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Emergency cooling solutions

Mobile temporary cooling for commercial and industrial spaces – for rental or for purchase from TKL.

In the pharmaceuticals industry and the food trade, in the EDP sector or in the field of facility management – when stationary cooling systems fail, mobile emergency devices must be provided as quickly as possible. TKL offers and delivers the right cooling units for every requirement, by means of which even large rooms can be cooled down to 10 degrees Celsius. In your area and available on every day of the year. Find out more about our emergency cooling solutions – and about our current range of mobile cooling units of the PT series.

Emergency cooling ensures the uninterrupted supply with cool air

Avoiding losses of revenue

Interruptions of the cooling supply produce additional costs that even culminate in losses of revenue

In a laboratory building the delayed refurbishment of the air conditioning system will temporary interrupt the cooling in the individual storeys. In a hotel business the cooling system, in spite of having been refitted, may nevertheless be facing collapse due to high outside temperatures. In the server rooms of a computer centre, heat loads accumulated by a failure of the air conditioning system are no longer dissipated. 

A failure of the cool air supply always takes you by surprise and definitely at the most inconvenient of times. The quick and reliable emergency cooling for example is ideal for the following application purposes: temporary accommodation, storage facilities and production halls, measuring and regulation centres, laboratories, trade fairs and exhibitions, offices and commercial spaces, marquees ...

Cooling issues often result in production interruptions with the consequence of substantial losses of revenue. Or, even worse, considerable additional costs caused by warranty claims and contractual penalties. Therefore, if the air conditioning system fails or if it is to be switched off for the reason of annual servicing, mobile replacement must be provided as quickly as possible. That's why the most reasonable thing to do is to take the event of a cold air supply failure into account in the first place – and also budget the uninterruptible cooling supply of professional emergency cooling like that offered by TKL: Throughout Europe with express delivery thanks to the 24-hours emergency service, on schedule, with reliable, certified forwarders and with all required technical support on-site for you.

There are many reasons why you might need mobile supply with cold air

Sudden failures, maintenance work or refurbishments are usually the main reasons for being in need of mobile supply with cool air. For instance, if the cool air supply system fails, because the air conditioning system of an office building or a storage hall suddenly is 'on strike', the in-house technical service may be able to remedy the fault. This could prevent a major production breakdown or a heat accumulation in rooms or halls. The situation may be different if a cooling unit shows such severe defects that only the replacement of the parts affected would be the solution. Then a waiting period for the replacement parts of at least a few days is inevitable. In order to maintain the supply of cooling air nevertheless, mobile emergency cooling is required – and renting cold air from TKL is the perfect solution. 

Another reason to revert to temporary emergency cooling from TKL as an intermediate solution may be delays in the new installation of the stationary air conditioning system. For example, if a company decides on the installation of a new cooling unit or air conditioning system, in spite of the most careful planning, delays that are caused by the large number of trades involved and that can no longer be compensated later on are prone to occur. If individual building areas are already to be supplied with air conditioning then in order to utilize them effectively, although the central cooling supply has not been installed yet, don't hesitate to call TKL.

Mobile air conditioning
Emergency cooling of server rooms

You data also love to stay cool 

Did you know that the ideal temperature for server rooms is between 22 °C and maximally 25 °C? Especially in summer, though, it is relatively difficult to reach this temperature. For one thing, because the hardware itself produces a great deal of heat. As the permanent processing of large data volumes consumes a tremendous amount of electrical energy, which flows back to the server room as exhaust heat. If the outdoor thermometer additionally moves near the 35 °C mark, even modern server systems will get too hot. A heat-related server failure is imminent. If companies are struck by such a failure, everything stops – until the subsequent inevitable cost explosion that will erupt for repairing the damage. At high summerlike temperatures you should therefore rely on an additional mobile air conditioning system from TKL – as the best protection against expensive data loss.

Winter time is servicing time 

To ensure that stationary cooling systems can also perform at their best in the next hot summer, regular maintenance is indispensable. The perfect time to perform such a thorough check of your cooling units and air conditioners is the start of the year, because then outdoor temperatures remain on a relatively constant low level. Since the low outdoor temperatures reduce the operating time and the performance to be reached of the mobile replacement cooling machine rented from TKL. In this way you get to enjoy a double benefit – low outdoor temperatures and favourable TKL conditions. 

