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Matching Trotec Accessories
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Matching Trotec Accessories

Saving energy costs thanks to user-friendly solutions

Using original Trotec accessories you can ensure optimum, energy-efficient operation of all our devices from the very beginning. Moreover, the sophisticated Trotec solutions always offer both intelligent and user-friendly details – whether window seals or room hygrostat and room thermostats are concerned.

Matching Trotec Accessories

Window seals for mobile air conditioners with an exhaust air hose

An investment that pays off quickly

With the window seals AirLock 100 and AirLock 200 Trotec offers an optional mounting kit for mobile air conditioners allowing to significantly reduce the device’s energy consumption while increasing its cooling capacity. Suitable for monobloc air conditioners with one-hose and two-hose technology.

An even higher energy-saving potential can be achieved when using the door and window seal AirLock 1000. Being the only window seal on the market that has a perimeter of 560 cm, the AirLock 1000 even allows sealing of floor-to-ceiling windows or balcony and patio doors.

Exhaust hose adapter / window adapter / window nozzle

Exhaust hose adapter / Window adapter / Window nozzle

The adapter is a practical addition for mobile air conditioning users. It considerably simplifies the routing of the air conditioning exhaust hose to the outside. Optionally through a tilted window or the Trotec window seal AirLock 100/1000.

The large opening of the adapter is simply slipped over the exhaust air hose and the narrow end of the adapter is then either pushed through the opening of the Trotec AirLock 100/1000 window seal, or through a tilted window. With an exhaust hose diameter of 142 mm, the adapter fits without any further aids.

PAC Rollladen-Fensterblende

PAC roller shutter window screen

The PAC roller shutter window screen is a practical addition for mobile air conditioning users. The cover considerably simplifies the routing of the air conditioning exhaust hose to the outside. With the window open, simply clamp the cover between the roller shutter and the frame and attach the air conditioning unit's exhaust hose to the cover using the window adapter. The room stays pleasantly cool and the heat outside.

The roller shutter window screen is suitable for all mobile air conditioning units that have an exhaust hose with a diameter of 150 mm:

Matching Trotec Accessories

Room hygrostats for controlling humidity conditioning devices

Benefit from a higher energy efficiency – automatically 

Whether a dehumidifier, a humidifier or an air cooler – all these devices, which were initially designed for operation without a hygrostat only, can be precisely controlled according to the humidity level using the socket hygrostat BH30. The hygrostat BH30 automatically switches the connected device on or off depending on the selected humidity level.

Matching Trotec Accessories

Room thermostats for regulating the temperature of heating devices and air conditioners

Put a stop to unnecessary energy consumption

For temperature-controlled switch-off and switch-on of heating devices and air conditioners, we recommend using the socket room thermostat BN30 coming equipped with manifold functions for heating and cooling control of connected devices. The thermostat automatically switches the device on or off depending on the desired room temperature.

Matching Trotec Accessories

Extension cables for more flexibility at home

Extend your range of action

Whether in the flat, in the attic or in the basement – the use of an extension cable at home increases the range of action and thus makes housework easier, not only with regard to vacuuming or ironing. It goes without saying that Trotec’s quality cables are also ideally suited for connecting mobile air conditioners, fans, electric heaters or infrared heating panels – helping to establish an agreeable feel-good climate everywhere in the house. 

Matching Trotec accessories

Everything from one socket

3-way/5-way socket distributor with two USB connections

With the practical multiple socket outlets PVH3 and PVH5, missing sockets for numerous electrical devices are a thing of the past. With their 1.5-long cable, the heat-resistant and shockproof multiple sockets extend the accessibility of available sockets and increase the number of usable devices with Schuko plugs by three (PVH3) or five (PVH5). Besides, they allow for simultaneous charging of two smartphones, tablets or other USB devices – more charging power for up to five electrical devices such as notebooks, printers or household appliances plus two devices with USB charging port (type A). Thanks to the 45° positioning of the slots, the plugs even of larger power adapters, fit optimally and easily next to each other in the sockets.

Matching Trotec accessories

All-round perfect control of the power connection

Mobile cable drums solve a seemingly simple problem: whenever the way to the nearest socket is too far away or there are fewer sockets available than electrical appliances planned to be used at the operating site, using a cable drum such as the PVD1EU is simply the best choice – whether in the workshop or garage, when performing DIY tasks or working on your construction site at home, in the garden or for leisure activities.