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Solutions for tent and event heating applications
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Solutions for marquee and event heating applications

Mobile heat for events, marquees and halls. Trotec provides the suitable heating devices

We have something against icy moments on events!

Irrespective of whether you want to heat a tent where mulled wine is sold on the Christmas market, a party tent for the carnival season, a corporate event in a lightweight building construction, an indoor concert, or a large festival hall on a fair – as one of the global market leaders in the field of mobile heating we provide the right heating devices for every event size.

Or, to express it in figures:

On 365 days of the year, we supply you with mobile heating devices of an impressive heating capacity of up to 345 kW to ensure that you can reliably and safely heat tents, festival halls, lightweight building constructions and event locations of every size. In the following you'll find all detailed information regarding our solutions for event and tent heating as well as our current range of mobile heating devices.

Which heating options are there for tents, halls and events?

Not one heating solution for all, but only the best one for each event!

The general rule is: There isn't one heating solution that is right for every event! There are too many different requirements and overall conditions that have to be taken into consideration where the selection and dimensioning of the suitable tent or hall heating is concerned. Which area in which event venue (party tent or festival marquee, unheated lightweight building construction, trade fair construction in the outdoor area, concert hall, etc.) is to be heated? Starting from which outside temperatures does heating have to be provided? Is a ventilation concept provided (air ducts)? Is the heating unit to be protected against unauthorized access? Do you only want to heat one tent or several tents at the same time? These are only some of the questions that have to be clarified beforehand. On the basis of these data our consultants will determine the perfect heating solution for you.

Event tent
Event hall
Product group oil heaters

The mobile heating classics: Oil heaters and oil heating centres

Because of the relatively low-priced fuel, oil heaters are an effective and economical choice for heating tents, lightweight building constructions, or disused industrial halls that are temporarily used for events. The mobile oil heaters are divided into devices with indirect and those with direct firing:

Oil heaters with indirect firing (with a flue pipe)
For heating closed tents, halls and event locations, Trotec exclusively recommends the use of indirect oil heaters with a flue pipe. In the case of these devices, the combustion waste gases are already discharged outside via a separate flue pipe at the oil heater and, via a hose system, only the clean warm air is led into the room to be heated.

Oil heaters with direct firing (without a flue pipe) are not suitable for rooms used by people
In the case of the so-called "Direct oil heaters" the waste gases are not discharged via a separate flue pipe and enter the room to be heated. Therefore these oil heaters are only suited for heating well-ventilated storage facilities not used by people, however, they are not suitable for events.

Basic functional principle of oil heaters
Oil heater fans draw in the cold ambient air, heat it in the interior of the device and blow the constantly warm air out again via a powerful fan. Since the heating devices are usually placed outdoors, the oil heaters come equipped with hose connections for the connection of air transport hoses. The heating energy is conducted to different areas of the tent interior via these flexible heat hoses.

Powerful oil heating centres for large-scale events
Larger dimensioned heating centres are provided with a heating power that is many times higher than that of conventional oil heating units – but they work according to the same heating principle. Therefore oil heating centres are often used for heating large-scale events and/or for the warm air supply of several tents, halls or rooms.

Good to know: The blown-out warm air of an indirect oil heater with a flue pipe is free from waste gases and odours, since the warm air is separated from the combustion chamber of the heater fan. The combustion waste gases stay outside, so to speak. An all-round clean affair!

From outside and for indoors: Electric heaters and electric heating units

Depending on the event size and the local conditions, mobile electric heating devices can be used for the complete or partial heating of tents, halls or event zones.

Robust high-performance electric heating units withstand wind and weather

Electric heating units are the powerful and environmentally sound alternative to the oil heating centres powered with oil, petrol or Diesel. They are installed outdoors or outside of the event spaces to be heated. A Trotec electric heating unit generates up to 9,000 m³ of hot air per hour. By means of a fan, the hot air is distributed into the interior space via air transport hoses. The noise emission is lower than for oil heating units. Furthermore, electric heating does not generate any waste gases that have to be dissipated.

