ComfortTemp. Spring. Summer. Autumn and winter.
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ComfortTemp. Spring. Summer. Autumn and winter.

Feel-good climate throughout the year. With the temperature experts from TROTEC. AT HOME.

The perception of temperature varies. Quite a lot. And depends on many internal and external factors.

Even constant temperatures sometimes feel too hot or too cold. When things are heating up in your life. Or when stress disturbs your body temperature.

Mobile temperature rescuers flexibly respond to these fluctuations in climate and sensitivity.

They are called into action any time you need a little more warmth or coolness in your life.

Freshen up your feel-good climate for the summer. Make it cozy for the winter days. Clean for springtime. And romantic like autumn in October.

Wherever you are, our temperature managers from TROTEC. AT HOME. are there too. Individual climate demands require adaptable climate partners. As well as flexible, innovative and fast air-conditioning technology.

You need a climate coach? No problem at all. Find out more on our product pages. Or simply give us a call.

We are pleased as long as you feel comfortable.

Individual feel-good temperature.

  • Mobile solutions for all climate demands.
  • Healthy and pleasant room cooling.
  • Uncomplicated and fast heat.
  • Clean, effective and environmentally sound.
  • Air-conditioning technology with professional experience.

The ComfortTemp products at a glance. Ideal climate throughout the year.

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