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Measurement technology

Professional measurement technology for industrial applications, air conditioning, refrigeration and environmental technology, food and indoor air quality, distances, areas and volumes, for line and leak detection, detection, inspection, humidity and volume flow.

As a long-standing specialist and one of the leading suppliers of portable measuring instruments, Trotec has the right instrument for every type of measurement and also uses practical application knowledge and metrological know-how. At Trotec you will find the right measuring device for your needs!

  • Tightness testing of life jackets and immersion suits

    When checking the tightness of survival suits, life jackets, diving equipment and protective suits there can only be 100 per cent certainty, for less means: none at all. Testing companies, specialized in the inspection of such protective clothing, therefore depend on a reliable measuring device operating according to the tracer gas method. The LD6000 is one such measuring device.

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  • Detection of bearing damage and cracks on wheels

    The LD6000 is a frequency analysis set for acoustic pipe detection. But the device can do far more for the safety engineers in the railway industry: it allows them, for example, to detect bearing damage on wheels. This effective technique is called “sound locating method”.

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  • UV lamps for SelectaDNA in police operations

    For a few years now the police has increasingly been advising the public to mark valuables with artificial DNA such as SelectaDNA. In case of a burglary thusly marked stolen property can quickly be assigned and returned to its owner. Plus, labels indicating artificial DNA scare thieves off. The number of burglaries is going down, while the percentage of cases solved rises. The marking is rendered...

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