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Designer tower fan TVE 31 T
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Designer tower fan TVE 31 T

Refreshingly elegant cooling for hot days and nights – 92 cm in height

Hot summer? Keep cool!

Using the powerful 45 W designer tower fan TVE 31 T you can enjoy the summer and chill in a freshening breeze even with record temperatures outside. The stylish, stable and space-saving pillar design in glossy jet black renders the device a true eyecatcher in office, living room, bedroom, conservatory, holiday home or even among shop fittings or in restaurants. 

More comfort for an increased sense of well-being

Three fan speeds ranging from a gentle breeze to a stiff wind permit a fresh air current geared to the respective temperature and room size. To ensure that the cooling air is quickly and evenly distributed in the entire room, the slim designer fan comes with an on-demand 60° oscillation function. Moreover, the TVE 31 T offers you three operating modes to choose from: normal operation, natural wind and night mode. The comfort equipment is completed by smooth running characteristics, a convenient remote control, timer function, carrying handle, a modern LED display indicating the current room temperature and a memory function for saving the most recently used operating mode selection.

Tower of power

Unlike conventional fans the TVE 31 T cools and ventilates without any visible rotor blades. A fin construction revolving around itself within the device swirls around the sucked-in room air and blows it back out into the room along the entire height of the device front. The result you experience is perceptible cooling on your skin. With only 58.5 dB(A) the fan is agreeably silent even when running at the highest level.

Advantages of the TVE 31 T as compared to conventional fans

  • Tower fans of the TVE series do not just emit the cooling air selectively at one point but vertically along the entire height of the device. The even, wide air current generates a noticeably more intense cooling effect.
  • The tower fan TVE 31 T is also excellently suited for the application beside a desk. The air current cools below the edge of the table without creating a turmoil above.
  • Since the model has no rotor blades, the associated risk of accidents in households with children and pets is also nothing you need to concern yourself with.
  • The TVE 31 T impresses with its space-saving design. The slim pillar shape harmoniously blends in with any living environment.

Enjoying gently wafting breaths of air imitating nature

Instead of the evenly emitted, continuous air flow you can alternatively also activate a so-called natural wind mode. The intensity of the air current is automatically regulated – alternately increasing and decreasing. This leaves the impression of a natural breeze of fresh air as experienced out of doors.

Silent cooling operation allowing a good night's rest

It is hard to get one's beauty sleep enclosed in suffocating heat. Being lulled to sleep by a refreshing breeze is all the more agreeable. The on-demand night mode ensures that starting out the air flow will have a cooling effect in the selected fan stage. After a while it will be automatically reduced to the next lower level. At the lowest and very quiet level the fan emits a light, cooling breeze all night long so you don't have to toss and turn bathed in sweat. The display's brightness is also automatically reduced in night mode. Hence there is nothing left to get in the way of a good night's rest.

Automatic switch-off via timer

The integrated 12-hour timer permits a prescheduled switch-off of the tower fan. You can adjust the duration until automatic switch-off in increments of 1 hour. It is a very convenient function if you don't want the fan to keep running all night. You can actively save electricity, although the TVE 31 T already has a very low power consumption.

Be it at home or at the office – using the TVE 31 T you are always on the safe side as the stylish designer tower fan provides relief in the pitiless heat allowing you to chill.

TVE 31 T or TVE 32 T – The choice is yours!

Tower fans have a specific height which unlike that of pedestal fans cannot be adjusted via the telescopic rod. Performance and comfort level of the two tower fans TVE 31 T and TVE 32 T are identical, the devices merely differ in terms of height.

If what you want most is a fresh breeze at the desk, the TVE 31 T with a total height of 92 cm is excellently suited for your needs. Depending on the height of the tabletop the blown-out air current can stay below the surface to cool your feet and legs. This lower position saves documents and papers from being blown away. We also recommend the small-sized model for persons sitting on a sofa, beanbag, deck chair or in the office. 

If, however, you intend to use the tower fan for a preferably widespread distribution of room air, the TVE 32 T, structurally identical in terms of technology but with a height of 112 cm, might be a better match for your requirements. The air outlet located at a higher position provides people, especially when seated, with soothing refreshment and a welcome breeze directed at their torso.

Special equipment features of the TVE 31 T

TVE 31 T – dimensions
Slim design – the tower fan TVE 31 T in its space-saving pillar design measures 92 cm in height and offers 45 watts of power in 3 speed levels.
TVE 31 T – 60° oscillation
For an even and widespread distribution of the fresh air flow you can additionally activate the 60° oscillation function. The fan body will then automatically turn to and fro.
TVE 31 T – display
Ventilation intensity, operating mode, an active oscillation function and the current room temperature will be indicated on the modern, neatly arranged digital display. When the timer is activated, you will instead be able to read the set number of hours rather than the degrees.
TVE 31 T – comfort functions
Equipped with 12-hour timer, night mode and "natural wind" function the high-quality tower fan offers agreeable and convenient cooling comfort.
TVE 31 T – control panel
The design of the control panel is discreet, functional and self-explanatory. Keeping everything under control – manually or by means of the remote control.
TVE 31 T – remote control
No need to get up: Of course all settings can be made conveniently via the handy infrared remote control.
TVE 31 T – remote control holder
The slim remote control can neatly be placed into a convenient holder at the rear of the device. During transport it is stored away and so cannot get lost.
TVE 31 T – carrying handle
Weighing merely 2,500 grams, the tower fan can easily be relocated by quickly carrying it from one location to the next. Hence, enjoy a cool airflow wherever you go.

For an agreeably fresh breeze wherever it is needed ...

TVE 31 T – cool on the job
Are things heating up again? Keep your cool at the office even on especially hot days.
TVE 31 T – stylish
Fits nicely into your living environment: the TVE 31 T cools with style and plenty of power.
Technical data by comparison

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Technical data by comparison

A few practical benefits:

  • 45 watts of power, 92 cm in height
  • Modern, space-saving pillar design
  • Low operating costs
  • 3 speed levels
  • 3 operating modes: Normal operation, natural wind mode and night mode
  • Automatically oscillating by 60° with switch-off function
  • Timer function (1–12 hours)
  • LED display and control panel
  • IR remote control
  • Integrated carrying handle
  • Secure footing
  • Low-noise operation: max. 58.5 dB (A)


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Technical data

Technical data
General information
  Article number 1.510.005.063
  stages 3
  Number of fan blades
  blade diameter ["]
  blade diameter [cm]
Electrical values
  Mains connection 220 - 240 V, 50 Hz
  Power input [W] 45
  Connection plug CEE 7/16
  Cable length [m] 1.5
Sound values
  Distance 1 m [dB(A)] 58.5
  Length (packaging excluded) [mm] 250
  Width (packaging excluded) [mm] 250
  Height (packaging excluded) [mm] 920
  (packaging excluded) [kg] 2.5
Equipment, features and functions
Functions and features
  Normal operation mode
  Natural wind
  Night mode
  Infrared remote control
  Memory function
  Room temperature display
  Internal oscillation (°) 60 °
  Adjustable inclination angle
  Recessed handles
Timer function
  Switch-off time can be preselected
  Switch-on time preselectable
Housing design

 standard equipment

 optionally available

 not available



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