For the perfect film experience: Dehumidification in cinema halls

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For the perfect film experience: Dehumidification in cinema halls

From the moment they lean back in their seat, cinemagoers should be able to catch their breath and forget about their everyday worries. An agreeable, clean room climate is ensured by the Trotec high-performance dehumidifiers of the TTK series.

A cinema audience essentially wants one thing: to unwind and get away from the daily routine by succumbing to a world of fiction. Loud voices and unwelcome sources of light can be just as annoying as an inappropriately tempered auditorium and a poor air quality. Precisely because it is difficult to properly ventilate cinema facilities, they are usually equipped with powerful air-conditioning systems. But they fail to simultaneously cope with the detrimental humidity as well. If the air is too moist, upholstered seats quickly become musty and the foul odours can only be cleared out with great difficulty. Cinema operators should not let it come to that and instead rely on an effective dehumidification. The mobile Trotec condenser dryers of the TTK series ensure a lasting feel-good climate in cinema halls. Swift, powerful, reliable – so Trotec!

With hundreds of people sitting in the same room for several hours, you will soon run out of fresh air. That is what would be in store for the audience if operators didn’t count on a comprehensive ventilation system. As a rule, though, an air conditioner cannot protect you from an excessive humidity, which is always imminent in the cinema. After all, movie fans spend several hours in a closed room breathing – and perspiring. The extent of damage caused by too much moisture becomes apparent in many older buildings that are not always equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Upholstery becomes damp and musty, the bad smells cling to carpets and curtains. Quite frequently mould stains develop on the wallpaper and mildew erupts in the corners; both can only be remedied by extensive restoration work.

Feel-good climate for film enthusiasts

In these circumstances it can become an ordeal to sit in the audience – which is something every cinema operator should endeavour to prevent. The members of the audience will only be completely at ease and willing to come back for another show if you can ensure the right room climate. In addition to a sophisticated air-conditioning system, cinema operators should therefore focus on an effective dehumidification system. That way, people will get the feeling of comfort they paid for at the counter. Trotec’s mobile condenser dryers of the TTK series provide the ideal solution for fighting a too high humidity level. The high-performance dryers can be taken into operation before and after every cinema show. In next to no time you can see to an agreeable feel-good climate and fresh air.

Allows the audience to breathe freely

This is how the TTK condenser dryers operate: In only a few minutes the portable power packs can be carried into the cinema and connected. The modern devices oppose the detrimental humidity flexibly and vigorously. They suck in the damp room air, which is then cooled down within the device to a point where the humidity is condensed and collected. And: Since the TTK condenser dryers come with an extremely high dehumidification performance, Trotec engineers designed the devices with an external water drain. Depending on model and type of application, you can choose from various options: For instance, the external collection container is available with or without submerged pump. But continuous drying by use of an automatic condensate pump is also possible.

Different models, same objective

Regardless of which model you put to use in the cinema: With the tried and tested Trotec technology all that remains for the members of the audience is agreeably fresh air. Furniture, walls and other interior equipment will not be affected. There are no unnecessary accessories, no superfluous installations: With the TTK pro series Trotec banks on prime technology and reliability in the matter of dehumidification at a reasonable rate. All models are not only highly resilient, but also completely maintenance-free and thanks to their virtually indestructible steel sheet construction they survive all applications unscathed.

TTK – standing for technology, tempo and capacity

  • The devices are utterly robust and durable.
  • We appreciate their perfectly reliable, low-noise operation – you will, too.
  • They can impress with an extremely high dehumidification performance and low maintenance requirements.

Professional consultation

Trotec offers a wide range of high-performance dehumidifiers to create an ideal climate with. Our consultants of the Trotec industrial services team will help you to determine which model is best suited for which room, guaranteeing the best feel-good climate for an enjoyable film experience.