Notarisation and authentication during the corona pandemic: Trotec air cleaners offer protection to notary teams and clients
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Notarisation and authentication during the corona pandemic

Trotec air cleaners offer protection to employees and clients in notaries’ offices

Notarisation and authentication during the corona pandemic
Prevention in the notary’s office: A sustainable investment in health and well-being

The corona pandemic has caught many notaries unprepared.

Notaries are facing completely new challenges by the corona pandemic. Even with the highest incidence rates, notary’s offices have to remain open and accessible, since a large number of notarial official functions has a systemic relevance. “For example, elderly people or persons that are critically ill may be reliant on short-term preparations and the notarisation of wills and testaments or other dispositions of property upon death as well as health care proxies. Procedures under company law such as reorganisations or share sales may be urgent for protecting or preserving workplaces. After all, the creation of land charges and other collateral securities is of vital importance even in times of crisis.”, the national association of notaries explains in an FAQ item regarding the topic of notarial professional law.

This obligation of keeping offices open therefore obliges notaries to implement special measures with regard to health protection, in order to protect themselves, their team as well as their clients against a coronavirus infection.

With its mobile high-performance air purifiers, protective acrylic glass shields and CO2 measuring devices, Trotec supports notaries’ offices in implementing hygiene concepts.

Number of decrees regarding illness and death has substantially increased during the corona pandemic

Since the beginning of the pandemic, many notaries have perceived a substantially increasing number of notarial decrees and proxies for the event of death or a serious illness. The corona lockdown period has provoked a great deal of thought for everyone – in particular elderly people and persons who are considered as especially vulnerable due to pre-existing conditions wish testamentary matters or matters of provision to be settled to their satisfaction during their lifetime. It cannot be ruled out that appointments are also requested by persons already infected with the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.

Infectious aerosols spread in the room…
… and remain there for some time.

The “vaccinated, tested, recovered” rule does not apply for notaries’ offices

Whereas, however, in the catering trade (depending on the federal state in question) either the “vaccinated, recovered” or “vaccinated, tested, recovered” rule applies, only allowing vaccinated or recovered persons or those with a negative test result to gain access, notaries are not allowed to subject their notarisation processes to the submission of a negative test result from a rapid test or self-test. This is the case even if a corresponding test is organised or paid for by the notary’s office, as the national association of notaries stresses. The notary’s office must rather implement suitable measures in terms of a low-threshold availability for the people seeking legal advice, making it as uncomplicated as possible to keep appointments.

The national association of notaries recommends the use of air cleaners

As it says in the recommendations issued by the national association of notaries, wearing masks, adaptations in the organisational procedures and the use of technical aids such as air filters are conventional methods provided, by means of which the infection risk in notaries’ offices can be significantly reduced.

High corona infection risk during notarisation appointments

The increasing number of notarisation appointments inevitably brings about an increased risk of a corona infection in notaries’ offices. Already at the reception, where clients are welcomed and received, larger droplets, but also tiny aerosols that are spread when people are talking, may cause a coronavirus infection. The employees working at the reception can be protected by transparent protective screens with all-round aerosol protective edge, preventing the transmission of droplets, but also the uncontrolled spreading of potentially infectious aerosols.

Also in the notarisation room, the notary and his/her clients are exposed to a high infection risk. The danger of a droplet infection may also be reduced by the use of protective screens against aerosols here, or by maintaining a reasonable distance. However, in particular in the case of notarisation appointments of a longer duration, the problem is not posed by the load of larger droplets that are spread while people are talking, but by tiny aerosol particles that are hovering in the air invisibly.

Air cleaners make appointments at notary’s offices safe

Scientifically proven operating principle

Numerous scientific studies show that, merely by breathing and mainly through talking, aerosol particles carrying the SARS-CoV-2-virus already spread across several metres and can float in the room air infectiously for several hours. Even though wearing a mouth nose mask may offer reliable protection against larger droplets, it does not fully prevent the inhalation of these tiny aerosol particles. Therefore, during a notarisation appointment in a poorly ventilated room it is almost impossible to protect you from inhaling air that has been inhaled and exhaled again by the person facing you – and which thus might be contaminated with infectious coronaviruses. Matters are made even more difficult by the fact that rooms are often not ventilated sufficiently in the cold season, since they tend to cool out otherwise. As a result, potential virus particles remain in the room air and increase with every client with a notarisation appointment.

