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Mobile condensation dehumidifiers

Reliable, durable and constantly mobile: The condensation dehumidifiers from Trotec score primarily in case of changing deployment in trade and industry as well as at home.

A solid and cost-effective way to dehumidify air or dry construction material is to make use of a mobile condensation dryer. It quickly and easily sucks in humid air and cools it down until the humidity condenses inside the device – just at the place where drying is required. The major advantage of this process is that the humidity level gradually decreases – while the energy consumption is kept low.

Whether in a workshop, on a building site, in a warehouse, in a laboratory or in the private sector – with the mobile condensation dehumidifiers from Trotec you are ideally equipped for changing applications.

Trotec dehumidifiers cover almost every need. We offer mobile devices of all performance classes: ranging from robust and extremely powerful dehumidification pros to reliably drying, user-friendly all-rounders up to compact and comfortable dehumidifiers in an attractive design. When choosing your mobile dehumidification solution, there is nothing left to be desired.

The mobile condenser dryers of the TTK pro series, which are perfectly suited for construction drying, fulfil every task – even at low temperatures and in rough conditions. Thanks to modern and reliable technology, they are among the best building dryers in Europe. The solid standard class includes commercial dehumidifiers of the TTK‑S series and the TTK‑ECO series from Trotec. They impress with a high dehumidification performance and many other features. For use on building sites, in trade, in warehouses and laboratories – just fantastic! Convenient protection from humidity and corrosion particularly in the private sector is offered by the models of the TTK‑E‑S series. The comfort dehumidifiers are cost-effective and powerful aids at home, in the office and in garages – and they come in an attractive design. Our range of products is large – the choice is yours!