Mobile air conditioning systems of the PT series for easy and quick deployment

The robust TROTEC cooling units of the PT series from European high-quality manufacturing have been specifically designed for the cooling of large rooms, halls and marquees. The high-performance and reliable cooling professionals convince by their easy and quick start-up in almost every location. Be it PT 4500 S, PT 6500 S, PT 6500 HTPT 15000 S, PT 15000 HT or PT 23000 S – depending on the model, the professional air conditioners with their cooling capacity of 5.5 kW to 23 kW can put through an air volume of 550 m³ to a huge volume of 5,400 m³ per hour. In this way, even large rooms are cooled down to 10 degrees Celsius in a short time.

Connecting as quick as lightning thanks to water cooling circuit with quick release fastener

The air conditioning systems of the PT series come with two separate cooling circuits. The refrigerant circuit of the basic device is hermetically sealed. By contrast, another circuit is installed between cooling unit and external heat exchanger for cooling the condenser as well as for heat removal using a connection set. In this additional circuit only water with a low glycol concentration circulates as cooling medium, thus ruling out a loss of refrigerant when connecting or disconnecting the devices in a professional fashion.

For a quick installation of the water and power lines between air conditioner and heat exchanger the connection sets of these air conditioning systems come equipped with high-class quick-lock couplings. As a result, even longer connections over a distance of up to 30 metres can be realized without difficulty in a quick, clean and easy manner – ideal, for example, for control centres, storage, server and utility rooms, where there is hardly ever any room to accommodate such heat dissipation measures.

With their compact dimensions and the practical transport wheels the mobile air conditioners of the PT series fit through normal doors and lifts. TKL offers the right model for every specific application, as a variety of versions and performance classes of the PT series is provided to you – for purchase or for rental.

PT air conditioners
Higher versatility by Duplex Cooling option

Higher versatility by Duplex Cooling option:

For all PT air conditioners, furthermore the possibility of using Duplex Cooling is provided. Instead of one heat exchanger, two heat exchangers are installed in series for each DualHex coupling on one connecting line in each case, i.e. the number of heat exchangers used is doubled.

Duplex Cooling allows for a Δt- increase of the upper working range limit value around 7 °C, which makes it possible to utilize the devices even at higher ambient temperatures, or ensures that they do not run under full load at lower temperatures.

Models for high-temperature environments up to +55 °C available

For warmer environments the standard models can not only be optionally enhanced via HEX upgrade or Duplex Cooling with ΔT +7 °C, with the PT 6500 HT and PT 15000 HT models, furthermore two special air conditioners are provided, which are specially designed for high-temperature environments up to +55 °C. In this way, PT air conditioners can even still be reliably used for cooling applications in environments so hot that other models wouldn't make it.

More information regarding the mobile air conditioners of the PT series can be found here.

PlanoPT – the world's unique connection feedthrough underneath doors

The PlanoPT which is only exclusive available at TROTEC and TKL makes it possible to implement a quick and easy installation of the connection sets underneath doors between the inside unit and the outside unit of all PT air conditioning systems.

Then you can shut the door behind you – since, thanks to PlanoPT and owing to their especially flat centre part the connecting lines between the cooling unit and external heat exchanger of split air conditioning units can be practically installed underneath all common inside and outside doors. For this purpose, quick-lock couplings, plugs for the power line and condensate hose connection as well as earth connections on both sides of the PlanoPT are provided. The flow design of the watertight multi-chamber system has been optimized specifically for the flow rates of PT air conditioners and – despite the centre section's height of only 6 millimetres – it guarantees a smooth and uninterrupted pass-through without counter-pressure.

Rely on engineering skill "made in Germany" patented by TROTEC – your company will benefit from this installation underneath doors in both energetic and safety-related respects. Since because PlanoPT does not affect the closing characteristics of doors, the outside doors of event rooms, for example, can remain closed. Therefore, also contact TKL where this subject is concerned. 

Find more information about the PlanoPT connection feedthrough underneath doors here.

