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High-performance products from Trotec

Powerful technology for mobile and stationary air treatment as well as climate conditioning – this is our profession as market leader.

In this category you can gain an overview of our machines for dehumidification, humidification, heating, ventilation, aeration, deaeration, air-conditioning, air purification, drying after water damage and odour neutralization as well as of accessories for restoration work. Further, you can learn about our measuring devices and the attractive rental offers made available by TKL – Trotec's Rental Division.

  • Mobile dehumidification

    Robust, compact and durable and at the same time strong in dehumidification: these are the mobile dehumidifiers from Trotec. Flexible applications master our mobile condensation dehumidifiers and building dryers - both in water damage restoration, building dehumidification and on construction, in warehouses and in private rooms.

  • Dehumidification Stationary

    With high quality Trotec dehumidifiers is more effective protection against moisture and corrosion program. Here you will find everything on the topic of optimal humidity, dewatering and dehydration after water damage - the largest selection worldwide.

  • Humidification

    We provide new ideas for most modern dehumidification technology a lot of room. The result: Reliable moistened and tempered business and living rooms as well as optimal regulated humidity in the public space.

  • Professional oil heaters

    With our attractively priced IDS and IDE range of oil-fired blowers, oil-fired boilers designed to meet the most demanding requirements, and oil-fired heating booster unequaled in quality and performance, you are extremely flexible in your choice of location.

  • Mobile electric heaters

    The professional Trotec electric heaters are ideal for heating indoors and can be used practically anywhere. Performance limits Trotec does not know! For high-performance applications in industry, the high-performance electric heating units are recommended.

  • Ventilation

    Brand ventilators from Trotec transform air into performance. With economic solutions for quick and easy ventilation or air transport. In no time at all and with a high versatility on a professional top level.

  • Ventilation, ventilation and wind machines

    Professional wind machines from Trotec. Whether in outdoor or indoor use, in industry, in the industry or in the entertainment industry - these mobile high-performance fans are flexible and offer a high capacity for air circulation and ventilation. And economically they are on top of that!

  • Air conditioning

    With air handling units from Trotec comfort and ultimate climate are preprogrammed. No matter under which environmental conditions. Besides a reliable continuous cooling they, additionally, offer convincing design, functionality and effective performance.

  • Measuring devices

    Keep an eye on important temperatures and values. The handy TROTEC. AT HOME. measuring devices supply all data and facts worth knowing, so you can relax and focus on the essentials in your everyday life.

  • Remote control & monitoring

    Telemonitoring, telecontrol, analysis and documentation of your machines and processes – to be operated easily from a distance via smartphone, or via the office PC. Trotec ‘s TTSL® system makes it possible to manage all of this very easily. With TTSL® you can record, monitor and document a large variety of different measurement data from all your construction sites or machine processes.

  • Air purification

    The coast is clear! And thanks to modularly combinable filter elements of the professional air cleaners from Trotec the same can be said about the air. From high-performance virus filtration to the elimination of dust in commercial environments. Also for use in cleanroom environments. Only one of many innovative solutions for air extraction and cleaning of manifold contaminated workspaces.

  • Disinfection / Odour neutralization

    Just follow your nose when it’s all about high-quality and reliable products for odour neutralisation. Bet on our procedures, which eliminate most persistent odour molecules without using chemicals or aromatic substances.

  • Water damage restoration

    Especially when it comes to the restoration of water damage, the rule is: innovation rarely goes wrong. Drying units and control systems from the innovation leader on the drying market are always the first choice in every respect.

  • Accessories insulation layer drying

    Renovation is no trouble at all. With field-tested and useful aides for all life situations and for every application. Our versatile accessory program for water damage restoration and renovation ensures a good handling.

  • Accessories machines – high performance

    From professionals for professionals. Original equipment from Trotec comes directly from a single source. Because we think using the top-down approach and have everything in sight. The result: Many user-friendly, intelligent details as useful equipment additions.Air flow in the industry, in the construction industry and agriculture as well as in the event technology are our professions. Here one...

  • Air transport hoses

    Our air ducting for the industry, the agricultural and building sector as well as event engineering is well-considered and systematic. For fan hoses and components we rely on uncompromising Trotec brand quality.

  • Infection control solutions

    As an international market leader in the manufacture of industrial filter systems with air filtering for suspended particles and viruses, Trotec develops technical solutions to prevent direct and indirect SARS-CoV-2 infections. Our infection control solutions have been scientifically proven to reduce the risk of infection and make an effective contribution to combating the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Assembly work tents and screen fences

    The assembly work tents and mobile screen fences from Trotec provide a shielded workspace in next to no time. For construction sites, storage and medical treatments.

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