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HomeComfort - Innovation is our passion

We continually provide new and innovative product solutions. See for yourself!

Future product innovations

Current product innovations

  • BZ29OS-TrotecInnovations The very latest!


    Wireless weather station with outdoor sensor

    The wireless weather station BZ29OS is equipped with an outdoor sensor that can transmit the temperature and humidity values to the central unit. Due to its high radio range, the sensor can be set up at a distance of up to 100 m from the main station if the area is unobstructed. The weather station clearly displays all important climate data, such as the temperature and humidity level measured at the external sensor and at the indoor unit. The air pressure and its changes over the past 12 hours as well as the time, date and day of the week are also part of the parameters displayed. The BZ29OS comes with a wake-up function, weather forecast indication, moon phase display and a feel-good indication, which uses symbols to show whether the climate values are in a good or poor range. In addition to a freely configurable alarm that provides an early warning of critical outdoor temperatures, there is also an "ice alarm" if there is a risk of frost. The weather station can be used ideally in work, living and school rooms, kindergartens as well as production facilities....

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Former Trotec innovations

  • PVD1EU-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!


    Cable drum for more flexibility

    The European-compliant PVD1EU has 4 safety sockets (16 A / 250 V) with self-closing hinged covers. The robust cable drum has a maximum power of 3,200 watts with the cable unrolled (20 m). Thanks to splash protection and protection against the ingress of dust (IP44 type of protection), it is the ideal solution even for short-term outdoor applications where you need more flexibility in the power supply of several electrical appliances. The perfect choice for work in the garden as well as in workshops, garages, basement/hobby rooms or damp building shells. The housing is made of high-quality plastics and impressed with increased protection against accidental contact, thermal circuit breaker/overheating protection, firm and safe stand as well as a braking system which slows down the rotation of the drum. The integrated carrying handle makes it easy to transport the PVD1EU from one place to another.

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  • PVP3 / PVP6-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    PVP3 / PVP6

    Multiple socket outlets with hinged covers

    The flexible multiple socket outlets PVP3 and PVP6 are equipped with 3 or 6 safety sockets (16 A / 250 V) and have a maximum power of 3,500 watts. The hinged covers protect the splash-proof and dust-proof IP44 sockets when not in use. The housing of the multiple socket outlets consists of high-quality and impact-resistant plastic. The equipment is topped off by an operation indicator and increased protection against accidental contact. The PVP3 and PVP6 with 2-metre cable are the ideal companions when you need more than one socket for electronic devices or corded tools in everyday life, for gardening or in the commercial sector. Also suitable for damp rooms and short-term outdoor use.

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  • Wet and dry vacuum cleaner VC 1200W-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    VC 1200W

    Wet and dry vacuum cleaner with cleaning function and HEPA filter

    The spray extraction vacuum cleaner with its 1,200 watts of power can suck in 8 litres of dry dirt as well as 6 litres of liquids. The integrated HEPA filter removes dust and dirt particles from the surfaces to be cleaned, e.g. hard floor coverings or carpets with an efficiency of up to 90 % and the foam filter safely encloses the dirt particles that have already been filtered. Dirt particles can be removed from the HEPA filter simply at the push of a button without having to disassemble the filter. The suction pipe with its extension piece (total length 70 cm) and the extension hose with a length of 1.8 m provide you with sufficient flexibility for reaching even poorly accessible locations. Vents and also joints can be cleaned perfectly with the supplied crevice nozzle. The spray extraction nozzles and the wet suction function allow for thorough cleaning of fabric surfaces such as upholstered furniture. The VC 1200W furthermore features a practical blow-out function and an auto-stop function when the container is too full. A handle and wheels which can be moved by 360° are a tremendous help to make transportation easier and let the vacuum cleaner slide easily over the surface....

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  • BZ26-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!


    CO2 air quality monitor for monitoring the room climate

    The climate measuring device BZ26 allows for reliable monitoring of the air quality in interior spaces. It shows you at a glance the CO2 value in a range of different colours from green (optimum) to red (poor), the critical maximum value with alarm function as well as the minimum value, indoor temperature, relative humidity level, current time, date and weekday. Moreover, the integrated alarm clock with its unmistakable alarm signal makes sure that you get up in time. With its easily comprehensible smiley symbol, the feel-good indication tells you whether the room climate is ideal, acceptable or in a critical state. The BZ26 is the ideal air quality monitor to be used in work rooms, living rooms or children's rooms, class rooms, kindergartens or office and production environments.

