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Trotec products for proper heating

Mobile heating devices are available in various designs, price and performance classes. Trotec offers appropriate mobile solutions for all types of heating. Which device represents the ideal solution for you depends on the respective application site and purpose.

The Trotec professional electric heaters are ideally suited for heating interior spaces and in doing so can be used practically anywhere. Whether in workshops, the catering trade, the agricultural or building sector: owing to their heating method electric heater fans, the electrical space heaters as well as the multi-stackable professional electric heating devices are a neat solution and predestined for uninterrupted continuous operation.

Performance limits are unknown to Trotec! For performance-intensive applications in the industry we recommend the high-performance electric heating units with a heating capacity of up to 120 kW, which are optionally also available as special models for the application in certain ex-proof areas.

With the attractively priced oil heater fans of the IDS and IDE series, the oil heating units designed for the highest demands as well as the central oil heating units, unrivalled in quality and performance, you are extremely flexible when choosing the operating site. Whether it be in the agricultural sector, for heating halls, marquees or storage spaces: The integrated fuel tanks afford a high degree of mobility. The Trotec range of oil heating devices comprises small mobile oil heaters with a max. nominal heat output of 19.6 kW as well as robust central oil heating units with a heating capacity of up to 350 kW.

Suitable for the noiseless and odour-free drying of wall surfaces in new buildings or for drying after water damage are the infrared heating panels from Trotec with a heating capacity of up to 700 watts. It is not the heated air that provides the required heating, the heat transfer is effected in a consistent and highly efficient way by means of light waves. As compared to conventional dehumidification, drying wall areas by means of an infrared heating system is much faster.

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