Handy electric heaters for the use indoors

Easy-to-transport, compact electric heaters are suitable for the use inside of smaller to medium-sized rooms. Also as an additional heat source for dining areas or standing areas, electric heaters can be exactly positioned. As a general rule you should make sure that there is no draught in indoor areas, as even the most powerful heating source can hardly cope with that.

Good to know: At Trotec you're of course provided with any accessories that you require for the heating application on site, e.g. air transport hoses in different sizes and lengths, connecting pieces, volume flow restrictors and many more 

Product group electric heaters
Warm marquee
Candle light dinner
Infrared radiant heaters
Infrared heating
Product group infrared radiant heaters

Feel-good warmth brought to the point: Infrared radiant heaters

Whether you wish to heat the smoking area outside or make the waiting time in the entrance area of an event more agreeable when outside temperatures are cool: Infrared radiant heaters are the icing on the cake of an elaborate heating concept.

Infrared radiant heaters warm the body directly, following the natural principle of the sun, without warming the ambient air first, and they are 100 % free of harmful emissions. The feel-good warmth can be felt instantly on the skin – without a start-up time and without the loss of energy. Another advantage is the fact that no air circulation is produced during the heating process, so that no dust is raised. This is especially pleasant for allergy sufferers.

Trotec supplies you the right infrared radiant heater for every application

With their cosily warm orange light, the infrared radiant heaters of the IR-S and IRS-E-series provide perceptible powerful heat radiation. The powerful radiators imply a comfortable, warm feeling – alone by their light colour.

Then again, if the light colour and intensity of infrared radiators are not matching the prevailing lighting concept, the infrared radiant heaters of the IR series convince by their 80 percent light-reducing low-glare short wave technology. At the same heat output, the available room lighting is less affected by the reduced light radiation. In this way, for example, a cosy candlelight ambience is created.

The infrared radiant heater of the IRD series supply heat entirely without the development of light. Therefore these infrared radiant heaters are suitable for events at which only a small quantity, or in some section, no light at all is to be used. The subtle design of the infrared radiant heaters blends in unobtrusively with the environment, so that your guests will even ask themselves where the pleasant warmth is actually coming from.

Good to know: Trotec's range of products includes infrared radiant heaters for floor mounting, wall and ceiling mounting as well as mobile floor radiant heaters. Depending on the application site, with their high IP protection type the radiant heaters are classified against the ingress of spray water and dust and are therefore also ideally suited for the use in unroofed outdoor areas. Here you should also make sure that the area to be heated is protected from wind as far as possible, in order to prevent a cooling draught.

Quick comparison of the heating types

Oil heater fans & heating centres

Heating capacities of up to 345 kW

  • For mobile outdoor installation
  • Thanks to cheaper fuel, maximum efficiency for leading warm air into interior spaces 
  • The combustion waste gases are discharged into the open air through a flue pipe
  • Suitable for the even distribution of warm air also over longer air hose distances and in several tents

Electric heating units

Heating capacities of up to 120 kW

  • For mobile outdoor installation
  • Combustion-free energy production without the development of exhaust emissions
  • More silent heating solution that oil heaters
  • Powerful instantaneous heat, even across longer air hose distances
  • Suitable for the distribution of warm air in several tents and halls

Compact electric heaters

Heating capacities of up to 30 kW

  • Ideal for the targeted installation in indoor areas
  • Combustion-free energy production without the development of exhaust emissions
  • Low-noise heating option
  • Compact dimensions and flexibly positionable
  • Possibility of connecting air transport hoses

Infrared radiant heaters

Heating capacities of up to 3.2 kW

  • Heating of draught-protected seating and standing areas
  • If required, lower impact of the lighting concept thanks to low-glare tubes with a 80 % light reduction
  • Infrared radiant heaters provide infrared heat completely without light for areas which are to be kept as dark as possible
  • Compact dimensions and flexibly positionable or mountable

Don't hesitate to contact us – we're happy to be of service!

With a wide range of oil heaters, electric heating devices and infrared heaters, Trotec can also definitely supply you with the right heating devices for your event.

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For which possible applications does Trotec offer heating solutions?

Event organizers

Event organizers

Whether your event is to take place in a disused industrial warehouse, on a ship or in a party marquee – we make sure that the temperature is always comfortably warm for your guests while they are enjoying gourmet food, celebrating or dancing. For unique moments of sensation and enjoyment!

