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The professional tools of Trotec play their strengths in every trade and ensure precise results.

  • Cordless drill driver

    Cordless drill drivers have quite rightly been an integral part of every professional tool kit for a long time. After all, they do not only help private and professional users to considerably ease all kinds of screwing and drilling work during reconstruction and expansion, e.g. assembly or disassembly – the small, lightweight and cordless power tools also accelerate the work process and guarantee...

  • Cordless hammer drill

    Cordless hammer drills expand the versatile application possibilities of cordless drill drivers by way of the on-demand impact power of an impact drilling machine.

  • Impact drills

    The impact drill is considered the handyman's universal answer for all types of drilling work. This is due to the fact that these versatile drills can not only create various boreholes in a great number of materials, but also because just one device can be used for vigorous hammering, fast drilling and precise screwing operations.

  • Cordless impact driver

    Cordless impact drivers from Trotec: Benefit from equally compact and efficient cordless impact drivers permitting a fast work progress while flexibly performing screwing tasks in wood, concrete or steel.

  • Rotary hammers

    Not only hammer drills hit the wall – as the saying goes – when faced with walls as hard as steel, the user, too, will have to throw in the towel eventually, seeing as the force of impact drilling machines is transmitted by pushing. Connoisseurs therefore use Trotec rotary hammers, because when the impact drill reaches breaking point, our rotary hammers only gain momentum and break through every...

  • Engraving pen

    Let your creativity go wild and turn any object into a unique piece. With the handy engraving pens from Trotec infinite possibilities will open up to you to individually engrave and embellish everyday objects and household objects, jewellery or also presents that are made of all kinds of different materials.

  • Multi-function tools

    Whether for milling, sawing, cutting, rasping or grinding, multi-function tools are virtually the electrified Swiss army knife for renovation pros, and therefore both highly sought-after and available in a wide variety. But what looks alike at first sight reveals crucial differences in terms of performance, quality and equipment on closer inspection. Make your own comparisons – the Trotec...

  • Jigsaws

    Besides drilling, sawing wood and other materials is one of the most common DIY and handicraft activities. Hardly surprising, therefore, that the electrical jigsaw has become one of the most popular power tools. Compared to jigsaws without orbital action the saw blades of pendulum action jigsaws can accomplish more than just a straight vertical cut. The variably adjustable pendulum action reduces...

  • Sabre saws

    Tools are often available on the market under a variety of comparable names: the sabre saw, for instance, is also known as reciprocating saw, albeit in functional terms it could basically be described as "electric jack saw". For this tool can be applied as universally as its hand-operated predecessor. However, it comes with the necessary motor power and many smart additional features to make its...

  • Portable circular saws

    Circular saws can be found in the basic tool kit of more or less every do-it-yourselfer as they can be used for producing longitudinal, cross and mitre cuts in solid wood, chipboards, plastic, lightweight construction materials or aluminium profiles quickly and easily – depending on the used type of saw blade.

  • Electric planers

    It is no coincidence that the planer is among the oldest tools and, up to the present day, is still used for wood processing by carpenters and joiners – and, of course, by DIY enthusiasts who appreciate the unbeatable benefits of a planing machine, for instance in rendering surfaces smooth and even, chamfering or rebating.

  • Routing machines

    With the versatile routing machine PRTS 10-1200 you achieve perfect work results with an excellent milling quality for your complex woodworking projects. Machining workpieces and edges of wood but also of plastics and lightweight construction material like for example plasterboards is comparatively easy thanks to the comprehensive tool kit.

  • Grinding machines

    When it comes to processing surfaces, there is practically no other way than using a grinding machine. But which sanding tool is best suited for which field of application?

  • Hot air blowers

    Whether for plastic welding, the deformation of material, heat-shrink tubing, removing material residues or drying paint – hot air blowers are universal aids and hence belong in every professional’s basic tool kit.

  • Glue guns

    Glue guns are bound to be found in the basic tool kit of every avid tinkerer and dedicated do-it-yourselfer. Besides creating a stable adhesive connection the Alpha and Omega for all earnest DIY enthusiasts consists in high-precision working in a neat and tidy environment. This is ensured by the glue gun’s precise dosing and accurate application.

  • Soldering stations

    The universally applicable soldering stations make it possible for you to solder and desolder electronic components with temperature-control like a pro. Irrespective of whether sensitive soldering operations for repairing electronic devices and printed circuit boards are to be performed, or filigree components are to be connected securely and permanently to each other when performing model...

  • Tackers

    DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike are thrilled by the tackers’ high-speed release and excellent wielding characteristics. When it comes to quickly and reliably attaching a number of materials to wood – whether for fastening textiles, leather, foils, cardboard or even wood – the devices defy all competition.

  • Angle grinders

    For a long time, the angle grinder was a tool reserved for professionals only. But the diverse, intelligent application options reaching far beyond mere cutting operations to the derusting and polishing of large metal surfaces sparked the interest of many a handyman.

  • Work lights

    For safe and enjoyable working you need optimal lighting conditions – but these are not to be found just anywhere. Our flexibly applicable work lights guarantee a clear view with plenty of light at all locations without permanently installed illumination. If the existing illumination is insufficient, you can use Trotec work lights to produce an ideal lighting condition quickly and easily.

  • Compressors and pneumatic tools

    A compressor practically belongs in the basic must-have tool kit to be found in any workshop or garage. After all, compressors are extremely versatile and available in many different versions. Some air compressors come in such a handy size, they could fit into a glove compartment, whereas others would take up the entire room in a car boot.

  • Pumps

    Would you like to find out more about pumps and need a quick overview? The following are the answers to the most important questions: What types of pumps are there? How do they work What purchase criteria should you consider before deciding on a model?

  • Hand tools

    Whether you're at work, performing DIY tasks or you're out and about on bicycle and motorcycle tours – the compact hand tools from Trotec convince by their well-though out multifunctionality and robust quality. They ensure that you're always provided with a large selection of different screw attachments in the pocket of your trousers or jacket without having to carry along your whole toolbox.

  • Measurement tools

    Digital distance meters are unbeatable in terms of precision and easy handling. Maximum measurement accuracy and the latest laser technology guarantee reliable measuring results when detecting lengths, heights, volumes and other measures. Cross line laser measuring devices ensure error-free levelling tasks. Using horizontal, vertical and – thanks to the tilt function – also diagonal laser lines,...

  • Tool accessories

    With the appropriate accessories you increase the impact force of your Trotec tools. Focus on quality and performance.