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Liquid analysis

Measuring instrument for the precise determination of the pH value of the water in industrial and private areas


Can be applied in many areas

Whether used in a car workshop or at home in your garage: the easily manageable brake fluid tester BW05 is the perfect measuring device for quickly and precisely determining the water content in a vehicle's brake fluid.

The BW05 serves to check the three most important types of brake fluid DOT3, DOT4 and DOT5.1 and, what is more, conceivably easy to use.

The compact, pocket-sized pH measuring device BW10 is suited just as well for aquarium and plant enthusiasts as it is for owners of a swimming pool.

But the BW10 also makes a reliable companion for applications in the professional sector, e.g. measuring pH values for quality inspections in the food and beverage industry or for a quick and reliable assessment of the water quality.

A precise pH measurement of acidic to alkaline fluids and solutions is important for many sectors. Possible private applications are e.g. in aquariums, garden ponds or swimming pools. The professional field of application includes analyses carried out in laboratories, water quality checks and quality inspections in the food and beverage industry.

Measuring devices for liquid analysis

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