Rental companies for tents

Rental companies for marquees

You're a professional rental company for marquees and you're perhaps already offering a range of heating devices? For your order peaks we are pleased to be at your service with supplements and emergency solutions for your equipment fleet.

Trade fair

Trade fairs, pop-up stores

Product presentations, marketing campaigns and customer events often take place in temporarily set-up tents, pavilions or lightweight building constructions. We offer the right heating solutions for your perfect product presentation and new customer contacts.

Festival marquee

Festival marquee, "Oktoberfest" (beer festival), carnival

There's always a reason to celebrate – even in autumn and winter: Bavarian tent fun-festival, Halloween party, roofed-over Christmas market, aprés ski party or carnival event – it's never too cold to have cheerful events!

Sportive event

Sports events, promotional events

For sports events, fun sport events or promotional events we offer the suitable warm air supply in provisionally roofed over lounge areas for athletes, VIP guests or exhibitors.


Circus, theatre, musical, concert

For showmen, transitional venues, culture festivals or city festivals mobile heating solutions in tents or lightweight building construction are ideal. With the right heating concept the audience can be barely kept on their chairs in excitement even when it's cold outside.

Company party

Company celebration, congress, lecture

You wish to celebrate your company's anniversary in style? You're organizing an expert conference or a series of lectures? Especially when everyone has to sit still for a long time it is important that your audience can concentrate on the contents and not on the temperature.

Family party

Family celebrations, weddings

Whether it's the "wedding of the year", a special birthday or a class reunion after 50 years – not every occasion has to be celebrated in summer. To ensure that the reunion is a true success for everyone involved, we provide for real feel-good temperatures.

Your contact to Trotec

We offer you the right heating capacity for your event in every size and for every venue. Don't hesitate to contact us – we're happy to be of service!

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How to benefit from the Trotec tent, hall and event heating

Satisfied guests rarely leave a review on the Internet, whereas the reviews of dissatisfied guests are frequent and have a lasting impact!

Satisfied guests or customers are the capital of every organizer. Do not carelessly jeopardize this capital by taking the risk of dispensing with the possibly essential event or tent heating and just hoping for good weather. The supposedly saved costs can quickly result in painful sales losses!

Because... Shivery guests will not spread good party spirits or festive mood! A too low room temperature makes your guests leave early and will cut your sales of food and beverages. Besides, disappointed customers only rarely give an organizer a second chance. The poor reviews on the Internet often have long-term impacts and scare off potential new customers.

Therefore, do not save money in the wrong place, but rely on the benefits of a mobile heating solution from Trotec:

  • Feel-good temperatures indoors in every season
  • The longer your guests stay, the higher your revenues of food and beverages will be
  • Maximum value added by year-round event planning
Positive reviews

Better safe than sorry: What do you have to take into consideration where mobile heating is concerned?

Safety first!

In locations that are possibly used by hundreds or even thousands of people in the smallest space, event security plays a key role. This is even more important when it comes to the planning, mounting and safe installation of the heating system.

Is it not to know that you can fully rely on Trotec's long-standing know-how and their installation service? As a professional partner of major trade fair organizers, tent rental providers and event agencies with devices from in-house production and manufacturing we provide you with our profound knowledge in the safe planning and installation of mobile heating solutions for outdoor installation and in indoor locations.

This is what you can definitely rely on:

  • All Trotec-heating devices are tested on the basis of strict criteria, are maintained at regular intervals and comply with all required safety regulations.
  • On request, our trained technicians will visit the event venue together with you and recommend safe positioning of the heating devices in the indoor and outdoor area.
  • An insufficient power output on site may cause unplanned failures. We calculate the electricity demand that you require and directly deliver a suitable power unit on request.
  • We advise you with regard to safety clearances to heat-sensitive materials and tarpaulins, which have to be maintained.
  • In the context of our installation service, all heating sources, air transport hoses and units are also mounted in a slip-resistant-, shockproof and tilt-proof fashion.

How to calculate the heating capacity required:

Online calculators

With the heating capacity calculator you can easily and conveniently calculate yourself online which heating capacity you require for your rooms.

