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Safe journeys for the railway industry

Heating devices and air conditioners protect the equipment from ice and heat

Trotec offers industry-specific solutions also for railway employees: In 2014, for instance, we developed a series of innovative tents especially for track construction works bearing the attribute “R” as in “RAIL”. Furthermore our large heating devices and insulation dryers are often deployed for and certainly do not derail during defrosting and maintenance tasks. Our measurement technology also supports you in all monitoring matters pertaining to railways.

Heating devices for defrosting bogies have to provide highly effective heating in order to keep the idle time at a minimum. This task can be completed by the mobile high-performance electric heating units of the TEH series from Trotec, for example the TEH 200, the TEH 300 or the TEH 400. Due to their high system efficiency, focused hot air can flow towards the bogies to remove blocks of ice via hose distances of up to 100 metres. Should yet higher capacities be required, we recommend using the central oil heating units of the ID series. They yield the required heating capacity even at sub-zero temperatures of as low as -20 °C. In addition, a broad range of fans is available for air circulation.

Trotec also provides railway employees with the appropriate technology for other maintenance work: For drying sandwich floors in wagons, the insulation dryers of the MultiQube series are the best choice. And in summer, many switch towers are cooled using mobile air conditioners of the PT series to avoid failure of the electronic system due to overheating.

Innovative track construction work tent to be fastened directly on the track

Conventional track construction work tents usually have fastening solutions which can only be realized in a difficult and time-consuming way, e.g. rods under the tracks or similar. This is why Trotec put the KE-R track construction work tents series on the market, consisting of welded tents with heat-resistant roof which are fastened directly on the tracks. Fastening takes place before the tent is pitched to prevent it from being blown away beforehand.

Measuring devices for the railway industry

In the product segment of measurement technology, too, the Trotec Group offers solutions for typical tasks in the railway industry, such as the pipe detector SR20 for the inspection of above-ground and underground supply lines along the railway line, or the FFT high-performance correlator LD20PC for the analysis of water pipes. In addition, the combination detector LD6000, developed for leak detection and acoustic pipe location, can be used to detect bearing damage at wheelset bearings. Moreover, our IC085LV thermal imaging cameras are suitable for the inspection of electrical components and lines.

Seasonal demand? Rental appliances for every requirement

You need heating devices, central heating units, air conditioners, insulation dryers, fans or thermal imaging cameras for temporary application relating to railways at short notice? Just rent them, then. In our TKL rental portal you will find devices of all performance classes at a favourable price!

Trotec products for railways