PlanoPT connection feedthrough underneath doors

Quick overview: Advantages of air conditioning using the models of the PT series

Practical benefits for trade and industry

  • Air- or water-cooled for versatile applications in temporary accommodation, storage facilities and production spaces, measuring and regulation units, trade fairs and exhibitions, laboratories, offices, commercial premises and marquees
  • Cooling at peak times: Depending on the operating conditions, room temperatures can be cooled down to 10 °C
  • Simple installation without the need to consult specialists – ready for use in a matter of minutes
  • Refrigerant-free heat removal from the internal unit to the heat exchanger
  • Protection against heat damage in the field of housing technology installations
  • Agreeable working climate

Cost advantages for the trade professionals and for the industry

  • No expensive, heat-related loss of working hours and production downtimes
  • Punctual completion of all planned work on schedule
  • Avoiding contractual penalties due to late completion
  • No damage or impairments by the interrupted cooling on stored goods or systems that are sensitive to heat
  • Favourable rental prices for mobile air conditioners from TKL and fast response times

What cooling capacity do your rooms require?

For business facilities, surgeries, offices or warehouses, you can use the following values to carry out a quick and approximate determination of your demand for the cooling capacity required:

  • 30 watts per cubic metre
    for ideal-typical business facilities along the lines of passive house standard, normal sized window area and little frequented
  • Additional 10 watts per cubic metre
    in the case of poor insulation
  • Additional 10 watts per cubic metre
    if there are more than 3 individuals in the room
  • Additional 10 watts per cubic metre
    if the size of the window area exceeds the average
  • Additional 10 watts per cubic metre
    if the windows and/or outer walls are facing south
  • 50 watts per cubic metre
    for attic rooms.
    Especially for attic rooms in old buildings determining the required cooling capacity remains a difficult task due to the lack of knowledge regarding the roof's thermal insulation. Just to be on the safe side, take 60 watts per cubic metre as a basis, in the case of poorly insulated roofs and many skylights, still more.
  • 55 watts per cubic metre
    when using air conditioners in construction site trailers

Online capacity calculation

An individual cooling load calculation in addition to spatial specifications also requires taking into consideration the usage behaviour and further heat loads. Therefore, just make use of our online calculator for a more detailed calculation, which we're providing to you in the following.

How to calculate the cooling capacity required:

Performance calculation for air conditioners

Calculate approximately the required performance for your air conditioning – in our handy online calculator

Instructions for use:

You can use the following method to quickly and easily determine the cooling load required for your rooms. This cooling load calculation should be seen as a rough guide – it is not a substitute for an exact calculation in accordance with existing norms. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

The following items must be included in order to be able to determine the required air conditioning performance:

  1. What is the total volume of the room to be climatised?
  2. What is the approximate insulation value of the room to be climatised?
  3. What additional heat load does the room to be climatised have?

Choose type of calculation

Room volume calculating

Selecting the insulation value

Additional heat load

After entering the values click on

1. Windows heat transition and insulation:
2. Outer walls heat transition:
3. Roof heat transition:
4. Inner walls heat transition:
5. Persons
6. Other demands (are attributed with a factor of 0.8):

Results of the calculation

Result of the volume calculation [m³]:


Results of the performance calculations [kW]:


Legal notice:
This form may only be used for the purpose for which it was intended. It is not permitted for third parties to use the source code or duplicate it in any form.

Please contact our expert advisers to evaluate the required cooling load. The results derived from these calculations serve solely as a means for providing a rough estimate and Trotec GmbH does not resume liability for any damages resulting hereof. All use is at your own risk and all responsibility is assumed by the user. All our services are subject to our general terms of Business.

Performance calculation for air conditioners

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Buying or renting air conditioners – our recommendation

Purchase or rental at TKL

At TKL you can rent or buy – and at an especially low price!

Purchasing mobile air conditioners of the PT series from TKL is always an excellent choice for your commercial and industrial spaces. All models can be used for a wide range of applications, are easy to install and provide maximum flexibility where their installation location is concerned. Whether the spaces in question are rooms with public traffic, which are to be kept at a permanently pleasant temperature, or office buildings that involve the cooling of IT rooms for avoiding data loss, or if storage halls with temperature-critical goods are to be cooled, the efficient and reliable professional machines always convince with their strong cooling capacity, extensive air circulation and maximum cooling to a room temperature of 10 °C. 

By renting you're staying flexible!

Do you only require cooling systems for summerlike peak temperatures, for the annual servicing or as emergency cooling? Then a rental cooling solution from TKL is perfect for you. In this way your company stays flexible, because you're always provided with needs-based air conditioning adapted to the facilities. Another benefit provided by cool air that is rented is that no capital is tied up and in this way your financial leeway is maintained. Furthermore your company can directly deduct the whole rental costs as operating expenses.

