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Insulation drying

Under pressure drying – in combination with water separators to protect the vacuum turbines against damage caused by water or coarse particles – has been the height of technology in the field of insulation drying over the past few years.

The standard procedure of over pressure drying which was used up to this point in time is nowadays only really ever used in unoccupied areas and by increasingly fewer specialist firms, not least because of the disadvantages this procedure brings with respect to a possible contamination of the ambient air with spores, allergens or microfibres that are believed to cause cancer.

The Principles of insulation drying:

When the over pressure process is used, heated, dry air is vented through special openings in the insulation layers. In the course of this venting stage the dry air is saturated with moisture from the insulation layers before escaping into the room through open border joints or other discharge openings and then dried again using previously installed dehumidification aggregates. This drying circle continues until the material-specific moisture content has been achieved.

The whole procedure is reversed when the under pressure process is used. Moist air is suctioned out of the insulation layers using vacuum turbines. A vacuum is created in and around the insulation layers, and this vacuum is in turn filled with dry air produced by previously installed dehumidifiers which then floods in through the border joints or the previously mentioned alternative openings.

Some important information regarding the under pressure process:

A filtration system must be employed when using the under pressure process, so that water or solid substances do not enter the compressor. This would lead to a blockage of the turbines and inevitably to the destruction of the appliance.

Practical advantage MultiQube

MultiQube is a complete system of well-matched and easy-to-combine devices for any challenge in the field of insulation drying.

All MultiQube devices can be combined in any desired order, depending on the specific requirements of the job at hand, and always guarantee the synchronous best performance of the complete system, which can be flexibly used for under pressure drying as well as over pressure drying.

For any application scenario the performance of all MultiQube devices has been synchronized for a maximum efficiency.

Therefore, using the MultiQube system you not only benefit from optimal air filtration at a maximum air flow rate and a thereby increased efficiency factor but, additionally, with the Flow Control Unit DA 4 from the currently worldwide fastest insulation drying system in the market.

Insulation drying unit VX 5 - one device for every requirement

Why does TKL only have one single insulation drying unit in the product range?

Because the innovative and super lightweight VX 5 MultiQube is flexibly applicable with only one switch rotation for small-sized to extensive insulation drying applications. There is no other insulation dryer of this type worldwide - then again, you won't be needing another!

Because the VX 5 MultiQube has a unique adaptronic power control that makes it unnecessary to think in equipment classes...

The three-step adjustable special turbo engine of the VX 5 runs with up to 20,000 rounds per minute and guarantees optimal pressure values in every power stage. One turn of the three-step power controller of the VX aggregate is enough and it optionally gears up to appropriate 3 kW side channel compressor power or down to 0.8 kW compressor level, as needed!

Comparison with previous models based on side channel compressor technology:

  • Power stage 1: Corresponds to the output of a 0.8 kW side channel compressor
  • Power stage 2: The VX 5 is approx. 10 % more powerful than a side channel compressor with 1.1 to 1.3 kW
  • Power stage 3: Corresponds to 140 % of the output of a 1.1 kW to 1.3 kW side channel compressor and to 80 % of the performance of a 3 kW side channel compressor

Practical advantage: performance-optimized energy consumption

In contrast to conventional side-channel compressor turbines both performance and power consumption of the turbo motor of the VX 5 are always interrelated linearly with each other: When you reduce the performance the power consumption reduces as well.

Thanks to that technology compared with turbine compressors the VX 5 works for a power saving eco tariff, especially at the end of the drying process.

Unique performance control display VX-Optiflow

This even in the darkness or from a distance well readable control display of the VX 5 MultiQube guarantees you the construction of your drying installation on the highest efficiency level:

The green VX-Optiflow display confirms the performance optimum of your drying installation with unhindered air flow through the insulation. At red LED the air flow rate is not sufficient and for a fast drying an optimization of the construction is necessary.

DA 4 for reduction of drying duration and energy costs

80 % of all water damages are characterized by an inhomogeneous distribution of the moisture in the flooring: Areas which are soaked with moisture are adjacent to much less saturated or only slightly saturated areas.

When conventional vacuum drying methods are applied, the processed air which is used to dry out the moisture is conducted through dryer zones to a higher degree than through more humid zones, which as a result leads to much longer drying times and therefore to a significant increase in energy costs.

In contrast to this, the flow rate control unit DA 4 has been specifically designed for underpressure operation and with its sensor-assisted Efidry-control allows to actively and automatically manage the balancing of suction air between the different areas which need to be dried. The DA4 independently adapts its cycle times and suction intervals to the specific demands as predefined by the material mix and the degree of saturation in the insulation layer and informs the user about all processes on the integrated status display.

The sensors continuously monitor the degree of saturation of each drying zone, analyze their moisture values and automatically direct the main air flow alternately to those areas which are the most saturated. Additionally, the humidity values are measured and from five per cent approximation of the insulation values the DA 4 automatically switches from active drying to subsequent drying.

Practical: Even a power failure doesn’t bring the DA 4 out of its rhythm. In such a case it doesn’t have to be switched on again or configured because it “remembers” the last phase and works on from that point.

This way, the combined operation of the DA 4 with otherwise identical technical equipment leads to a reduction of drying times and energy costs of up to 30 to 70 %, depending on the type of damage. Or alternatively, you can use the same equipment to dry 30 % larger areas in exactly the same time – and also the amount of empty trips due to expensive measurement trips on spec – can be drastically reduced when using the DA 4.

Last but not least, the significantly reduced restoration time also facilitates a substantial decrease in noise and heat pollution for the concerned parties and the faster availability of the affected rooms.

Buying or hiring, new or used products, financing or leasing:

Just about all the insulation drying units in the TKL hiring program can be 'bought' or leased directly from our system partner, the industry supplier Trotec, should you be planning on using them over a longer period.

Whether you choose to hire or buy, we have just the right contact person to match your requirements.

You can regularly find attractive used air conditioning units at unbeatable prices in our online marketplace at

TKL and Trotec offer you service from a single source - also in case of financing and leasing! For further information, please contact us online at or phone us on: +49 2452 962 400.