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Dehumidification – professional Trotec solutions
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Dehumidification – professional Trotec solutions

Dehumidifiers from Trotec offer effective protection against humidity and corrosion The powerful dehumidification devices stand for tailor-made dry keeping – in series!

Stationary industrial desiccant dehumidifiers of the TTR series
High-quality dehumidifier "made in Germany"
Industrial condenser dryers of the DH series
Desiccant dehumidifiers of the TTR series

The air inside a room should not be too dry but most of all not too humid. This applies to both industrial and commercial as well as to private rooms. After all, a balanced room climate not only proves advantageous for the building structure and sensitive products but also for human beings. With their innovative high-quality dehumidifiers, Trotec offers the perfect solution when it comes to keeping rooms dry – no matter in which sector! The modern industrial desiccant dehumidifiers keep the water content of the air at a moderate level, exactly as the user wishes.

Trotec's professional dehumidifiers are suited for all drying applications and operate in a clean and reliable way. The TTR industrial dehumidifiers are designed to secure the production process and the products, and to retain the value of machines, inventory and buildings. They are characterized by a flexible and high dehumidification performance even at low dew points. Compact, lightweight and stackable, and at the same time powerful in terms of dehumidification: our mobile TTR desiccant dehumidifiers.

High-end industrial dryers, that's what Trotec's units of the DH series are called. The industrial condensation dehumidifiers are mostly used in the commercial and industrial sector whenever a permanent and, in particular, reliable dehumidification solution is needed. Trotec's product range in the area of condensation drying includes numerous models of three series: the DH series, the DH-S series and the DH-VPR+ series. All of them impress with a high dehumidification performance at low operating costs. Of course, the tried and tested condensation drying technology is also available in a mobile design. The mobile condensation dehumidifiers and construction dryers of the TTK series can cope with flexible applications – whether for water damage restoration, property dehumidification, for use on building sites, in storage spaces or private rooms.

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