Soldering station PSIS 10-230V
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Digital soldering station PSIS 10-230V

Temperature-controlled 60-watt soldering station (200 – 450 °C) for electronics technicians and DIY enthusiasts – including 3 soldering tips and 2 solder rolls

The universally applicable soldering station PSIS 10-230V allows you to carry out temperature-controlled soldering and desoldering of electronic components like a pro. Irrespective of whether you want to carry out sensitive soldering tasks when repairing electronic devices and PCBS – or if you wish to securely and tightly connect filigree structural components in model construction applications: the soldering station PSIS 10-230V with its power of 60 watts supplies a quick and constant working temperature in the temperature range from 200 – 450 °C for every soldering task. Without long heat-up times!

Everything under control with digital temperature control 

The compact base station with its easily accessible on/off switch, storage compartments for solder and soldering tips as well as an easily accessible control panel with a digital LC display provides the digital centrepiece of this soldering station. You can conveniently three temperature levels at the touch of a button and make fine adjustments in steps of 10 °C. When switching the station on, it will always start with the temperature setting used last. 

The clearly arranged LC display with its segment display informs you on

  • the heating status of the soldering iron (eight-level heating display)
  • the preselected temperature (200 °C, 300 °C or 400 °C)
  • the temperature of the soldering tip (200 – 450 °C)

Ergonomic complete equipment for precise and safe soldering tasks

The ergonomically shaped precision soldering iron comes equipped with anti-slip softgrip inserts and with its 120-cm cable supply line ensures convenient and flexible working. During the heating-up phase or during soldering pauses, the soldering iron finds its safe place in the holding coil of the soldering iron holder of heat-resistant plastic.

Extremely practical: The base of the soldering iron holder contains a storage compartment for the soldering sponge that it is also included in the scope of supply. The soldering tips with their screw threads can be changed easily and without the use of tools by simply screwing them in or out.

Items you have to purchase in addition for many soldering stations, often at expensive prices, are already included in the standard scope of delivery of the digital soldering station PSIS 10-230V: 1 x Soldering iron holder, 3 x Soldering tips with different widths, 2 x Solder rolls with different diameters, 1 x Soldering sponge.

Complete package for challenging soldering tasks

In spite of the comparatively low package price, the digital soldering station PSIS 10-230V convinces with an equally powerful and intelligent heating technology and a consequentially low heating time of 60 seconds. The standby mode additionally allows for welcome energy savings. If the device is not used for 30 minutes, the temperature setting of the soldering iron automatically reduces to 200 °C. The standby mode is exited by pressing any button on the soldering station.

Unpack, heat up, and get started!

The accessories already included in the standard scope of delivery provides for precise and convenient working in the most varied fields of application up to demanding precision tasks directly after unpacking.

Accessories contained in scope of delivery:

1 x Soldering iron holder with holding coil and soldering sponge tray
Whether heating up or cooling down – in the robust soldering iron holder the soldering iron finds its safe place before, during and after soldering tasks are carried out. 

3 x Soldering tips (1 preassembled)
Three soldering tips of different sizes allow to carry out large-surface to filigree soldering tasks in a variety of different areas of applications.

2 x Solder rolls (10 g each, solder Ø 1.0 mm, solder Ø 1.5 mm)
Irrespective of whether you want to connect wires or solder electronic components: the solder is already part of the scope of delivery.

1 x Soldering sponge
The soldering sponge integrated into the solder sponge tray serves to keep the soldering tip clean or to clean it.

The key equipment features of the digital soldering station PSIS 10‑230V at a glance

Soldering station PSIS 10-230V – compact and functional
Compact and functional: The soldering station can be operated easily. The concise arrangement of the buttons enables a quick preselection of temperatures.
Soldering station PSIS 10-230V – keeping track of things with the digital display
Keeping track of things with the digital display: The preselected temperature range, the temperature of the soldering tip and the heating status of the soldering iron can be read off from the clearly structured LC display at all times.
Soldering station PSIS 10-230V – tool-free change of the soldering tip
Tool-free change of the soldering tip: The soldering tip can be screwed in and out in no time.
Soldering station PSIS 10-230V – tool-free change of the soldering tip
Tool-free change of the soldering tip: The soldering tip can be screwed in and out in no time.
Soldering station PSIS 10-230V – robust soldering iron holder
Robust soldering iron holder with an integrated soldering sponge tray: When the soldering iron is not needed it waits for its next application, stored safely and stably in the soldering iron holder. You clean it by means of the soldering sponge.
Soldering station PSIS 10-230V – practical storage compartments
Perfectly stowed for the next application: The practical storage compartments for the soldering tips and solder sort things out on the work bench.
Soldering station PSIS 10-230V – three soldering tips for every application
Prepared for any application: The scope of delivery already includes three soldering tips with screw thread. They can be changed without the use of any tools.
Soldering station PSIS 10-230V – soldering station PSIS 10-230V – two solder rolls included
Perfectly prepared for the first soldering mission: Two solder rolls with different diameters are already included in the set. Unpack and get started.
Soldering station PSIS 10-230V – full equipment for beginners and professionals
Full equipment for beginners and professionals: What you have to buy extra and costly for other soldering stations, the PSIS 10-230V already contains.

