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Humidity regulation

Dehumidifiers from Trotec offer effective protection against humidity and corrosion The powerful dehumidification devices stand for tailor-made dry keeping – in series!

The air inside a room should not be too dry but most of all not too humid. This applies to both industrial and commercial as well as to private rooms. After all, a balanced room climate not only proves advantageous for the building structure and sensitive products but also for human beings. With their innovative high-quality dehumidifiers, Trotec offers the perfect solution when it comes to keeping rooms dry – no matter in which sector! The modern industrial desiccant dehumidifiers keep the water content of the air at a moderate level, exactly as the user wishes.

  • Humidity regulation when storing wooden boats

    Timber is an organic material that warps in changing humidity conditions and temperature fluctuations. A preferably constant humidity level is therefore advisable for the winter drydock period. Trotec supplies the devices required for an efficient humidification and dehumidification of these winter quarters, storage facilities and halls.

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