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Thermal imaging camera XC600 of Trotec brand quality
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Thermal imaging camera XC600

High-resolution thermography system with PanoFold touchscreen

Unsurpassed PanoFold touchscreen
Robust IP54 design with attachable metal cover to protect the lens
The innovative thermal imaging camera XC600 combines comfort and efficiency

Top-class technology for mid-range prices

The thermal imaging camera XC600 impressively demonstrates that high-end thermography does not automatically involve high-end costs and that the price-conscious calculation of a flagship thermal imaging camera certainly does not have to be at the expense of the quality:

A trend-setting detector in the latest design accommodates 307,200 independent temperature measuring points, every single one of which is able to capture the measuring object's current temperature values at a rate of almost sixty times per second and to display them on the large 3.5 inch PanoFold touchscreen. This means four times more data than with a camera with 320 x 240 pixels resulting in a clearly higher measurement accuracy.

The XC600 furthermore features a very high geometrical resolution of 0.65 mrad, making even smaller problems visible precisely from a greater distance. This thermal imaging camera measures temperatures from -20 °C to +600 °C ‑ optionally up to +1,500 °C and visualizes temperature differences of only 0.06 °C.

With the XC600 anything's possible – because everything's already included

With this thermography system you'll benefit from precise real-time measurements in high native resolution, a stepless 10x zoom, a quick autofocus with laser precision, an integrated distance measurement function, interval shooting, IR videos and numerous measuring functions. The thermal imaging camera XC600, which is furthermore equipped with a high-capacity Li-ion battery for extremely long measuring operations, leaves nothing to be desired and is supplied ready for use in a hard-shell transport case including high-quality analysis software.

Visionary construction with cutting-edge technology

A prominent feature of the XC600 is its especially robust design which provides for long, failure-free operation even in rough construction site conditions. The thermal imaging camera in pistol-shaped design which is manufactured in the EU is fitted with rubber protectors on all sides and comes in a shock-protected, two-component construction with IP54 type of protection.

Robust camera, flexible image guidance: The innovative PanoFold display can be inclined by 180° and swivelled flexibly by 270° at the same time, which, with the XC600, prevents that any user has to bend or twist to check objects that are difficult to access.

Focussing on efficiency

The electrical focus of this thermal imaging camera can be optionally actuated via automatic function or operated manually, and with the digital 10x zoom of the X600 the measuring detail can be freely selected. Optional interchangeable lenses further enhance the range of possible applications.

The integrated laser distance measuring device is particularly advantageous for all measuring operations. If it is switched on in addition, the measuring distance to the object can be read directly on the display and, what is more, the measured distance is immediately adopted for the camera settings so as to permanently optimize the measurement accuracy. The standard equipment of the XC600 is complemented by the real image camera with a resolution of 5 megapixels and a photo lamp as well as the laser pointer for visual targeting.

The XC600 is perfectly suited for construction diagnostics and industrial inspections

For a better orientation the on-demand DuoVision Plus display of the XC600 additionally renders important details such as lettering or object contours visible during the measurement.

DuoVision-Plus indication on the display
DuoVision Plus display
Real image
Real image
Thermal image
Thermal image
Real image
Real image
Thermal image
Thermal image
DuoVision-Plus indication on the display
DuoVision Plus display
DuoVision-Plus indication on the display
DuoVision Plus display
Real image
Real image
Thermal image
Thermal image

The equipment of the thermal imaging camera XC600 virtually leaves nothing to be desired

Liveview – to see means to know

All functions of the XC600 were geared to meet the targets of user comfort and working efficiency. The setting options for the temperature range (span and level) that are customary for thermal imaging cameras of this class do not have to be set in the menu of the XC600 first to then be checked in the live image, but instead can be configured directly via cursor keys and you can watch the change live on screen.

Fully radiometric infrared videos available on request

The optional IR video function of the XC600 – that can be used to transfer fully radiometric infrared videos onto a PC whilst the measurement takes place where the results can then be recorded and evaluated in real time – provides ideal conditions for a very thorough analysis of the measurement results. For instance, this function permits a detailed examination of the heat-up and cooling behaviour of electronic and mechanical components or other objects over a defined period of time.

Measuring display with enhanced details via 'DuoVision Plus'

The DuoVision functions integrated in the thermal imaging camera XC600 allow for a variety of live display settings during the measurement. The picture-in-picture display function DuoVision permits a combined presentation of both pieces of image information in different overlays on top of the display of infrared and real images.

What is more, the additionally available DuoVision Plus function combines the infrared image information with high-contrast details of the visible light spectrum from the real image camera for the real-time indication of an extremely detailed thermal image fusion on the camera display.

This facilitates a much easier orientation, localization and assessment during the measurement – accordingly, damages or deficiencies can be detected and assigned at one glance. Besides a great number of other functionalities the supplied software also provides a DuoVision function for an overlay presentation of documents.

