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Glue guns of professional Trotec quality
Glue guns of professional Trotec quality
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Glue guns

Trotec’s glue guns for clean work results and surroundings when gluing, grouting, tinkering or decorating

PGGS 10‑3,7V
PGGS 10-230V
PGGS 10-20V

All from a single source: Strong adhesion, precision and comfort

Glue guns are bound to be found in the basic tool kit of every avid tinkerer and dedicated do-it-yourselfer. Besides creating a stable adhesive connection the Alpha and Omega for all earnest DIY enthusiasts consists in high-precision working in a neat and tidy environment. This is ensured by the glue gun’s precise dosing and accurate application. What further renders a glue gun a worthwhile purchase is the great number of suitable materials: wood, plastics, textiles, cardboard, leather, cork, glass, metal, PVC, carpets, seals and ceramics can be bonded without difficulty. 

Brand quality plus cost-efficiency

So far, you basically only had two options when choosing a glue gun: either good but expensive, or mainly cheap. With their PGGS range Trotec provides ambitious do-it-yourselfers with equally robust and user-friendly glue guns for sticking together what belongs together. 

Trotec's PowerTools now offer a smart choice: good price, good product and good design – all in one.
HighPerformance in every respect, for we do not only stand for measuring devices and air conditioners, but also for power toolsof brand quality: professional Trotec solutions with an excellent value-for-money ratio!

Functional glue gun for effective working and tinkering

A modern glue gun is the ideal tool for permanently bonding materials with different properties. The handy devices are usually composed of a stable housing, a nozzle, a heating element, and a wire stand. The tool handle accommodates an easy-to-use trigger. The gun is filled with a glue stick, which can be dispensed as needed, portion by portion, by means of the trigger and the heating element.

Since the glue gun nozzle heats up strongly during operation, the device can be rested on the surface to be processed using the wire stand. The heating element integrated inside the device heats up the glue stick to more than 200 degrees Celsius, so the glue can be applied on the surface in liquid form. Each time the trigger is pulled, the glue stick inserted into the housing from the rear is used up bit by bit. The comfort of working with an elaborately designed, convenient glue gun is completed by either a mains connection or a powerful battery.

Versatile glue gun for numerous materials

The glue gun and the corresponding sticks are used in both professional workshops and do-it-yourself hobby rooms to permanently bond many different materials. Particularly work involving wood, plastics, metal and glass can be accomplished precisely as desired. But also cardboard, cork, leather, textiles and carpets as well as ceramics can be bonded in no time at all. It is even possible to apply seals to cables or other equipment using the high-quality glue stick provided with the device. In addition to the standard glue sticks, there are also decorative sticks for modern DIY projects available for use with the glue gun.

PGGS 10‑3,7V
PGGS 10-230V with glue stick
PGGS 10-230V stand
Glue sticks (7 mm / 140 mm)
Glue sticks (11 mm / 150 mm)
Heated up and ready for use after only 1 minute.

Trotec’s high-performance glue guns

Glue sticks with a diameter of seven millimetres are ideally suited for handicrafts and model construction. When the tool is used for professional craft applications, the glue sticks should have a diameter of eleven millimetres to make sure that a sufficient amount of liquid glue exits the nozzle.

Apart from the glue stick diameter, a decisive factor in working with a glue gun is the device’s gluing performance per minute. The internal heating element liquefies several grams of glue in just one minute.

All modern glue guns are designed to meet strict safety requirements. Therefore, you can rely on the automatic heat protection function even during longer operation. The modern heat protection system helps to prevent overheating.

The glue guns, which have a heating time of one minute, are very popular among both do-it-yourselfers and professionals. 

Glue gun – individual models for any work in the house

Thanks to Trotec’s cordless glue gun PGGS 10‑20V, which comes equipped with a lithium-ion battery that can be charged multiple times, you will be able to accomplish any delicate handicraft work. Trotec’s glue gun PGGS 10-230V is ideal for frequent use when it comes to gluing, sealing and grouting, or tinkering and decorating. The conveniently equipped model also features an integrated drip lock ensuring clean work results and surroundings without glue dripping from the tool. Thanks to the exchangeable nozzles and the heat accumulator of the heating coil the mobile use of Trotec’s PGGS 10-230V becomes a real pleasure. The tool's accumulator stores the heat for up to half an hour. By means of a pointed, extra-long nozzle, the glue liquefied in the heating element can be applied even on poorly accessible areas such as slots or deep holes in an accurate and clean way.

PGGS 10-3,7V – used for model construction
The glue retraction mechanism ensures clean working and prevents dripping.
PGGS 10-20V – used for gluing a carpet bar
Optimum adhesive dosing.
PGGS series

Energy-efficient glue guns – whether cordless or corded

The innovative, independently usable glue gun can be operated either via the mains power supply or using a battery charged via the mains. The functional principle is basically the same for all Trotec models, so you can base your decision for the type of power supply on personal preferences and the individual application requirements. Using a long power cable, working with the glue gun can be just as convenient as with a model equipped with a battery. All Trotec models come equipped with an automatic switch-off function helping you to permanently reduce energy costs. 

PGGS 10-230V – used to decorate glass
PGGS 10-230V – used for tinkering
PGGS 10-20V – used for model making

Glue melting temperature

Unlike a glue gun that is connected to the mains, a battery-operated glue gun can have a lower melting temperature. Such low melting temperatures are particularly well suited for bonding heat-sensitive materials such as styrofoam. A low-temperature glue gun is also a good choice when used with coloured, decorative glitter glue sticks. Unlike hobbyists and modellers, handymen tend to prefer models that come with a high melting temperature of 200 to 220 degrees Celsius, since the devices can yield the highest performance at these temperatures.

A modern glue gun can be used with various kinds of glue sticks. A very popular type are transparent sticks, since the glue remains invisible after it has cured. Glue sticks with a very hard glue structure for meeting high demands, on the other hand, appear slightly milky after curing. Due to the wide range of decorative glue sticks, the handy glue gun becomes increasingly popular with handicraft enthusiasts who like to decorate beautiful things.

PGGS sets

First use of the glue gun

After the first glue stick has been inserted in the device, hobby craftsmen and modellers should take a closer look at the surfaces to be processed. Materials can best be bonded if all surfaces are clean and dry. Depending on the characteristics of the material, the surface can be sanded or roughened before the liquid glue is applied in order to achieve the best bonding results. In addition, Trotec’s professional devices convince with a very good value-for-money ratio. Thus, a glue gun is a worthwhile purchase, for its gluing performance exceeds that of normal glue or adhesive from the tube by far. After about twenty seconds the glue liquefied in the heating element has cured. No other glue or adhesive offers such rapid curing within seconds. Furthermore, using the suitable glue gun nozzle, you can apply each portion of glue in an accurate and clean way. The tool lies steady in the hand and guarantees unique work results. In next to no time, you can unfold the wire stand, attach the nozzle and pull the trigger. In between the individual operations, you can securely position the glue gun in the charger or in the holder with drip tray. A small transport case is available for Trotec’s PGGS 10-230V. The operational readiness of all Trotec glue guns is indicated by a bright operating light.

Glue guns

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