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Business: +49 2452 962 400
Industry: +49 2452 962 777
End-consumers: +49 2452 962 450

Air conditioning

PortaTemp air conditioning units (PT models) are capable of cooling a room down to a temperature of 10 °C!

The only one of its kind - worldwide: The model PT 6500 AHX is capable of working in extreme fields of application and environmental conditions of -26 °C to +60 °C!

A further example of the cutting-edge technology that the PT W and PT WS air conditioners are equipped with: the heat exchanger for these water-cooled air conditioning units can be replaced quickly and easily 40 m away from the actual unit! This unique method of connectivity is of indescribable value in places like offices, prodution and serving rooms, distributing centres or studios where it its almot impossible to conduct warm air away from the close proximity of these rooms.

The spot cooling feature presents another indisputable advantage with regard to the cooling operation in sensitive areas, like CNC control and laboratories. The optionally available spot cooling attachments allow the cool air to be conducted directly via hoses to the target area - spot on!

Calculating cooling capacity:

You will find an approximate calculation of the required cooling performance under the menu item „capacity calculation”. For an exact calculation of the cooling capacity, especially for large-size room volumes or complex air conduction paths, please contact our team of experts.

Our activities in service air-conditioning and renting of air-conditioners:

On request we can also analyse your individual requirement situation on location, and determine the number and type of machines and appliances which you need before presenting you with a custom-made project solution. We can provide adequate numbers of suitable air conditioning units to match almost every conceivable requirement.

In addition to our on-site inspection service, our machine installation and deinstallation, maintenance and monitoring service, we can also offer you most of our air conditioning units to hire without the provision of these service packages.

For self-collectors or brought to you directly to the building site by our bring and collect service, just as you please.  Air conditioning units at top conditions.

Please ask for our attractive season rates: Air conditioners to hire for a whole season at a fixed price.

Buying or hiring, new or used products, financing or leasing:

Just about all the air conditioner units in the TKL hiring program can be 'bought' or leased directly from our system partner, the industry supplier Trotec, should you be planning on using them over a longer period.

Whether you choose to hire or buy, we have just the right contact person to match your requirements.

You can regularly find attractive used air conditioning units at unbeatable prices in our online marketplace at

TKL and Trotec offer you service from a single source - also in case of financing and leasing! For further information, please contact us online at or phone us on: +49 2452 962 400.