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Medical practices and authorities germ and virus-free thanks to ozone
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  3. Medical practices and authorities germ and virus-free thanks to ozone

Medical practices and authorities germ and virus-free thanks to ozone

Reliable, thorough and fast disinfection with Trotec ozone generators

Who doesn’t know this: In the often overcrowded waiting areas at the doctor's office or, for example, at the residents' registration office, people sit close together and it is not uncommon to be sneezed at or coughed on. But even when there is no direct interpersonal contact, they are there: pathogenic viruses, germs, bacteria and spores. Particularly in family doctor's offices, which are generally more likely to be visited by acutely ill people, there is an increased risk of infection. In order to ensure maximum safety for visitors and patients in public authorities and medical practices, cleaning specialists would ideally have to thoroughly clean all seats and surfaces several times a day with effective disinfectants. However, this can be done faster and even more efficiently with ozone disinfection. 

Ozon disinfection in waiting and reception area

Ozone as a germicide

Door handles, coat hooks and the popular magazines in waiting rooms are touched by many people in one day. The risk of contamination with harmful pathogens is therefore correspondingly high. While there is little that can be done to prevent virus transmission by droplet infection (directly from person to person, for example when speaking), smear infection can be effectively prevented by regular spray and wipe disinfection. But cleaning by hand takes a lot of time, costs money and requires the use of chemicals. Moreover, this does not ensure that even hard-to-reach areas are cleaned germ-free. It is therefore better to use a solution that is as simple as it is efficient for combating viruses and bacteria in the air and on surfaces: With the naturally occurring trace gas ozone (O3).

The solution from Trotec: Disinfection of air and surfaces using ozone

In contrast to the stratospheric ozone layer at an altitude of about 11 to 50 km, the natural ozone concentration in the air near the ground is relatively low. In highly concentrated form, however, ozone can be successfully used to combat viruses, bacteria, germs and harmful micro-organisms because of its toxic effect

Numerous scientific studies have proven the lethal effect of concentrated ozone gas – for example in tests with the sars corona virus.

The Airozon® ozone generators eliminate disease-causing bacteria and infectious viruses – without the use of chemicals or toxic substances

The mobile Trotec ozone generators Airozon® 10000 and Airozon® Supercracker simply use the existing room air during the ozonisation process – without the addition of environmentally harmful or expensive chemicals. The oxygen (O2) contained in the room air is converted into ozone (O3) and then emitted in highly concentrated form for disinfection purposes. Since an ozone molecule is very unstable, the excess ozone in a room decays after 30 minutes at the latest. Thus ozone has a very powerful virus-killing effect and disappears completely “after the job is done”.

Airozon® ozone generators are effective against:

  • Viruses
  • Bacteria
  • Mould spores
  • Unpleasant odours in the room air, in seat fabrics, upholstery or curtains

Airozon® 10000 or Airozon® Supercracker kills viruses and bacteria

Viruses and bacteria sometimes have a relatively long life span. In 2003, for example, an infectious effect was demonstrated for the SARS virus even after 96 hours. Even then, ozone gas was successfully used against the virus.

Trotec's powerful ozone generators Airozon® 10000 and Airozon® Supercracker provide doctors and local authorities with a time- and personnel-saving option for effective and above all thorough disinfection. Simply switch on the device during the lunch break and after opening hours and the disinfection process practically takes place by itself.

Removal of germs and odour

Always directly ready for use

Thanks to their compact design and light weight, the mobile airozone-ozone devices are easy to transport and flexible in use. With approx. 10,000 milligrams of ozone per hour and an air flow rate of 340 m3/h for the Airozon® 10000 and approx. 10,000 milligrams of ozone per hour with an air flow rate of 500 m3/h for the Airozon® Supercracker, the units produce highly efficient ozone doses in a very short time. This allows even extensive disinfection work to be carried out quickly.

A positive side effect: The trace gas ozone also neutralises unpleasant odours and provides a fresh and perfume-free room scent.

The advantages of airozone-ozonisation in a nutshell:

  • Reliably kills human pathogenic viruses and bacteria
  • Effective against viruses, bacteria, spores, germs and micro-organisms
  • Comprehensive control – even in difficult to access places
  • Faster and more efficient than mechanical cleaning methods
  • Disinfected rooms can be used again quickly
  • Residue-free decontamination
  • No personnel and no expensive chemicals for disinfection
  • Also suitable for unplanned fast operations (for example overnight)
  • Reduces the disinfection times per application
  • Neutralisation of unpleasant odours

Interesting facts about ozone disinfection with an Airozon® ozone generator

Ozone is the second most powerful disinfectant in the world and has the ability to eliminate bacteria, viruses, gases and toxins. The mobile Airozon® ozone generators generate a highly effective ozone concentration from the oxygen contained in the room air. The ozone treatment is carried out in a closed room, without people being present and the duration of treatment depends on various factors such as room size, temperature or degree of contamination. The ozone generated by the airozone destroys disease-causing viruses, bacteria and germs by diffusing through the protein envelope into the nucleic acid nucleus where it destroys the viral DNA. The ozone produced decomposes back into oxygen after treatment. For accelerated ozone decomposition after room treatment, the Airozon® Supercracker has a special oxygen regeneration mode. In this way, the required ozone concentration is built up and broken down equally quickly to further reduce the treatment time.

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