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Water cooling circuit

Quick installation with the PortaTemp W connection set:

With the PortaTemp‑W models (and AHX) it is possible to install the external heat exchanger up to 40 m away from the cooled room by using connection kits. The hoses are simply led through ceilings, walls or along the floor.

Advantage water cooling circuit – this is how it works:

The refrigerant circuit in the cooling unit is hermetically sealed.

For the cooling of the condenser and the dissipation of warmth a separate circuit, where water circulates as cooling medium, is installed between cooling unit and external heat exchanger by use of a connection kit.

When connecting and disconnecting the device, there is no coolant loss, because the connecting lines are only filled with water.

Connecting as quick as lightning thanks to water quick release fastener

Installing connecting lines flexibly, quickly and easily – this novelty of the water-cooled PortaTemp air conditioning units is a major practical advantage:

There is no need to be afraid of any refrigerant escaping, because it circuits within the devices – cooling agent inside the connecting lines is pure water, nothing else.

As a result, these devices can be installed ready to plug in, even when the heat exchanger is situated up to 40 metres away from the air handling unit!

Especially in office, server or production rooms, control centres or studios, where there is hardly ever any room to accommodate such heat dissipation measures, this unique connection facility is invaluable.