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Fans from Trotec – in every performance class and price range

Effective ventilation and reliable air transport: the high-performance fans, wind machines and turbo fans from Trotec make a good job of it. Fans and wind machines of different performance classes are available for use on construction sites, in the industrial sector and in craft enterprises, but also in the event sector or private sector. Among the different device series you will always find the appropriate machine fulfilling your requirements.

  • Theatrical ventilation for open-air events

    If you're an organizer of successful events, apart from the right intuition for the target group, music and location, you especially need one thing: a sophisticated, well-engineered theatrical ventilation concept to make a lasting impression on the guests Whether your event is to take place indoors in a hall or outdoors at an open-air festival: Trotec supplies the suitable wind machines for mobile...

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  • High-pressure fans in an international competition

    Trotec's radial fans TFV 900 ensure that the contestants of the Gov Games in Dubai can blow off some steam, leaving them short-winded.

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  • Simulating a hurricane in a TV studio

    In their ratings hit "Mein bester Feind" broadcasted on Pro7 Joko and Klaas relied on high-performance technology from Trotec

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  • Wind machines for running events

    Trotec's colossal wind machine TTW 400000 causes quite a stir at the Fisherman's Friend Strongman Run!

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  • Ventilation in livestock farming

    A good climate is decisive for livestock farming. All farm animals, whether dairy cows, calves, fattening pigs, laying or slaughter poultry, primarily need fresh air to prevent them from perishing early and to prevent the production of milk, meat or eggs from dropping tremendously. Even frequent cleaning does not necessarily protect the air in the stable from becoming contaminated. Due to...

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