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  • TRH 28 E-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    TRH 28 E

    Modern black oil-filled radiator with LED touch display

    The modern and energy-efficient oil-filled radiator TRH 28 E with an elegant white front caresses every living area or workspace. With its 3 powerful heating levels (1,200 / 1,300 / 2,500 W), 24-hour timer and a digital LED touch display, the device creates an ultimate feel-good ambience during the cold winter months and in no time at all – completely noiseless, odourless and without raising any dust. The 11-fin oil-filled radiator already attains its full heating capacity after 8 minutes. The TRH 28 E is also equipped with a thermostat control with temperature preselection that is accurate to the degree. This serves to keep constant warm and cosy temperatures without wasting unnecessary energy. Further benefits of the TRH 28 E are the frost monitor function, the overheating and tilt protection as well as the cable rewind for the 180 cm cable. Thanks to the practical recessed handle and transport rollers, the place of use can be switched conveniently and easily.

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  • TTR 50 E-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    TTR 50 E

    Comfort desiccant dehumidifier

    The timelessly elegant desiccant dehumidifier TTR 50 E recommends itself as an ideal solution for the permanent dehumidification and dry keeping of even unheated rooms sized up to 18 m². When conventional condenser dryers can only achieve an insufficient or inefficient dehumidification due to the low room temperatures, the desiccant dehumidifier TTR 57 E can play to its strengths even at lowest temperatures from -10 °C. Another advantage of the tried and tested desiccation technique: The TTR 50 E requires neither compressor nor cooling agent or defrost pauses. Its operation is agreeably energy-efficient, even in continuous operation. With a dehumidification performance of up to 7.5 l/24 h, it reduces the room humidity level to up to 50 % which can be preselected. The TTR 50 E also has a timer function for programmable switch-off, a swing mode for optimal air circulation and a selectable ionisation to catch dust particles even more effectively in the air filter.

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  • PVH3 / PVH5-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    PVH3 / PVH5

    Multiple socket outlet with USB connections

    With the practical PVH3 and PVH5 (3,680 W / 250 V) power strips, you always have enough options to supply electrical appliances such as notebooks, printers, televisions, stereo systems, floor lamps or household appliances with power at the same time. Not only is it possible to provide for power by connecting electronic devices with shock-proof plugs to the 3-way or 5-way socket outlet with 1.5 m long mains cable. At the same time, you can also charge smartphones, tablets or other USB devices with the integrated, 2.4 ampere USB connections (type A). Thanks to flip switches, the distribution power strips can be easily disconnected from the power supply to save energy costs without having to pull the plug.

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  • Cordless high-pressure cleaner PPWS 10-20V-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    PPWS 10-20V

    Dual cordless high-pressure cleaner

    The powerful cordless high-pressure cleaner PPWS 10-20V makes it easy to clean around the house and garden and to irrigate your garden. The 20 V 2 Ah FlexPower multi-device battery provides absolute freedom of movement for all your projects, such as cleaning cars, bikes or garden furniture as well as patios. Using the device with cleaning agents is also no problem thanks to the special attachment nozzle and container for cleaning liquids. With a pressure of 22 bar, the cleaning performance of the PPWS 10-2V is extremely efficiently and gently. The spray lance with practical multi-function nozzle can be used to set 6 spray modes (water jet, soft jet, jet angle 0°/15°/25°/40°). The self-priming function permits the usage of alternative water sources such as rain barrels. The 20 V multi-device battery (2 Ah / 4 Ah) can be re-ordered as an accessory and is compatible with a variety of Trotec's power tools.