Maximum user comfort as standard

The XC600 is provided with an unparalleled range of functional and equipment features. In addition to the features mentioned, the user can for instance store the images periodically. This function enables you to record a series of thermal images with a preselectable recording frequency, e.g. every 30 minutes. With this recording interval you can optimally document the thermal long-term behaviour of an object. Furthermore you can save audio comments via headset and Bluetooth right along with the IR image.

The XC600 sets groundbreaking equipment standards in its price range:

  • Just swivel the monitor instead of twisting yourself into a pretzel: Unsurpassed PanoFold touchscreen ‑
    can be inclined by 180° and swivelled by 270°, when closed it serves as monitor and keypad protection
  • Advanced real-time thermal imaging camera with a native resolution of 640 x 480 pixels
    (307,200) measuring points
  • High geometric resolution of 0.65 mrad
  • Quick and precise autofocus
  • Integrated laser distance measuring device
  • High-capacity Li-ion battery – lasts more than twice as long as a standard Li-ion battery
  • Stepless 10x zoom – ideal to look at details even from afar
  • Recording of IR videos – fully radiometric as well*

* Saving fully radiometric IR videos requires the optionally available professional upgrade (software dongle)

Unsurpassed PanoFold touchscreen

The PanoFold touchscreen is a top-shelf monitor unit and can be rotated freely in virtually any direction.

In addition to being used when folded inward against the device the PanoFold touchscreen can also be steplessly inclined by 180° and pivoted by 270°. Consequently, no user has to bend over or twist in any fashion just to inspect poorly accessible and not immediately visible objects. This is the function of the PanoFold touchscreen which ensures that optimum thermal images are taken even of measuring objects that are not within easy reach.

The device can also be operated directly using the touch function of the PanoFold display. When not in use, the display is simply protected by way of folding it up so that the monitor rests against the keypad.

PanoFold touchscreen

The XC600 can be flexibly controlled via buttons or touchscreen and its illuminated keypad facilitates the operation in dark surroundings.
Illuminated keypad
Apart from the control via keys and buttons all function entries and configuration steps can also be carried out quickly and easily via the touchscreen of the XC600.
Touchscreen for quick operational entries
The robust XC600 is manufactured in a shock-protected, two-component construction with IP54 type of protection. At the front next to the standard lens (24° x 18°) they house a real image camera, a photo lamp, a laser pointer and an additional laser for distance measurements.
Comprehensive standard equipment
USB-C connection and AV output of the XC600 are located behind a removable rubber cap in the foot of the camera handle, equally well-protected and easily accessible.
Interfaces with IP54 type of protection

Including high-quality analysis software

High-quality analysis software included in the scope of supply of the XC600

The software included in the XC600's scope of delivery is not only a simple transmission and display tool – along with every thermal imaging camera you also receive a professional range with numerous functions for the evaluation, organization and documentation of your measurement results.

The software's DuoVision Plus function further provides an option for the fusion of infrared and real images as contour emphasizing thermal images.

DuoVision Plus images that are generated and stored in this way combine the radiometric image information with high-contrast details of the real image and hence improve analyses and provide for still more professional documentation.

Expansion option for fully radiometric IR video analysis and recording on PC in real time

And with the optionally available real-time expansion, thermographs can transfer fully radiometric infrared videos from their XC600 onto a PC synchronously to the measurement and directly evaluate and record them there in real time using the software.

An ideal analysis option f.i. for the detailed examination of the heat-up and cooling behaviour of electronic and mechanical components or other objects over a defined period of time.

Scope of delivery and accessories

Scope of delivery of the thermal imaging camera XC600 from Trotec

Standard scope of delivery of the XC600:

  • Thermal imaging camera XC600 with standard lens 24° x 18°, touch LCD and laser
  • Battery charger
  • High-capacity Li-ion battery
  • Video cable
  • USB cable of type C
  • Operating manual
  • Transport case
  • Software package
  • Temperature test certificate

Optionally available equipment for the XC600:

  • Optional interchangeable lenses: 7° / 12° / 48° lens
  • Bluetooth interface
  • Bluetooth headset
  • Professional software upgrade (dongle) for thermographic video recordings and evaluations in real time, 3D heat distribution, export of measurement data, panoramic image creation from several individual thermal images and much more
Equipment overview for the XC series

The equipment features of the XC300 and XC600 in comparison

An overview window shows you all equipment features of the XC thermal imaging camera, pointing out the practical benefits in each case.

To the equipment features

All thermal imaging cameras in direct comparison

All thermal imaging cameras in direct comparison

Use the technical direct comparison to find out which Trotec thermal imaging camera meets your requirements best.

