time and its heating without dust upset for versatile applications such as, on construction sites, in well ventilated storage areas or in agriculture as well as for the de-icing of machines and pipelines. In addition, it has protection class IPX4 and is therefore splash-proof.

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  • appSensors-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    WP-measuring instruments

    Professional measuring instruments with appSensors

    A compact design, without complicated operating elements and yet at any time the current measured values quickly and conveniently are at hand - this and more distinguishes our latest generation of modern WP precision measuring instruments. The measuring devices with appSensors (moisture indicator, sound level meter, material moisture meter, hot wire anemometer, thermohygrometer, impeller anemometer, pyrometer) transfer their measurement data via Bluetooth directly into the intuitive MultiMeasure Mobile app on a smartphone or tablet. As a multifunctional measuring station app, MultiMeasure Mobile offers all the necessary professional tools for controlling the measuring devices as well as for displaying and evaluating the measured data, in parallel operation with several measuring devices.

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  • Thermal imaging camera XC600-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!


    Thermal camera

    The innovative combination of comfort and efficiency: The system with the innovative PanoFold touch display (Detector resolution 640x480 pixels) and the integrated laser distance measurement is a first in the lower price segment of professional real-time thermal imaging cameras. A special, high-capacity Li-Ion battery allows long-term use of up to 8 hours. Versatile analysis functions and DuoVision-Plus image overlay make the XC600 a reliable companion. Whether infinitely variable 10x zoom, fast autofocus with laser precision, interval shooting, IR videos and numerous measurement functions - the XC600 leaves nothing to be desired.

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  • Cable drum PVD3-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!


    High-quality cable drum

    The robust cable drum PVD3 is equipped with 4 safety sockets (16 A, 250 V, IP54) with self-closing flap caps and is the ideal solution for demanding indoor and outdoor applications on construction sites, in the workshop or in the industrial sector. The drum and frame are manufactured of high-quality plastics and convince with their draining openings and a central braking system. The 40-metre cable has a maximum performance of 3,500 watts. Comfort is offered by the ergonomically shaped handle and the stable crank. Thanks to the thermal protection switch, operating display, 2 connector storage spaces and a high stability, the PVD3 also offers a maximum degree of safety.

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  • Mobile power distributor PV32-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!


    Portable current distributor for up to 32 A

    Sturdy, compact and simply practical. The current distributor PV32 offers you three safety sockets and combined 16 A CEE socket and a 32 A CEE socket (both 5-pin, 400 V) according to EN 61439. The "Made-in EU" device is perfectly prepared for demanding application - whether in construction, industry or handcraft, thanks to its IP44 plastic housing. Overall the professional current distributor scores permanently in harsh everyday practice with its integrated residual current circuit breaker, the hinged window for the automatic circuit breakers in the housing cover, its retractable V2A steel carrying handle and its stable stackability.

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  • Mobile power distributor PV16-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!


    Portable current distributor for up to 16 A

    The "Made-in-EU" current distributor PV16 from Trotec features combined 4 earthed socket outlets and 2 CEE sockets (16 A, 5-pole, 400 V) according to EN 61439. The compact portable current distributor with its robust plastic housing (protection class IP44) is suitable for demanding application on construction sites, in industry or handcraft. In addition it also convinces by a residual current circuit breaker, a hinged window or the circuit breakers in the housing cover, a retractable V2A steel carrying handle and its practical and stable stackability.

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  • PT 4500 S-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    PT 4500 S

    Compact split cooling unit with express connection line

    Development, design, production: 100 % Trotec. The split cooling unit PT 4500 S is a water-cooled air conditioning system with a refrigerant-free connection line leading to the external heat exchanger, which enables a quick and easy installation. The ideal air conditioner for frequent site changes and rental applications – robustly manufactured, it comes with a compact, slim construction and a cooling capacity of 4.5 kW rendering the device extremely versatile.

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  • BP5F food IR thermometer-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!


    Food infrared thermometer

    The 2-in-1 thermometer in the optimised Trotec design determines the internal temperature of food in a measuring range of -40 ° C to + 200 ° C and surface temperatures without contact by infrared to +280 ° C. These compact, robust and washable (protection class IP65) helpers are suitable for transporters, trade or gastronomy - with the BP5F, the temperature can be controlled - Eg for monitoring the cold chain or cooking temperatures - can be carried out quickly and reliably according to HACCP.