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  • TFC 25 E-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    TFC 25 E

    Elegant ceramic fan heater with style

    The visually appealing TFC 25 E in its extremely slim pillar design and white-silvery housing has a very modern appearance and harmoniously blends in with the living environment. You may have to look twice to recognise it as a heater at all. The elegant TFC 25 E heats living and office spaces, conservatories and even summerhouses quickly and quietly. Two selectable heating levels (1,800 W / 2,500 W) provide enough power to supply even larger spaces with the more than welcome instant heat blown in. The fan with rundown function can also be used to generate refreshingly cold air. The on-demand 80° oscillation function succeeds in distributing the warm air in the room even more quickly and effectively. The thermostat-controlled automatic mode maintains the preset target temperature (5 – 35 °C) automatically at a constant level, allowing the energy demand to be minimised. The comfort functions are topped off by a 12h timer, tilt and overheating protection, energy saving mode as well as a memory function. All settings can be made via the intuitive control panel with LED indication or the IR remote control....

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  • TFC 21 E-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    TFC 21 E

    Ceramic fan heater in slim design

    The fan heater TFC 21 E with PTC ceramic heating element takes the fright out of cool times. Forget about cold feet and long waiting times for heat generation. This rapid heater in tower design requires only very little space in your living room and with its two selectable heating levels of 1,000 W and 2,000 W ensures powerful heating. The integrated room thermostat controls the temperature fully automatically. This saves energy costs, and the target room temperature, adjustable between 15 and 35 °C, is kept at a constant level. The 80° oscillation function provides for an even heat distribution in the room. The convenient fan heater is also equipped with a 24 h timer, a frost monitor function, an energy-saving mode, a memory function and a tilt and overheating protection. All settings can be made via the membrane key control panel with dimmable LED display, or conveniently via remote control.

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  • PAC-W 2200 S-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    PAC‑W 2200 S

    Wall-mounted air conditioners without external unit with smartphone control

    Thanks to the monobloc design, there is no need for an external unit at all, as the air exchange takes place via 2 ventilation slots (ventilation grilles) on the outside wall. The PAC-W 2200 S has a cooling capacity of 2,280 watts. Elegantly mounted on the wall, the device fits perfectly into any living or office environment with its slim design and ensures pleasantly cool feel-good temperatures in rooms sized up to 30 m² / 75 m³. The air conditioner impresses with convenient and versatile features, such as a Wi-Fi and mobile app function (Trotec Assistent), a 24-hour timer and a night mode. The swing function provides for an optimum circulation of the cool air in the room. If there is an unexpected switch-off due to a power failure, the device is restarted with the previously selected setting as soon as the power supply has been restored – thanks to the auto restart function (or “Memory function”). The PAC wall-mounted air conditioner can be operated via the LED-illuminated display or conveniently via remote control or app....

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  • PAE 19 H-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    PAE 19 H

    4 in 1 air cooler, humidifier, fan, fan heater

    The 4 in 1 air cooler PAE 19 H is the all-rounder among the air coolers, which can be utilised throughout the year thanks to its additional heating function. With its air flow rate of 118 m³/h it not only has the capacity of generating pleasant freshness during summertime, it can also utilise up to 2,000 watts of power to heat the room air as well as functioning as a humidifier with an evaporation performance of 600 ml/h so as to provide the room air with sufficient humidity and prevent it from getting too dry when it is heated. By means of the natural process of water evaporation (honeycomb filter technology) the PAE 19 H fills your home or office with pleasantly cool air. By adding freezer packs or ice cubes to the 4-litre water tank, the cooling capacity can be even reinforced. Its 3 fan stages as well as the integrated swing function allow for a pleasantly fresh breeze, even if the cooling function is not activated. Moreover, the PAE 19 H comes equipped with a timer for program-controlled switch-off and a filter drying function for automatically drying the filters before storage....

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  • Cordless vacuum cleaner VC 15-20V-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    VC 15‑20V

    Powerful FlexPower cordless vacuum cleaner

    The vacuum cleaner VC 15‑20V not only impresses with its power of 20 V 2 Ah but also scores with its extensive equipment. The lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner comes equipped with a crevice nozzle as well as an upholstery and mattress nozzle. It easily removes stubborn dirt and dust from almost any surfaces like floors, upholstered furniture, mattresses and car upholstery and collects it in its large 10 l container. The integrated washable HEPA filter removes up to 90 % of the house dust, pollen, allergens and further fine particles from the areas to be cleaned. Thanks to the wet vacuum function, up to 2.7 litres of liquid can be collected in the container provided. Furthermore, the VC 15‑20V is compatible with the 20V-4Ah battery, and both FlexPower multi-device batteries (20V 2Ah/4Ah) can be combined with further cordless tools from Trotec.