To the direct comparison of all thermal imaging cameras

With the thermal imaging camera XC600 you are perfectly equipped for every task

Thermography with the XC600
Thermography with the XC600
Thermography with the XC600
Thermography with the XC600
Thermography with the XC600
Thermography with the XC600
Thermography with the XC600
Thermography with the XC600
Thermography with the XC600
Thermography with the XC600
Thermography with the XC600
Thermography with the XC600
  • Investigation of structural flaws
  • Detection of energy-related weak spots in the building envelope
  • Leak detection in inaccessible or covered pipes
  • Preventive maintenance of mechanical and electrical systems
  • Safety inspection of live industrial facilities
  • Functional check of photovoltaic installations
  • Electrical thermography
  • And many other applications

A few practical benefits:

  • Fully radiometric IR camera manufactured in the EU
  • 50-Hz real-time measurement and real-time image display ensure clear thermal images of high quality
  • Native resolution 640 x 480 pixels (307,200 measuring points)
  • High thermal sensitivity
  • High geometric resolution
  • Precise temperature measurement in the entire picture
  • Quick and precise autofocus
  • Stepless 10-fold zoom
  • Dual key touch display control unit
  • 5 megapixel digital camera for brilliant real images
  • Integrated laser distance measuring device
  • Robust, shock-protected design in two-component construction with IP54 type of protection
  • 3.5-inch PanoFold touchscreen
  • DuoVision Plus function for combined display of infrared and real image as contour emphasizing detail-enhanced thermogram
  • Integrated laser pointer
  • High-capacity Li-ion battery
  • Diverse measuring functions
  • Optional Bluetooth voice recording
  • Data transmission via USB
  • High-quality analysis software included in the scope of delivery


Thermal Imaging Camera XC600 show in Trotec online shop

Thermal Imaging Camera XC600

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Technical data

Technical data
General information
  Article number
Temperature (°C)
  Min. measuring range [°C] -20
  Max. measuring range [°C] 600
  Max. accuracy ± 2 °C or ± 2 % of the current measured value
Radiometric image performance
  Detector type Focal Plane Array (FPA), uncooled microbolometer
  Detector resolution 640 x 480 pixels
  Spectral range 8 - 14 µm
  Thermal sensitivity [30 °C] ≤ 0.05°C
  Image refresh rate 50/60Hz
  Geometric resolution 0.65 mrad
  Standard lens | Radiometric image performance 24°x18°
  Minimum focal length 0.35 m
  Field of vision (FOV) 24°x18°
  LCD 3.5"
Visual image performance (integrated digital camera)
  Video norm PAL/NTSC
  Composite video (video out)
Power supply
  Via battery (Li-ion)
Operating time
  Up to 8 h
Device control
  Push buttons
Memory organisation
  Storage medium Internally 16 GB (optionally 32 GB)
  Radiometric file format JPEG
  Visual file format JPEG
Ambient conditions
  Operation - min. temperature [°C] -20
  Operation - max. temperature [°C] 50
  Storage - min. temperature [°C] -40
  Storage - max. temperature [°C] 70
  Min. humidity [%] 10
  Max. humidity (non-condensing) [%] 95
Type of protection
  IP54 IEC 529
  25G IEC 60068-2-29
  2G IEC 60068-2-6
  Type Semiconductor AlGalnP diode
  Classification Laser class 2
  Wavelength [µm] 635
Housing design
Standard scope of delivery
Standard scope of delivery
  Thermal imaging camera with standard lens
  Protective cap
  Temperature test certificate
  Standard software package
  Internal memory
  Video cable
  USB cable
  Tripod fixing device
Ascertainable measured values and functions
Internal sensors
  Surface temperature [°C]
  Surface temperature [°F]
Functions and features
  Motor-controlled focus
  Temperature comparison function
  System can be remote-controlled by use of the software
  Saving of fully radiometric JPEGs
  Saving of non-radiometric MPEG-4 IR videos directly on storage medium
  Saving of radiometric videos – on PC via USB
  Mounting via a 1/4 inch - 20 connection
  Fixed focus
  Distance indication to the object directly in the thermal image (in m or inch)
  Auto focus
  10x digital zoom (adjustable in 0.1 degrees)
  Manual focus
  Manual adjustment of brightness and contrast
  Integrated photo lamp
  Integrated distance measurement (up to 30m)
  Integrated digital camera
  Automatic measurement correction based on user-defined specifications regarding reflected object temperature
  Automatic measurement correction based on user-defined specifications for ambient temperature, distance, relative humidity
  Automatic adjustment of temperature range
  Status display
  Tripod mounting
  Profile analysis
  Laser pointer
  Automatic contrast and brightness setting
  Isotherm measuring function - between upper and lower limit value
  Freeze function
  Energy saving mode - user-defined
  Degree of emission adjustable from 0.01 to 1.0
  Differential measurement
  Data transmission via USB
  Up to 9 movable measuring spots (8x manual and 1x automatic temperature tracking)
  Image display option real image
  Image display option IR image
  Image display (pseudo colours, 6 colour palettes)
  Area measurement 1 area
  Alarm function (acoustic) when exceeding/falling below freely configurable temperature values
  DuoVision Plus, combined display of IR image and contour representation (real image)
  Inclinable, swivel-mounted 3.5-inch display
  Area measurement 2 areas

 standard equipment

 optionally available

 not available



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