Trotec high-performance air purifiers reduce the infection risk in notaries’ offices

Powerful protection against airborne infection risks during notarisation appointments is offered by mobile Trotec high-performance air purifiers. Specially designed for aerosol filtering and equipped with a highly efficient HEPA filter of filter class H14 (certified in compliance with EN 1822), room air cleaners of the TAC series and design high-performance air purifiers AirgoClean One reduce the number of aerosol particles in the filtered room air by up to 99.995 percent.

It just takes 6 to 15 minutes for a high-performance air purifier TAC V+ to reduce the viral load in a room with a size of 80 qm by 50 %. In smaller rooms, reduction to just half the load only even takes 3 minutes! By the technical air filtration the room air is cleaned continuously in the HEPA filter and is cleared from pathogens such as SARS-CoV-2- or influenza viruses, but also from bacteria, allergens and also pathogenic fine dust particles. In this way, the risk of an indirect coronavirus infection is substantially reduced, even in meetings or at notarisation appointments that take longer.

Sound level comparison: Air cleaners are almost as silent as a wristwatch

Air hygiene provides breathing space to ensure unburdened notarisation appointments

Another good reason for using mobile air cleaners in notaries’ offices is the personal well-being of all parties involved. It is not uncommon that appointments with notaries result from profoundly personal motives which have to be dealt with in an undisturbed and trusting atmosphere. Therefore it is absolutely necessary to reduce sounds of noise, so as to prevent negative impacts on the atmosphere. Hence, the idea of opening windows to supply the room with fresh air is only beneficial to a limited extent. Ventilation during the winter months proves even more difficult – with outdoor temperatures around the freezing point. Then the room temperature will inevitably decrease every time the window is opened for the purpose of ventilation. The result will be soaring heating costs. Let alone your well-being that will also suffer by chilly indoor temperatures. By the use of a mobile high-performance air purifier, however, ventilation intervals can be reduced without neglecting your own self-care and the employees’ and clients’ health protection.

Good to know: Modern high-performance air purifier like the TAC V+ clean the air almost without making any sound. With a sound level of just 31 dB(A), the sound of a TAC room air cleaner is as low as the ticking of a wristwatch, whereas traffic noise can reach a noise level of up to 65 dB(A).

In a great number number of notaries’ offices and lawyers’ offices, TAC high-performance air purifiers have therefore already been used since the start of the pandemic, in order to protect both the notaries’ or lawyers’ teams and their clients as well as possible against an airborne transmission of the coronavirus.

Proven effectiveness for the prevention of an indirect coronavirus infection

Scientific studies certify a high effectiveness in preventing indirect infection with the coronavirus for Trotec's high-performance air purifiers – first and foremost the highly acclaimed studies by Prof. Christian Kähler. In his research studies, the aerosol expert from Munich could establish that by using the TAC V+ high-performance air purifier, within a very short time, the viral load in closed rooms can be reduced to a level that poses next to no hazard anymore.

Good references are the best recommendation – see for yourself who relies on our products where the protection of employees, customers and children is concerned!

Good references are the best recommendation

Prevention in the notary’s office: A sustainable investment in health and well-being

Trotec's infection control solutions allow for a safe and uncomplicated return to normality in our daily interaction – in spite of corona. Also with regard to the annually recurring influenza outbreaks, our CO2 traffic lights, high-performance air purifiers of the TAC series and design air cleaners of the AirgoClean series offer effective protection against an airborne infection with influenza viruses. The comparatively low investment costs are compensated by the advantages of maximum infection protection. The mobile TAC high-performance air purifiers and design air cleaners of the AirgoClean series are available in the Trotec online shop and in the stationary Trotec store in Heinsberg, Germany.

We'll gladly offer you personal consultation to present our technical infection control solutions to you:  

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