If you prefer carrying out the calculation using a pen and paper, please find below a list of all relevant aspects for calculating the heating capacity.

Or call us under +49 2452 962-0 and we'll be happy to help you!

To the heating capacity calculator

The following information is required for calculating the heating capacity: 

1  Which room temperature is to be reached?

2  What is the current or expected outside temperature?

3  What is the total volume of the room to be heated?

4  Which average heat transfer coefficient (U-value) does the building have?

The temperature to be reached depends on the respective situation.

U-values for practical applications

The following list shows U values for the heating of a building:

Very high degree of insulation
(modern passive house standard) U = 0.2

High degree of insulation
(modern low-energy houses) U = 0.5

Good insulation
(conventional new buildings from 1984 and later) U = 1.2

Poor insulation
(old buildings) U = 3.0

No or almost no insulation at all
U = 4.0

Calculation of the heating capacity for rooms of UP TO 1,000 m³

The following formula can be used to quickly calculate the heating capacity for small rooms sized up to 1,000 m³:

Room volume (Q) x U value x temperature difference = heating capacity in kcal

Conversion factors:
1 kcal = 1.16 watts = 4 BTU / hour

Example calculation:

Room volume (Q): 1,000 m³
Poor insulation (U): 3.0
Outside temperature: -5 °C
Desired room temperature: +12 °C
Temperature difference: 17 °C

Result for this example: 
1,000 m³ x 3,0 x 17 °C = 51,000 kcal

Conversion of kcal into watts:
51,000 kcal x 1.16  = 59,160 watts

Calculation of the heating capacity for rooms FROM 1,000 m³

The diagram below can be used to quickly calculate the heating capacity for large rooms sized 1,000 m³ and more .

The values stated are guided by the capacity demand for temporary heating with normal insulation and an outside temperature of -5 °C.

Diagram for the calculation of the heating capacity

Example calculation:

In order to heat a room volume of 5,000 m³ at an average outdoor temperature of -5 °C by 17 °C to a desired room temperature of 12 °C you'll require approx. 23 watts / m³

The total heat requirement in this example calculation is therefore 5,000 x 23 W = 115,000 W = 115 kW, which corresponds to an oil heater of the type ID 500.

Calculation information: 

With a good thermal insulation 15 % of the capacity can be deducted, should it be poor, 15 % have to be added.

Calculation of the heating capacity for tents, lightweight building construction and event halls

Depending on the floor space of the corresponding event venue and the season, the following bases of calculation can be used to calculate the heating capacity for marquees and lightweight building constructions:

January approx. 580 watts / m²
February approx. 580 watts / m²
March approx. 460 watts / m²
April approx. 400 watts / m²

May to September approx. 320 watts / m²
October approx. 400 watts / m²
November approx. 460 watts / m²
December approx. 580 watts / m²

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Indirect oil heater fans and oil heating centres

The indirect oil heaters are ideal for the generation of dry, clean heat in venues that can only be ventilated to a limited extent. The air to be warmed is completely separated from the combustion chamber and is transported into the interior spaces to be heated via tubes. Combustion gases and water vapour can be conveniently discharged into the open through the flue pipe of the indirect heaters.

Do you have any questions or are you interested in a heating device? We're happy to be of service!

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Electric heater fans and electric heating units

Electric heaters are ready for use in no time and their handling is extremely easy: just plug the connector into the socket – done! Therefore they are preferably used in marquees, on events – and simply in all applications requiring quick, reliable heat.

Do you have any questions or are you interested in a heating device? We're happy to be of service!

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Infrared radiant heaters

Radiators with infrared technology are flexibly and universally applicable. They are ideally suited for smoking areas, entrance areas or also for toilets on events. Trotec offers floor-mounted appliances as well as devices for wall/ceiling mounting for the most diverse applications.

We're happy to be of service! Your contact to Trotec.

We'll be pleased to be at your service for a non-binding consultation. Our committed service team will analyze your individual requirements and offer you a tailor-made heating solution. On the basis of our long-standing experience we can always compile the optimum device combination for you – offering you the best performance at the best price. We're looking forward to hearing from you!

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