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ComfortCtrl. Trust is good. Ctrl is better.

Effective and precise measurements. No matter whether temperature, humidity level or energy costs. The products from TROTEC. AT HOME. make Ctrl an absolutely laid-back affair.

Many things are up to the individual. If you want precise measurement results, you'd better rely on us. TROTEC. AT HOME.

Somehow your room climate doesn't feel perfect? This can be due to many things. Humidity level. Temperature. Let's measure. And the results are right there. Just like the solutions for optimizing your feel-good climate.

Your energy costs are giving you the creeps? Let's measure. To find out where your energy guzzler is located. Your budget will appreciate it.

The roast in the cookbook looks juicier than the piece of meat on your plate? Let's measure. And it's going to be delicious.

Sometimes it's better to take a close look in order to create ideal conditions. Do not let your life depend on chance.

We from TROTEC. AT HOME. find it practical to get to the bottom of things with the right measuring devices. To simplify and particularly to improve them.

What can be measured – and how? Find out more on our product pages. Or talk to our experts. We will find a solution. And you can measure our performance.

Measurable results.

  • Precise measurement of room climate factors.
  • Matching products optimizing the measured room climate.
  • Measuring products with guaranteed success.
  • Energy-saving. Cost-saving.
  • Simple handling.

The ComfortCtrl products at a glance. Control that makes sense. Whether room temperature or humidity level. Whether Sunday roast or energy consumption. All measuring devices from TROTEC. AT HOME. are experts in their field.

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