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The mobile TTR desiccant dehumidifiers

Compact, lightweight and stackable with integrated heat recovery – ideal for flexible dehumidification applications even at low dew points

An excessive humidity level can cause damage: in production and storage facilities, entire stocks can become useless due to too much moisture. Subsequent to water damages, there is a risk of mould growth and corrosion. That's why you should be flexible and have a dehumidifier at hand which can be set up and is ready for use in next to no time. For these purposes, the mobile desiccant dehumidifiers from Trotec are true all-rounders, combating moisture at the push of a button – exactly where you need it.

Whether in case of a water damage in closed rooms or for pinpoint humidity regulation – the mobile desiccant dehumidifiers from Trotec are available in different variants and with different performance levels. Thus you always have the suitable device for your specific application requirements. Depending on the version, the dehumidifiers can handle quantities from a manageable 80 m³ per hour up to powerful 200 m³ per hour. Heat recovery included!

With the mobile desiccant dehumidifiers of the TTR series we offer you particularly compact and lightweight models that simultaneously impress with their high performance. Additionally, models marked with "D" are equipped with a Duoventic air volume regulation as standard. This means that both fans of the separate air circuits can be controlled independently via an infinitely variable regulation.

To fulfil specific hygienic standards, we have designed the mobile stainless steel desiccant dehumidifiers of the TTR series. They equally impress with their particularly high dehumidification performance – even at extremely low temperatures.

All these devices are particularly maintenance-friendly and space-saving since stackable – and of course they are of the best quality "made in Germany". We have the ideal desiccant dehumidifier for your mobile application.