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Process air conditioning during production and packing

Local dehumidification: dry air for the industry

Process air conditioning from A like adsorption to Z as in zero deviation from the target humidity level

Concepts with stationary or mobile dehumidification are frequently used for the process air conditioning in the industry. Often drier air is required locally in machines, plants or individual operating processes – a constant supply regardless of the surrounding conditions. For this purpose, the Trotec Group provides powerful adsorption dryers for industrial customers.

For many years now we as air-conditioning technology specialists have supplied solutions for various industrial sectors such as the automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical, transport and logistics, electronics and semiconductor as well as the food industry. The process air conditioning is a section in the climate conditioning we are especially experienced in. Many manufacturing processes in the production demand extremely dry air – in some cases with dew points of way below 0 °C – to prevent chemical or biological reactions, sticking or going lumpy and similar unwelcome consequences of excessive humidity values. Another typical example for dehumidification in the industry is packaging.

Using our adsorption dryers of the TTR series selective dehumidification operations can be realized – i.a. by deliberately feeding dry air via hoses. Part of every concept in the industrial process air conditioning is of course efficient measurement and control technology, e.g. thermohygrometers and data loggers.

Production factor profitability: The TTR series pays off

With our powerful adsorption dryers of the TTR series there is always an ideal process climate in the industrial production environment, hence a high dehumidification performance with simultaneously low energy consumption achieved by the TTR Trisorp Dual principle of operation. Moreover, the innovative adsorption dryers TTR 800 to 13500 with Monoventic air volume regulation and both devices with Duoventic air volume regulation (TTR 400 D and TTR 500 D) offer maximum flexibility when adjusting the required amount of dry air.

Consultation and mobile testing appliances: make use of our industrial services

For you as industrial customer the Trotec Group not only provides devices but technically and economically perfected solutions. Depending on the order volume, our services can relate to the overall planning of the process air conditioning or just sections thereof. Moreover, we have mobile units on offer which can be used to test the planned process air conditioning in advance. This way, you can be sure that the proposed solution actually works.

Customised solutions for the industry:

Please send a request indicating your personal requirements directly to our industry experts. We'll get in touch with you. 

Dehumidifiers and heating devices for process air conditioning in production and packaging

Further application examples for air conditioning

  • Archives & museums

    Whether exhibition or safekeeping – the following is true for private and public museums, collections, libraries or archives: Room climate and air quality are the most important factors to preserve your valuable exhibits or archived documents.

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  • Air conditioning for poultry farming

    From a temperature of 10 degrees Celsius the laying performance of hens decreases substantially. On a meat chicken farm the temperatures also mustn’t drop too much in the cold season. For not all breeds are robust enough to survive a sudden drop in temperature in the coop. Therefore, farmers must be well-equipped with an appropriate heating system to offer their animals ideal climate conditions...

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  • Climate conditioning for freezing

    No quick-freezing without water. Therefore, dehumidification plays a key role in the climate conditioning when freezing foods. For the transport and logistics sector the Trotec Group provides powerful industrial dehumidifiers to perform this task. Moreover, you can rely on the calculations of our climate specialists doing the drafting for you.

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  • Conditioning of cold chain logistics

    In the climate conditioning of the cold chain logistics the dew point is reduced by use of dehumidifiers so no condensate can form. The Trotec Group provides the appropriate devices for all requirements. Available are mobile or stationary solutions with condensation or adsorption technology.

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  • Air conditioning electronics industry

    Many manufacturing processes in the production of electronic parts and semiconductors demand extremely dry air – in some cases with dew points of way below 0 °C. These low dew points can be easily achieved using efficient adsorption dryers, also selectively within a machine.

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  • Emergency cooling solutions

    If the stationary air conditioning system that is used for cooling commercial and industrial spaces fails due to malfunction or an unforeseen longer maintenance period, costly production interruptions may be the consequence. With the mobile air conditioners of the PT series from TKL you can provide for uninterruptible cooling supply as quickly as possible in case of an emergency.

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  • Event cooling solutions

    Especially in the warmer time of the year, a variety of events attracts a large number of visitors to come to festival marquees and halls, to trade fair and conference tents, or to locations that are full of atmosphere such as old industrial buildings. However, you should make sure that neither your guests nor the staff working behind the scenes in their relaxation and group rooms that are for...

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