The digital soldering station PSIS 10-230V is perfect for carrying out soldering tasks in the field of model construction, repairing electronic components and correcting cold soldering joints.

Soldering station PSIS 10-230V – ideal for broken cable connections and defective plugs
With the soldering station you can repair broken cable connections and defective defective plugs yourself at low cost. Cold soldering joints are repaired in no time.
Soldering station PSIS 10-230V – ideal for small operations and precision soldering tasks
If a radio no longer plays or the washing machine packs up, the reason is often just a small detail. Our scope of delivery already provides you with the right soldering tip for such precision soldering tasks.

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Technical data by comparison

A few practical benefits:

  • 60 W digital soldering station with temperature-resistant soldering iron
  • Fast heat-up period of only approx. 60 seconds and a high temperature stability
  • Large,easy-to-read LC display
  • 3 pre-programmed temperature values
  • Precise results by optional temperature adjustment (200 °C – 450 °C)
  • Energy-efficient thanks to automatic switch-off after 30 min.
  • Tool-free change of soldering tips
  • Practical storage compartment for soldering tip and solder
  • Robust soldering iron holder provides for stable support

All important features at a glance

60-Watt soldering station
Temperature setting 200 °C – 450 °C
Heating-up time: 1 min
3 pre-programmed temperature values
On / off switch
LCD with value display
Standby mode
Soft grip for improved handling
Cables with a length of 1.5 m and 1.2 m provide for a large operating range
2 x Solder rolls
3 x Soldering tips
Soldering iron holder
PSIS 10-230V – complete scope of delivery

The digital soldering station PSIS 10-230V is offered to you including a soldering iron holder, 3 x soldering tips, 1 x solder Ø 1.0 mm, 1 x solder Ø 1.5 mm and a soldering sponge.

Benefit from the Trotec brand quality guaranteeing high value, safety and functionality. Via the registered GS mark the inspection authority TÜV Süd certifies that, if used foreseeably and as intended, the device does not pose a risk to the health and safety of the user.

Brand quality plus cost-efficiency

Reliable, powerful and suited for the most challenging fields of application: These are some of the quality features of Trotec's soldering stations. Owing to their high capacity they are able to withstand the most extreme conditions. HighPerformance for demanding applications – after all, Trotec stands for brand quality and professional solutions with an excellent value-for-money ratio!

TÜV Süd – Tested for safety

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Digital soldering station PSIS 10-230V show in Trotec online shop

Digital soldering station PSIS 10-230V

The 60 Watt soldering station PSIS 10-230V provides a fast and constant working temperature in the temperature range of 200 - 450 °C for every soldering job. Without long heat-up times!

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Technical data

Technical data
General information
  Article number 4.451.000.110
Technical data
  Power input [W] 60
  Temperature range 200-450°C
  Temperature preselection 3-stage, 200 °C, 300 °C, 400 °C
Electrical values
  Mains connection 230 V/50 Hz
  Nominal current consumption [A] 0.26
Electric connection
  Cable length of mains plug to station [m] 1.5
  Cable length of soldering iron plug to station [m] 1.2
Safety feature
  Protection class I
  Type of protection IPX0
Functions and features
  ON/OFF switch
  Soldering station
  Soldering iron
  Holder for soldering iron
  Control knobs
  Temperature adjustment
  Temperature unit indication
  Indication of the pre-programmed temperature
  Display of nominal and actual temperature
  Indication of temperature during heating process
  Energy saving mode
  Integrated storage compartment
  Standby mode
  Rubber soft grip
Accessories scope of delivery
  Number of soldering tips 3
  Solder 2 x lead-free
  Soldering sponge
  Soldering iron holder
  Length (packaging excluded) [mm] 150
  Width (packaging excluded) [mm] 125
  Height (packaging excluded) [mm] 95
  (packaging excluded) [kg] 1

 standard equipment

 optionally available

 not available



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