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Great heating capacity at little cost

After a brief heat-up period the oil-filled radiators of the TRH‑E series create a quick and cosy warmth in your own four walls. The thermal oil used to fill the radiators has a high storage capacity, as a result they can continue to give off heat for quite a while after switch-off. Purchasing an oil-filled TRH‑E radiator is a worthwhile and affordable choice: if, for example, your central heating system fails all of a sudden, you will have a heating device immediately to hand and do not have to endure the cold.

Thanks to the reasonable acquisition costs the oil-filled radiators are suited for almost every kind of private application. Ideally, the devices are used as additional heating solution on cold winter days or for the temporary heating of garages or basements. Here they can also fulfil their function as frost monitor. Despite their powerful heating capacity the energy consumption remains agreeably low thanks to the thermostat-controlled automatic operation. 

The offered product range of the TRH‑E series comprises oil-filled radiators with various equipment features with or without an on-demand turbo blower, incl. a PTC heating element for faster initial heating. Owing to the integrated rollers and a carrying handle the radiators can be transported flexibly and safely between different operating sites even whilst hot. 

How an oil-filled radiator works and what characterizes it

Even if they may look similar with their heating fins, oil-filled radiators – unlike "normal" heaters – use electricity to heat the oil inside them. The so-called thermal oil is heated by electric current and gives off the heat to the room air via the heating fins. This is why they are often referred to as "electric heaters". By the way, oil-filled radiators are usually equipped with heating fins because they form a larger surface, thus making the heating process very effective. Since the devices are mobile, they can be positioned in any room wherever heat is required.

Functional principle of a typical oil-filled radiator

Why is a radiator filled with oil and not with water? The reason for this is the fact that water expands when it is heated, and that it does not store heat quite as well. The thermal oil used in radiators, in contrast, has a much higher storage capacity. Even after the oil-filled radiator is switched off, it gives off heat for another good half an hour. Since thermal oil is also a good insulator, heating resistors can be directly immersed in the oil, which makes the heat exchange again more effective. Then there is also the weight, because oil is lighter than water. This makes oil-filled radiators considerably more light-weight and easy to transport. Oil-filled radiators are designed for continuous use since they can fully substitute a wall radiator.

Oil-filled radiator TRH 20 E with infinitely variable thermostat and 3 heating levels
The convenient carrying handle permits an easy transportation of the fan heater to any operating site
Oil-filled radiator TRH 20 E, convenient carrying handle
Thanks to the supplied rollers the radiator can also be transported safely while it is still hot
Oil-filled radiator TRH 20 E, integrated rollers
The integrated cable winder permits the quick and simple storage of the radiator
Oil-filled radiator TRH 22 E, convenient cable winder
Selectable turbo blower for accelerated air circulation – ideal for quick initial heating of cooler rooms or for ventilation
Oil-filled radiator TRH 22 E, on-demand turbo blower
Short heating time: full heat output in max. 8 - 10 minutes. Heat accumulator with liquid heating medium: prolonged heat radiation even after switch-off.
TRH 22 E / TRH 23 E - Turbocharger

Selectable turbo blower

Since oil-filled radiators are rather sluggish as compared to fan heaters with regard to their heat generation during start-up, there are also combinations of an oil-filled radiator and a small fan heater available. A faster and more effective initial heating of the room can be achieved by using a turbo blower equipped with an additional PTC heating element that can be switched on separately. This way, the room is heated up quickly until the thermal oil has reached its temperature and can develop its full heating capacity.

An additional heat source for your home or holiday residence
Optimum solution for the cold days in the garage or workshop
Agreeable warmth in basement hobby or party room
Practical heating solution for unheated rooms and attics

Optimal usage of oil-filled radiators

Oil-filled radiators provide cosy warmth in the room and are perfectly suited for heating garages as well as basements or attics. In doing so, they are more efficient and cleaner than fan heaters and at the same time faster than normal heating systems. They work without a fan, which means that they do not whirl up any dust and are therefore allergy friendly. And they usually develop their maximum heat output within a quarter of an hour. Oil-filled radiators are suited as noiseless and safe on-demand heaters and also as ground heaters, for instance to prevent pipelines from freezing. The devices are positioned on wheels and are very light-weight and mobile. Purchasing an oil-filled radiator is a worthwhile and affordable choice: if, for example, your central heating system fails all of a sudden, you will have a heating device immediately to hand and do not have to endure the cold.

Many devices come with additional functions enabling a comfortable and at the same time individual operation, for instance thanks to the following features:

  • Different heating levels or stepless switches
  • Timers
  • Frost monitors
  • Combinations of oil-filled radiator and fan heater
  • Wheels for increased mobility
Technical data by comparison

All TRH-E oil-filled radiators in direct comparison:

To find the oil-filled radiator which exactly meets your requirements, please consult the concise overview of all oil-filled radiators of the TRH-E series from Trotec, which we're providing to you here so that you can compare them directly to each other.

Models which you do not wish to include in your comparison can be easily dismissed with only one click.

Technical data by comparison

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