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For precise measurement of air speed, airflow, air pressure and air temperature.

Performance control of computer fans or household appliances

Anemometers for every application

Making use of vane or hot wire – Trotec's anemometers just have a nose for what's in the wind. On sailing trips, for instance, you can easily use vane anemometers to determine the wind speed measured in kilometres or miles per hour.

The performance of fans and ventilation system can also be recorded precisely by measuring the air current.

Professional measurements with hot wire

Distinguishing features of Trotec's precise and convenient hot-wire anemometers are a height-adjustable hot-wire probe and a robust testing device. Air speeds, temperatures and volumetric flow rates can be measured in next to no time – be it for HVAC systems, channel measurements or tightness tests.

Flow meters from Trotec provide information on the wind force and flow rate of air and gases.

And they have more to offer still: The measuring devices come equipped with sensors for additional measurements of temperature, material and building moisture. There is absolutely no doubt as to their flexible and convenient operation. The mobile flow meters are ready for immediate use and indicate the measured values easily legible on the large, backlit display.

Certified safety – calibration of measuring devices according to ISO standard

Being one of the leading full-range suppliers for building diagnostic and environmental measuring equipment, Trotec offers you the possibility to have all measuring devices calibrated, maintained and repaired by a single source. Using a calibrated measuring device you can avoid inaccurate measurement results and reliably protect yourself from possible recourse claims. Hence, play it safe and use our calibration service for your measuring devices: in our own laboratory, we calibrate in compliance with the ISO standard based on strictly defined measuring ranges and points. Optionally, the calibration points can also be defined individually within the specified calibration range.