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Car technology by Trotec
Car technology by Trotec

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Car technology

You’re looking for the right device for your car? Then you can call off your search now!

If you want to change your tyres quickly and easily, our cordless impact wrench will help you. Ensuring that the air pressure of your tyres is perfect: the compressors and the tyre pressure gauge. If the battery has to be charged, no problem, our battery chargers supply your car with the necessary power. We also have the right product for testing the brake fluid. And to add the final polish, we offer you the cordless polisher that will make you car shine in new splendour. See for yourself!

  • Battery chargers for 12V vehicle batteries

    The range of battery chargers from Trotec's PBCS series offers you the right charger for every vehicle type. The portable battery chargers with a charging current of up to 10 amperes and LED display are all-round chargers with up to ten charging cycles. They are equipped, for example, with a trickle charge function and a winter charging mode for 12 V vehicle batteries between 4 Ah and 200 Ah.

  • Compressors and pneumatic tools

    A compressor practically belongs in the basic must-have tool kit to be found in any workshop or garage. After all, compressors are extremely versatile and available in many different versions. Some air compressors come in such a handy size, they could fit into a glove compartment, whereas others would take up the entire room in a car boot.

  • Cordless impact wrench

    With an external ½" (12.7 mm) square retainer as tool holder and the automatic activation of the impact mechanism the cordless impact wrench PIWS 10‑20V is a professional high-performance solution for the powerful tightening or loosening of screws and nuts.

  • Polishing machines

    At some point the glamour of all things new is gone! In the winter, mud and road salt eat away at the car finish. In the summer, abrasive road dust and the strong UV radiation strain the outer layer of protective coating. Also painted woods lose their shine over time, and, due to continuous strain, tiles, laminate and parquet floors are covered by an unappealing layer of dirt sooner or later as...

  • Vacuum cleaners and other cleaning equipment

    When used daily, dust, dirt, mud and other soilings accumulate on your car, bike and scooter. The pressure cleaner makes thorough cleaning of the wheels particularly easy.

  • Garage dehumidification

    The ThinC! climate management guarantees consistency. In favour of values and valuables. Because every material comes with special properties and every room with different conditions. Our climate managers guarantee a constant room climate in all circumstances.

  • TFV turbo fans

    These devices exclusively available only at Trotec redefine the term turbo fan, for while standard fans for hollow spaces are for the most part identical in every respect, the professional turbo fans of our TFV series come with unparalleled features.

  • Garage climate

    We recommend the thermohygrometer BZ15C for any vintage car owner that wants to protect his classic from the consequences of too humid or too dry air in the garage. If the humidity level is too high, the sheet steel of any vintage car will begin to corrode severely – if it is too low, leather and plastics become porous and brittle.

  • Temperature

    Master all metrological tasks sovereignly and cool. Our measurement instruments make your measured values valuable. Profit from the convenient advantages of our quick, precise and reliable measurement instruments.

  • Tyre pressure meter

    Now you put pressure on your tyres! Regular tyre pressure measurements are profitable with respect to fuel consumption, tyre wear and to avoid additional security risks. Optimizing the bar value means saving money.

  • Layer thickness

    Paints, plastics, varnishes: The layer thickness measuring devices from Trotec work precisely when determining the thickness of non-magnetic coatings.

  • Visual inspection

    100% instead of wishy-washy. For quick and clean analysis and documentation of possible damages in industrial plants, machine aggregates, pipeline networks or hollow spaces professionals don’t leave anything to chance and bet on easily manageable professional systems.