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  • IRS 2010-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    IRS 2010

    High-quality aluminium pedestal radiant heater

    Stylish warmth for private and commercially used outdoor areas is provided by the IRS 2010 infrared radiant heater, which is height-adjustable between 180 and 220 cm, all year round. The two high-quality halogen infrared tubes generate a soothing instant heat on the skin according to the natural principle of the sun. The dust- and rainproof IRS 2010 with IP55 type of protection can also be used in open, non-roofed areas. Thanks to the option to firmly anchor the pedestal radiant heater to the ground, even the strongest wind will not cause it to fall. An LED element that can be switched on as required provides a pleasant white light. You can adjust the IRS 2010 to your needs conveniently from the place where you’re sitting – thanks to the IR remote control supplied.

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  • IR 2400-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    IR 2400

    Infrared radiant heater with IP55 type of protection

    Rain showers or clouds of dust cannot harm the robust radiant heater IR 2400, because the high-quality aluminium housing is protected against splash water and the intrusion of dust from all sides with its IP55 protection type. Optimal for use in non-roofed outdoor areas of the catering trade or on your terrace at home. The high-quality infrared tubes spreads pleasant ruby-red light around you and provide you with clean, condensation-free as well as odourless and noiseless instant heat. The infrared radiant heater IR 2400 is quickly and easily mounted to the wall and can be conveniently adjusted to your needs from where you’re sitting.

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  • IRS 2110-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    IRS 2110

    Pedestal radiant heater in elegant black design

    Go into extra summertime in a stylish fashion! The four integrated halogen infrared tubes of the IRS 2110 with a power of up to 2,100 watts provide for even all-round warmth in all directions without any preheating time. Directly perceptible on the skin, without warming the ambient air first and completely without any disturbing odours or noises. A pleasantly white LED element can be switched on as required. The chic IP45 water jet-proof infrared radiant heater has its place in outdoor catering areas or on the terrace in your home. You can adjust the height variably from 190 to 220 cm so that it matches your needs. The IRS 2110 comes with a practical timer function. All settings can be made via the remote control and are indicated on the easy-to-ready LED display.

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  • 360° fan TVE 100-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    TVE 100

    Table fan with patented swivel-tilt design and turbospin technology

    With its 32 speed levels, its aerodynamically curved air outlet blades and its turbospin technology, the powerful 26-watt table fan TVE 100 supplies a proper amount of wind with a large range. The patented swivel design with an adjustable oscillation of 30°-360° and a 90° inclination angle ensures that the air flow is distributed ideally according to your needs. The scented oil diffuser can add a flavour to the room air to provide pleasant relaxation. The features of the TVE 100 furthermore comprise a 12-hour timer function and an easy-to-read LED display. The comfortable design table fan can be controlled by means of the user-friendly LED display or conveniently via the IR remote control. The carrying handle allows for easy transportation of the TVE 100.

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  • IR 2000 C-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    IR 2000 C

    Radiant ceiling heater – instant heat at the touch of a button

    To ensure that the time spent outdoors in spring or autumn is not affected by cool outdoor temperatures, the ceiling heater IR 2000 C provides summer temperatures at the push of a button thanks to the IR remote control, whether on the terrace at home or in outdoor catering areas. With two power stages (1,000 W / 2,000 W), the halogen heating tubes of the IR 2000 C always provide as much cosy heat as is currently needed. Two LED lamps can be switched on as required. The water jet-proof construction (IP55) made of weather-resistant aluminium makes the radiant ceiling heater the ideal heating source for roofed outdoor areas. With the two fastening chains incl. carabiner hooks, the IR 2000 C can be quickly and easily mounted on the ceiling.

