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Always on the hunt: animal documentaries

Filmmakers employ the latest technology for tracking animals and observing their behaviour at night – a thermal imaging camera!

How do lions hunt in the desert at night? Where has the anaconda hidden? Where do antelopes run when they are startled in the dark? Filmmakers are able to answer these and numerous other questions thanks to the latest technology. Particularly in the field of animal documentaries, the use of thermal imaging cameras becomes increasingly popular. The detailed recordings reveal unknown scenes and provide the audience with a fascinating insight into the world of animals. Using the thermal imaging cameras of the IC series from Trotec, filmmakers will not lose track of their animals.

Pictures of the wild have a fascinating effect on the audience. Whether shown on a cinema screen or in a comfortable atmosphere at home, animal documentaries allow viewers of all ages to escape into a world of adventures among the animals in the rain forest, in the savannah or even in deep forests in Europe. Ever since the 90s, when nature and animal documentaries had a strong position among public but also private broadcasters owing to high audience numbers, elaborate productions in this genre are in demand. By now, the rule is: the more detailed, the more exciting the film will be for the audience. Filmmakers constantly have to explore new topics and points of view and present them in the most thrilling way. This is the only way for them to build up a reputation in the documentary series. Therefore, the nature watchers make use of the latest technology in order to give their viewers an insight into the hidden world of animals.

Making the invisible visible – thanks to the latest technology

Using thermal imaging cameras, filmmakers reveal for example fascinating secrets from the world of feline predators: the raid of a male lion in the darkness of night inside the African desert. The viewers can also follow a nocturnal anaconda on its hunt through the tropic rain forest and witness how the viviparous animals, which can reach a length of up to ten metres, give birth to their young. To record such spectacular cinematic adventures, filmmakers need a keen instinct for animals and nature as well as modern equipment allowing them to track animals and record the sequences. The infrared cameras of the IC series from Trotec are the best options for such purposes. They do not only have an ergonomic and extremely robust design. They also enable precise measurements and thermographic real time video recordings in top quality.

Powerful and precise

The thermal imaging cameras from Trotec are available in different versions. For example, the IC085LV model is a powerful and precise all-rounder when it comes to thermal imaging technology – especially if the external conditions are difficult. The standard equipment includes, among others, an integrated real image camera, a photo lamp and the DuoVision function for real-time indication of superimposed infrared and real images. The particularly resistant protective cover made of rubber does not only protect the device from shocks and falls but also from high ambient humidity and dust.

Your benefits at one glance

  • Very high geometric resolution
  • Powerful image sensor
  • EU production for top quality
  • Integrated digital camera for real images
  • High-performance battery
  • Optional bluetooth connection for wireless recording of voice notes via headset
  • Integrated removable storage slot for high memory capacity

Another advantage: renting instead of buying!

If you want to use the infrared cameras of the IC series for a particular project or wish to familiarize yourself with the technology first, there is no problem in renting a device. On our TKL rental portal you will find the cameras at attractive rental conditions. For your individual film equipment: quick, reliable and low-priced!

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