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Door and window seal AirLock 1000
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Door and window seal AirLock 1000

The ideal accessory for an energy-saving application of monobloc devices

Trotec's AirLock is Europe's best-selling window seal for the combined use with one- or two-hose air conditioners.

The AirLock 1000 enhances the application possibilities of this practical accessory series as it allows for use with patio and balcony doors or floor-to-ceiling windows.

Using the AirLock 1000, you can finally benefit from the advantages of an energy-saving window lock even with doors or very large windows!

The AirLock 1000 is the only window seal on the market with a perimeter of 560 cm. This is what makes the AirLock 1000 the first choice when it comes to sealing balcony and patio doors or floor-to-ceiling windows with tilt/turn lock.

Whether for large or small windows or doors, with the AirLock 100, AirLock 200 and AirLock 1000 Trotec has the suitable window seal for every application on offer – and the installation of an AirLock will pay off in any case. For no matter how easy-to-handle, low-priced and powerful the popular monobloc air conditioners may be, they still have one deficiency: The exhaust air hose of one-hose devices, or even two hoses in case of more efficient recirculation units. Understandably, 99 % of all users simply tuck the hoses into the frame of an open window or door instead of creating complex wall openings. This way, however, not only warm air flows back into the room, which will significantly affect the cooling capacity and energy balance. Dust, dirt and insects, too, can easily enter the rooms. Moreover, rain may penetrate during a sudden shower and have serious consequences.

Simple and perfect-fit installation with AirLock 1000

AirLock helps you to solve all these problems at one go and to benefit from further advantages in addition:

The exhaust air window seal AirLock 1000 can be installed between a door or window and the frame with very little effort. It has two flexibly adjustable zip openings allowing to precisely tuck in one exhaust air hose end piece each. If only one opening is needed, the second zip opening simply remains closed and invisible without letting any air pass through. And when you leave the building, the doors or windows can be closed without difficulty. There is no need to disassemble the AirLock.

This technology makes the textile seal AirLock 1000 extremely versatile: Owing to the two separate zip openings, you can use the AirLock 1000 in combination with any one-hose or two-hose air conditioner. Each of the openings can be precisely adapted to any hose diameter and nozzle size thanks to the zip. This way you can prevent the warm outside air from flowing back into the room, which allows you to reduce the power consumption of your air conditioner. Moreover you can reliably keep dirt and insects at bay.

Door and window seal AirLock 1000

Convincing market leader quality

No other window seal for air conditioners is sold more frequently in Europe than Trotec's AirLock.

For a good reason: The AirLock, which was originally designed specifically for German tilt/turn windows, has also become highly popular in other European countries since the translucent but water-repellent material is characterized by high processing quality down to the seams and at the same time has low specific heat conduction characteristics, which reduces the energy demand of air conditioners considerably.

This way, the AirLock virtually pays for itself in next to no time!

Perimeter of 560 cm for balcony or patio doors and floor-to-ceiling windows

Ideal for doors and extra large windows

Thanks to its large perimeter, the AirLock 1000 can be installed on almost every door. But you can also simply calculate the required size yourself:

Just multiply the height of the window or door by two and add the width.

If the sum is below or equal to 560 cm, this means that the AirLock 1000 is perfectly suited for your individual sealing application.

Simple installation with supplied Velcro tape

The installation of an AirLock 1000 is simple and uncomplicated:

The textile seal is fastened all around the window gap with Velcro tape. Two integrated zips now provide the option of guiding the exhaust air hose through the seal at any position. No tools or additional equipment are required for mounting; we will deliver your AirLock 1000 completely ready for installation with Velcro tape included!

By the way: The convenient recirculation window seal AirLock is not only recommended to be used with air conditioners during the hot season. You can use this textile seal all year round with any type of devices emitting exhaust air, for instance laundry dryers.

A few practical benefits:

  • Energy-saving door and window seal
  • Increasing the cooling capacity, reducing the energy consumption
  • Ideally suited for patio and balcony doors or floor-to-ceiling windows
  • Suitable for air conditioners employing the one-hose and two-hose technology thanks to two zip openings
  • Variably adaptable to all hose diameters
  • Water-repellent and washable
  • Prevents the penetration of warm outdoor air and insects
  • Despite the seal the window can be closed without difficulty
  • An investment that redeems itself in next to no time
  • Simple self-assembly
  • Disassembly leaving no traces

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AirLock 1000 Door and Window Sealing

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