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  • IR 2010 SC-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    IR 2010 SC

    Modern black radiant ceiling heater

    With a power of 2,000 watts, the IR 2010 SC is the stylish heating solution on cool evenings. An LED element can be connected on demand with or without heating, as required. With the infrared radiant ceiling heater you enjoy summer temperatures on your terrace, your balcony, or in outdoor catering areas throughout the year. Thanks to the splash waterproof aluminium housing with its IP45 protection type, the IR 2010 SC can also be used without any problems in outdoor areas that are not roofed over. The screen with its surface of 46 cm provides quick 360° all-round warmth – without any odours, noise and without raising dust – ideal for allergy sufferers. All settings can be made via the touch panel or the remote control. The attachment material for ceiling mounting is already part of the scope of delivery.

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  • IRS 2005-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    IRS 2005

    Infrared pedestal radiant heater for your terrace

    Extend your guests’ stay in the outdoor area of you catering location, even on cooler evenings in the year. Or use the modern radiant heater for your terrace at home. As the high-quality pedestal radiant heater IRS 2005 is not only an eye catcher – with its 3 halogen heating elements and a heating capacity of up to 2,000 watts, which is adjustable in 3 stages, it can also generate quick warmth without any odour or noise for a surface of approx. 10 m². Its height of 190 cm up to the heating elements allows you to easily stand under the pedestal radiant heater and immediately enjoy the direct warmth. Thanks to its IP34 protection type, the patio radiant heater IRS 2005 can be conveniently installed in roofed outdoor areas, as it comes equipped with a splash protection function. To ensure maximum safety, the integrated tilt-protection switch switches off the stable radiant heater immediately if it is knocked over accidentally.

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  • IRS 2010 E-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    IRS 2010 E

    Modern black design pedestal radiant heater

    Enjoy a cosy feel-good atmosphere in long summer nights on your terrace or balcony at home or in outdoor catering areas – the heat required for this purpose with a power of up to 2,000 watts is supplied by the stable infrared radiant heater IRS 2010 E. The high-quality infrared tube of carbon fibre wire will indulge you with odourless and noiseless direct warmth in a pleasant feel-good atmosphere while emitting 90% less light. The robust aluminium housing with splash-proof IP44 protection is designed for the use in roofed outdoor areas. The IR remote control allows you to adjust the settings of the IRS 2010 E comfortably from your seat. Thanks to its practical recessed grip, the pedestal radiant heater can be transported conveniently and easily from one location to another.

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  • IR 2005-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    IR 2005

    Infrared wall-mounted radiant heater – small but impressive!

    Enjoy pleasant feel-good temperatures and consistently soothing warmth in outdoor areas, whether on your terrace or balcony at home or in the restaurant trade. Heating precisely to the exact temperature without time-consuming pre-heating – the carbon heating element of the IR 2005 infrared heater provides pleasant warmth following the natural principle of the sun with powerful 2,000 watts. As per IP55 type of protection, the high-quality aluminium housing is protected against water jets from all directions and the ingress of dust. The wall-mounted radiant heater is quick and easy to install and can be conveniently switched on and off via the remote control.

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  • IR 2200-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    IR 2200

    Infrared radiant heater for wall or ceiling mounting

    The IR 2200 with a length of more than one metre can be mounted on the wall or, thanks to the wire ropes supplied, also to the ceiling. Ideal for the use in uncovered outdoor areas of the restaurant trade or for your terrace at home, since the infrared radiator with its IP66 protection type is not only rainproof but also protected against the ingress of dust and dirt particles. The warmth is perceptible directly after switch-on, because the IR 2200, with a light reduction of 80 %, directly passes on its pleasant low-glare infrared rays to the persons which they reach. This process takes place in a clean, noiseless and odourless fashion. When you have made yourself comfortable in your place, the radiant heater can be adjusted easily via the remote control according to your needs.

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  • IR 2001-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    IR 2001

    Compact infrared wall heater

    Use your favourite place outdoors on the balcony or terrace in the cooler and cold seasons or extend the open-air season in your catering establishment to all year round in no time at all? The infrared heater IR 2001 with a powerful heating output of 2,000 watts makes this possible. Thanks to the IP65 degree of protection, it is rainproof and protected against the ingress of dust and therefore ideally suited for use in the open air. The high-quality halogen infrared tube of the aluminium wall heater works with low glare technology with 80% light reduction and thus creates clean, noiseless and odourless instant warmth in a cozy candlelit atmosphere.