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  • DH 310-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    DH 310

    Professional industrial dryer for stationary continuous operation

    With its tough housing, the extremely corrosion-resistant design and a high-performance compression refrigeration system, the DH 310 was designed for trouble-free permanent drying applications with long lifetimes.

    Equipped with a smooth scroll compressor for constant, pulsation-free pressure for energy-efficient refrigeration, a professional hot gas automatic defrost system with automatically-controlled cycle inversion, a self-regulating EC radial fan and a high-conveyance condensate pump, this robust industrial dryer as floor-mounted or wall-mounted device ensures steady dehumidification performance in continuous operation even at low temperatures.

    Furthermore the DH 310 is optionally available in stainless steel design and with KTL-coated heat exchanger.

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  • DH 160-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    DH 160 / DH 310

    High-capacity condenser dryer for industrial continuous use

    The corrosion-resistant DH 160/DH 310 drying systems, which are also available in stainless steel and with KTL coating, extend the range of services offered by the professional DH series and offer maximum performance for virtually all industrial requirements and dehumidification processes. In addition to the very high dehumidification performance (up to 550 l/24 h for the DH 310 and 275 l/24 h for the DH 160), the robust drying units offer a wide range of practical equipment options. Designed as a stand-alone unit, the new DH Induction Dryer DH 160 and DH 310 can also be used without difficulty in wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted operation and, in addition, can be connected to existing air duct systems.

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  • UV-Trackmaster WF/NF-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!


    Exclusive hand-held UV-A lamps with a high fluorescence excitation

    The UV-Trackmaster models are equipped with a special band-pass filter for maximum residual light suppression yet simultaneously maximum UV translucency. This special filter, coated 90 times, permits a maximum transmittance in the range of 365 nm – consequently, tracers can be identified with substantially more contrast. Whilst the lens of UV-Trackmaster NF focuses the UV light in a beam, that of the UV-Trackmaster WF is designed for the illumination of vast areas. So, with a UV-Trackmaster you always have an optimal solution for the quick and effective tracer detection during material testing, leak detection or quality inspections – naturally the product is ""made in Germany"" and exclusively available only at Trotec!

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  • External condensate pump-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    External condensate pump

    Unique - adaptive operation control of dehumidifiers

    Another "made in Germany" original from Trotec: With its extremely robust, corrosion-resistant and robust V4A housing, this external condensate pump was specially developed for the permanent operation of Trotec DS series swimming pool dehumidifiers. It can be used as a wall or floor unit and can of course also be used with other dehumidifiers. For a trouble-free continuous operation, the pump is equipped as a safety function with a car shutdown of the connected dehumidifier in case of overload. If the condensate supply temporarily exceeds the conveying capacity of the pump, it switches off the dehumidifier until the load area has been reached again and then automatically re-starts automatically.

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  • VSP inspection system-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!


    Inspection system

    Until now, maintenance technicians needed a variety of optical aids for visual inspections. Trotec has now developed the modular and mobile universal solution: The VSP inspection system is the sophisticated, flexible, combinable and expandable innovation for technical video endoscopy. The robust control unit with colour display and extremely powerful lithium-polymer battery can be used with all VSP system components. Special camera heads are available for different inspection requirements. The 30m VSP push cable drum and optional video endoscopes and bore scopes complete the professional system solution from Trotec quality manufacturing.

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  • TTK 570 ECO-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    TTK 570 ECO

    Commercial building dryer

    The TTK 570 ECO with automatic hot gas defrosting is a true price-performance champion. It combines robust steel construction in trolley design with state-of-the-art technology and convinces even at low temperatures from 5°C with a high dehumidification performance of up to 127 l/day with a max. Air flow of 1100 m³/h. Thanks to the rotary piston compressor, the TTK 580 ECO can be transported and stored in any position to save space. To record the operating time, the dehumidifier is equipped with an operating hours counter. Connections for an external humidistat and a condensate drain predestine the TTK 570 ECO for unattended drying operations in automatic mode.

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