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A healthy breeze: ventilation in livestock farming

High-performance fans ensure reliable ventilation even in large stables – for healthy and happy animals.

A calf breathes up to 14 cubic metres of air per hour. But due to excretions and the often humid climate in the stable, the germ load is extremely high. This may lead to permanent respiratory diseases in the animals. The heat accumulation in summer equally puts a strain on livestock and poultry which is kept in narrow stables. Only a well-ventilated environment can reduce the germ load in the air. Therefore, the facilities should not only be equipped with openings but also with powerful fans. The axial fans of the TTV series from Trotec circulate the air in the stable reliably.

A good climate is decisive for livestock farming. All farm animals, whether dairy cows, calves, fattening pigs, laying or slaughter poultry, primarily need fresh air to prevent them from perishing early and to prevent the production of milk, meat or eggs from dropping tremendously. Even frequent cleaning does not necessarily protect the air in the stable from becoming contaminated. Due to excretions, straw and litter, drinking and feeding stations, the germ load in the stables is extremely high. And the warm humid climate contributes to a quick spreading of germs. This often causes respiratory diseases in animals. During summer, there is an additional risk of heat accumulation in the stable. Moreover, the stuffy warm air exposes the animals to stress, which has detrimental effects on the production.

Therefore, ventilation systems designed to permanently ensure better air conditions in livestock farming are installed on many farms. But in the event of failures or if installations are not precisely aligned, the use of them may even render the situation worse.


Handy, reliable, precise

If the air inside a livestock stable is circulated sufficiently and reliably, this will, for example in the case of cattle, guarantee an even feed intake, low metabolic stress, constant and higher-quality milk production as well as the fertility of animals. This applies to animals in open but also in stanchion stables. The producers can achieve this with a particularly simple solution: by use of an axial fans of the TTV series from Trotec. If positioned correctly in the stable or hall near an opening, the powerful device makes sure that the consumed, humid, dusty and often contaminated air is quickly replaced by air containing oxygen. Furthermore, the air current increases the well-being of the animals, and annoying insects, birds and other undesired co-inhabitants are driven away.

Durable, robust and reliable – that is what axial fans from Trotec stand for. They can be transported without difficulty and set up and put into operation at any place, wherever they are needed. The high-performance fan TTV 7000 is the most powerful device of the series and is particularly suited for agricultural use if large volumes of air must be circulated. The device provides an adjustable air flow rate of up to 7000 cubic metres per hour and impresses with an indoor discharge distance of 65 metres. An additional advantage: Using the suitable hose adapter and several connected air hoses, the TTV 7000 conveys these large amounts of air over longer distances into the entire stable or hall.

The benefits of axial fans from Trotec

  • Extremely robust for continuous operation even in tough circumstances
  • Splash-proof
  • Stackable to save space
  • Flexible to use for aeration and deaeration thanks to variable accessory modules

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