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PSIS 10-230V
PSIS 11-230V
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Soldering stations

Temperature-controlled soldering stations for electronics technicians and DIY enthusiasts

PSIS 10-230V
PSIS 11-230V

Send your old soldering iron into retirement – the future belongs to the soldering stations

Who doesn’t know the good old soldering iron? Whether in school lessons, in the fields of hobby electronics, model construction, crafted glass art, or professional work with electronic components and printed circuit boards – universal soldering irons have been the standard tool for creating soldering connections for a long time. Yet, conventional soldering irons only have a very reduced functional scope and are not equipped with a temperature regulation function, a feature that is a standard equipment component of modern soldering stations today. That’s why more and more professionals, DIY and handicraft enthusiasts are using fully equipped soldering stations to obtain perfect quality of the soldering joints when carrying out soft soldering tasks and at the same time benefit from an enhanced work comfort.

Trotec soldering stations create reliable and durable connections

With the analog and digital soldering station from Trotec, precise soldering tasks can be implemented especially conveniently and cost-effectively.

Soldering stations of the PSIS series are suitable for a variety of different applications:

  • soldering and desoldering of capacitors, resistors and transistors on electronic components, or the assembly of printed circuit boards
  • Reliable soldering of cables and wires
  • Establishing firm connections in the field of model construction
  • Craft activities with Tiffany glass art and jewellery making

Irrespective of whether you choose a universal soldering station like the PSIS-11-230V, or if you prefer a digital soldering station like the PSIS 10-230V – all Trotec soldering stations are winners due to their comprehensive full equipment, outstanding ergonomics, maximum work safety and a high material quality.

PSIS 10-230V
PSIS 11-230V

Analog and digital soldering stations from Trotec – including everything that pros and beginners expect from a soldering, desoldering and joining tool

When you select your new soldering station, you have the choice between analog and digital temperature control. If you prefer the classic and simple tool, you’ll opt for the universal soldering station PSIS 11-230V (48 watts) – here you select the temperature range required for soldering (± 150 – 500 °C ) via a manual control dial. If you wish to be absolutely precise, you’ll opt for the digital soldering station PSIS 10-230V (60 watts) with which you adjust the operating temperature of the soldering tip (± 200 – 450 °C ) accurately to the degree via a digital control panel with LCD display.

With regard to the equipment features, the analog and digital Trotec soldering station leave nothing to be desired. All soldering stations are available as a complete package with comprehensive accessories so that you can get started immediately.

Supplied with all Trotec soldering stations:

  • Ergonomically shaped soldering iron with heat-resistant softgrip inserts and a long cable to the soldering station
    Working comfortably with maximum freedom of movement
  • Base station with material compartments for soldering tips and solder rolls
    Keeping your work table well-arranged and tidy – without unnecessary searching
  • Soldering iron holder with holding coil
    For a secure stand during the heating-up and cooling process
  • Soldering sponge tray with soldering sponge
    Indispensable for clean soldering results – always close at hand thanks to the sponge tray
  • Set of soldering tips
    Differently sized soldering tips with a screw thread allow for filigree to large-area soldering tasks
  • Solder set
    Everything in perfect order and always ready for use: solder in different diameters

Our range of soldering stations

  • PSIS 10-230V-TrotecInnovations

    PSIS 10-230V

    Digital soldering station

    With its power of 60 watts, the PSIS 10-230V reaches a temperature of 400 °C within 4 minutes. The maximum temperature range goes up to 450 °C with 3 preset levels. However, you can also manually adjust it to the desired temperature value. The scope of delivery comprises 3 soldering tips and 2 portions of lead-free solder in different forms (sizes) to ensure that you're free to perfectly carry out rough to fine jobs. A soldering sponge and soldering iron holder are also part of the set. The temperature unit, the pre-pre-programmed temperature value, the target-actual temperature and the heating temperature are shown on the LCD. The soldering iron switches itself to stand-by energy-efficiently and automatically after 30 minutes, in order to prevent oxidation of the soldering tip and to extend its lifetime. Furthermore the PSIS 10-230V is provided with a practical storage compartment for the soldering tips and solder.

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  • PSIS 11-230V-TrotecInnovations

    PSIS 11-230V

    Powerful soldering station

    The universally applicable PSIS 11-230V with its 48 watts of power achieves a temperature of 500 °C within 5 minutes to solder or unsolder electronic components – for professional electricians and for DIY enthusiasts. The setting range of the temperature can be controlled steplessly between 150 and 500 °C. The scope of delivery comprises 2 soldering tips and 2 lead-free solders in different designs (sizes) for accurately performing rough to fine work. A soldering sponge and a soldering iron stand are also included. Furthermore, the PSIS 11-230V is provided with a practical storage compartment for the soldering tips and the solder as well as with a holder for the soldering iron.

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Technical data by comparison

All soldering stations in direct comparison:

To find the soldering station which exactly meets your requirements, please consult the concise overview of all soldering stations from Trotec, which we're providing to you here so that you can compare them directly to each other.

Models which you do not wish to include in your comparison can be easily dismissed with only one click.

Technical data by comparison

Trotec’s set of spare soldering tips for soldering stations PSIS 10-230V and PSIS 11-230V

It’s better to have them than to need them! With our set of spare soldering tips (60 pieces) you no longer have to concern yourself with missing soldering tips while carrying out regular soldering tasks.

The set of spare soldering tips comprises 60 soldering tips in two designs:

  • 30 x Soldering tips, conical, 33 mm length, Ø 4.0 mm, with screw thread
  • 30 x Soldering tips, chisel-shaped, 33 mm length, Ø 4.0 mm, with screw thread

Your advantages when purchasing the set of soldering tips:

  • Matching soldering tip with the right tip shape always at hand
  • Very high thermal conductivity 
  • Long service life
  • Can be used for a variety of professional soldering tasks
  • Cost-effective alternative to the individual purchase of soldering tips
  • Suitable for PSIS 10-230VPSIS 11-230V and further commercially available soldering stations
Trotec’s set of spare soldering tips
Trotec’s set of spare soldering tips

 standard equipment

 optionally available

 not available