  • IRS 1200 E-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    IRS 1200 E

    The floor-standing radiant heater for cosy warm legs

    The modern floor-standing radiant heater IRS 1200 E indulges you with pleasant feel-good warmth on your terrace or balcony during the colder times of the year and on chilly evenings. And this with a 80 % light reduction (low-glare) for 5,500 hours of light. With a height of 65 centimetres, this heat specialist can be perfectly stored underneath tables, so that your legs will never have to freeze again. With its high-quality carbon infrared tube, the IRS 1200 E generates instant heat with a power of 1,200 watts – immediately perceptible and without any disturbing odours or noises. Its IP55 type of protection leaves it totally unfazed by jets of water from any direction and provides additional protection against the ingress of dust. To ensure a secure grip, the radiant heater comes equipped with a stable base. If it happens to sway nevertheless, the device switches off immediately thanks to its tilt protection. The convenient carrying handle allows for easy transport.

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  • IR 2005 SC-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    IR 2005 SC

    Infrared radiant heater for attachment to a parasol

    Simply extend the summer for you and your guests! The high-quality IR 2005 SC radiant heater can be conveniently attached to a parasol. Optimal for use in outdoor outdoor catering areas or for your terrace or balcony at home. With its 3-stage adjustable power of up to 2,000 watts, this infrared radiant heater with 3 halogen heating elements provides for cosy heat with a range of approx. 10 m². The highlight: the IR 2005 SC can be easily folded up when not in use. The aluminium housing of the IR 2005 SC is splash-proof according to protection class IP34 and can therefore be used in roofed outdoor areas without any problems.

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  • B 3 E / B 4 E-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    B 3 E / B 4 E

    Ultrasonic humidifier with UV lamp and carbon filter

    The modern, white B 3 E and elegant black B 4 E transform your home or office with a size up to 24 m² / 60 m³ into an oasis of well-being. Pollutants, pollen, dust or animal hair as well as unpleasant odours are eliminated by the integrated carbon (activated carbon) air filter. With an atomisation performance of up to 6 litres/24 h which can be set to 3 intensity levels, both ultrasonic humidifiers ensure a pleasant room climate while improving the air quality. The antibacterial UV lamp in the 4.2 litre water tank with on-demand LED lighting keeps the water 97.9 % germ-free and clean. The comfort humidifiers B 3 E / B 4 E are provided with a practical timer function and an aroma diffuser to release pleasant flavours for perfect relaxation.

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  • TCH 21 E-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    TCH 21 E / TCH 23 E

    Stylish convectors

    With 3 or 2 powerful heating levels up to 2,000 watts , the elegant designer convectors TCH 21 E and TCH 23 E are the ideal and efficient additional heating solution for living spaces and office spaces during the cold winter months. The heating intensity can be adjusted conveniently via the continuously variable thermostat. Immediately after switch-on, the convectors provide for cosy, clean, odourless and noiseless warmth. Thanks to the on-demand turbo blower of the TCH 23 E for quicker air circulation, the desired room temperature is reached in no time. The practical transport handles and the large supporting feet allow for easy transport and secure footing exactly in the place where the additional heat source is needed.

  • IR 2010 S-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!

    IR 2010 S

    Powerful, elegant infrared radiant heater

    Would you like to extend the summertime? The elegant, black IR 2010 S with its splash-proof IP34 protection makes it possible. Whether at home on your balcony or terrace as well as in outdoor catering areas, the infrared radiant heater with its full length of 735 mm and a heating capacity of up to 2,000 watts creates cosily warm feel-good oases without dazzling you – quick, clean, odourless and silent, without raising dust. The agreeably pleasant warmth is distributed evenly and in a targeted fashion. You can also conveniently adjust the IR 2010 S with its 24h timer to your needs via the remote control and mount it on the wall , the ceiling, or on a tripod – exactly where you happen to need the instant warmth. Thanks to the 45° inclination angle you can additionally position it accurately according to your needs.

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