But the best is still to come: You practically don't have to take of anything: Our service technicians deliver and install the air conditioning system on request and collect it again at the date arranged – any time and throughout Europe.

Your advantages at TKL

At TKL and TROTEC you'll find the suitable air conditioning solution – from one single source

The TKL Rental Division is the rental specialist of the TROTEC Group. TROTEC is the device manufacturer and TKL organizes the rental – but both companies together also shoulder the sale of the more than 150,000 appliances that we are offering to you for rental and purchasing. As our customer you always receive seamless service from one single source, whether you refer to TROTEC or TKL. Since we produce our devices ourselves, you also benefit from our comprehensive know-how when it comes to mobile air conditioning. Competence and long-standing experience with large-scale projects ensure smooth processing in any location and in every size.

Be on the safe side and go for reliability and experience. 
With the following service benefits we want to convince you in every respect:

  • Optimum consulting
    Individual, demand-oriented, price-sensitive – we want you to be satisfied!
  • Rental and purchase
    Flexible rental solution or setting up an equipment fleet – we are your partner!
  • Maximum flexibility
    We grant you short and flexible rental periods. You decide for how long you wish to keep your air conditioners.
  • For private customers and companies
    We offer devices in all performance classes and for projects of any size – from short-time rental to commercial continuous air conditioning.
  • Transparent rates 
    No hidden costs! In a first step we'll provide you with a detailed overview of the costs you'll be facing.
  • Direct availability by a high level of inventory
    Our high level of inventory of 150,000 rental and purchase appliances in all performance classes makes it possible to still carry out deliveries in the main seasons when everyone else already has to pass. At TROTEC and TKL you have access to one of the largest range of air conditioners in Europe!
TKL rental service
TKL delivery throughout Europe
  • Optimum value-for-money ratio
    Our devices convince by performance and price. We offer you favourable flat rates for rental.
  • Tested device quality
    Our product portfolio is tested and maintained on the basis of strict criteria at regular intervals. Each air conditioner is checked with regard to its full range of functional features before delivery. In this way you do not face any unexpected surprises when using the devices.
  • Installation and dismantling service
    To ensure smooth processing we safely connect all components for you on request. We also explain the operation to you. And when you've completed the project everything's quickly restored to order again.
  • Technical support
    If something doesn't work as planned, we are there to assist you! You can reach our trained specialist staff around the clock – if required, we also assist you on site.
  • 24-hour emergency service
    Whether you require emergency cooling, or in the event of a device failure or events caused by extreme weather conditions – we'll help you out!
  • All accessories available
    From extension hoses to thermostats and adapters – we offer the perfect accessories for every situation. In this way you get the best out of your air conditioners.
  • Express delivery throughout Europe
    Whether you're situated in Cologne, Munich, Paris or Milan – we provide fast deliveries on schedule and with reliable, certified forwarders.
  • Collection by the customer also possible
    In our store at Heinsberg you can inspect all devices, obtain detailed information, and you're welcome to pick the devices up yourself.
  • Unlimited service – internationally excellently positioned 
    For international projects, TROTEC and TKL are nearby throughout Europe. This always provides you with a contact person that speaks your national language, is familiar with the conditions on site and takes care of everything together with you. Our network of subsidiaries and service partners is growing steadily to make sure our quick and competent on-site service is available for you regardless of the location.
Always in stores nearby!

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Overview: Air conditioners of the PT series from Trotec and PlanoPT connection feedthrough underneath doors

 PT 15000 S Commercial Air Conditioner show in Trotec online shop

PT 15000 S Commercial Air Conditioner

13,499.95 £ incl. VAT Show net price (VAT not included)

PlanoPT Under Door Connector show in Trotec online shop

PlanoPT Under Door Connector

699.95 £ incl. VAT Show net price (VAT not included)

Daily rent:
6.00 £ incl. VAT per day

We're happy to be of service! Your contact to TKL.

We'll be pleased to be at your service for a non-binding consultation. Our committed service team will analyze your individual requirements and offer you a tailor-made air conditioning solution. On the basis of our long-standing experience we can always compile the optimum device combination for you – offering you the best performance at the best price. We're looking forward to hearing from you!

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