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Industrial condenser dryers of the DH series
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Industrial condenser dryers of the DH series

Professional drying systems for permanent stationary operation in industrial and utility companies

Industrial dryer DH 15
Industrial dryer DH 30
Industrial dryer DH 60
DH 160 and DH 310 are also available as stainless steel versions
Industrial dryers DH 160 and DH 310

Long lifetime, low operating costs

Industrial dryers of the DH series come with a strong drying performance and a hardwearing exterior. They are professional dehumidification systems with high-quality and especially resistant components for a continuous dehumidification application in aggressive, industrial surroundings. Due to the fact that they are working based on the principle of condensation, DH devices not only feature a high dehumidification performance, but are also particularly economical.

Combined with their large operating range, the practice-oriented equipment options and the optional integration in existing production and storage surroundings, the industrial dryers of the DH series are the first choice in solving all sorts of high-capacity problems caused by humidity.

Always going strong – be it positioned on the floor or mounted to the wall

In addition to the large pedestal devices DH 160 and DH 310, DH 15, DH 30 and DH 60 can also be purchased as suspended models for wall mounting – professional industrial dryers "made in Germany" originally produced by Trotec.

An effective procedure for maximum profitability

The industrial condenser dryers of the DH series from Trotec are powerful refrigerant dryers housing a compression refrigeration system that conveys refrigerant through two heat exchangers – a condenser and an evaporator. By means of a compressor and an expansion valve, the refrigerant is exposed to changing pressures within this closed circuit, which results in the gas heating up on the condenser side during compression, and abruptly cooling down far below the room temperature on the evaporator side during decompression via the expansion valve.

The room air sucked in during recirculation operation is guided through the evaporator and there cooled down to below its dew point temperature. As a result, the humidity bound in the air condenses and turns into drops of water, which then drip into a collection container. The cold, dry air is now guided through the hot condenser, there it heats up due to the process energy and then flows back into the room as dry, warm air before taking up moisture again.

In order to prevent an increasing formation of ice, all industrial dryers of the DH series are equipped with efficient automatic hot gas defrost systems. All industrial condenser dryers of the DH series allow you to preselect the desired target humidity level via hygrostat, the subsequent dehumidification process is controlled fully automatically.

The functional principle of compression refrigeration drying using industrial dryers of the DH series

Protection against moisture at its best

The condenser dryers of the DH series unite great variance with high economic efficiency in reliable dehumidification solutions for industrial demands.

The problem: Excessive, unrestricted humidity levels

The problem: Excessive, unrestricted humidity levels

Unless effectively controlled, humidity can lead to manifold problems for production processes, furniture and equipment, building structures or production machinery – even jeopardize the health of the persons present.

For not only rust, rot, material decomposition or a reduced quality in processing and storing goods can be the direct consequences of an excessively high humidity level; mould, too, thrives and prospers chiefly in humid surroundings.

Consequences of uncontrolled humidity are:

  • corrosion
  • Condensate formation
  • Decline in product quality
  • Biocontamination of food and lubricants (cooling lubricants)
  • Quality problems during the storage of hygroscopic material
  • Increased maintenance effort on machines and buildings
  • Faster damaging of the building structure
  • Higher heating costs caused by reduced insulation values of the structural shell
  • Reduced employee productivity
  • Unwelcome odours
The solution: Flexible equipment options or retrofitting with DH drying systems

The solution: Flexible equipment options or retrofitting with DH drying systems

Be it as original equipment or to assist existing dehumidification systems, the industrial dryers of the DH series can be used either way without difficulty and are our best recommendation for the perfect humidity control in demanding, stationary continuous operation in commercial application environments.

Due to changed demands in terms of product quality, new manufacturing techniques and regulations or more complex logistic processes when storing and transporting, somewhat older existing installations quickly reach their limits under full load and therefore necessitate a moisture management adapted to current requirements.

With their autonomous recirculation operation and maintenance-friendly, robust design requiring only little floor space the stationary industrial dryers of the DH series can also be subsequently integrated into any working environment.

No further fresh air supply is required and they are installed directly in the rooms to be dehumidified or connected to existing ducted air systems.

Besides the available basic designs and optional extras offered by the industrial dryers of the DH series we can also realize individual special equipment for your specific tasks. Please contact us for a personal consultation!

Your benefits: The assets of our industrial dryers of the DH series

Your benefits: The assets of our industrial dryers of the DH series

  • These corrosion-protected drying systems can be installed immediately without a great deal of technical effort or additional construction work – for use in hygienic areas they are also available as stainless steel version
  • Very high dehumidification performance for quick and cost-efficient dry keeping in fully automatic hygrostat-controlled operation
  • Compression refrigeration drying for maximum profitability in temperature surroundings from 5 to 40 °C owing to a high efficiency level and simultaneously low energy consumption

Benefit from the wide range of possible applications:

Make use of our best practice industrial services

Make use of Trotec's best practice industrial services

Since every industrial undertaking has characteristic process flows, installations and facilities, every air treatment solution demands case-specific device configurations. All in all, the combined effects of air currents, humidity conditions and temperature fluctuations are often hard to calculate on a purely theoretical basis, e.g. in airlock areas or on conveying paths. The consequence: Unnecessary additional costs due to an overestimated demand or – even worse – solutions not working sufficiently in real life.

You can count on our experts

In order to precisely calculate the demand in the industry and to develop tailor-made concepts for climate conditioning experienced climate specialists are needed. Rely on our team of experts as well as the industrial services: We analyse the individual requirement situation with you present on site, determine the specific demand for devices and develop a tailor-made project solution right up to the exact positioning of the devices.

Just give us a call at +49 2452 963-777 – our industry consultants will be pleased to help you personally and provide information regarding our best practice industrial services. Or send a request indicating your personal requirements directly to our industry experts. We will answer promptly!

Technical data by comparison

All industrial dryers of the DH series by direct comparison:

To find the condensation dehumidifier which exactly meets your requirements, please consult the concise overview of all devices of Trotec's DH series, which we're providing to you here so that you can compare them directly to each other.

Models which you do not wish to include in your comparison can be easily dismissed with only one click.

Technical data by comparison