Dry air for the wet industry
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Dry air for the wet industry

Air purification, dehumidification and heating: Process optimization in maritime operational and cargo facilities

Dry air for the wet industry

Climate conditioning for all requirements

With mobile and stationary devices the Trotec Group also ensures process optimization and clean working conditions for the maritime sector: In cargo and maritime operational facilities plenty of dust is raised – enough to rock the boat? The air needs to be cleaned, dehumidified and heated and its quality be checked by means of measuring devices.

Trotec solutions in terms of dehumidification, heating, measurement technology and air cleaning have been established in several sectors for many a year, e.g. the food, chemical or automotive industry. The ensuing knowledge and experiences can also be applied to the requirements for climate conditioning in the maritime sector. For here, too, Trotec as climate expert with mobile and stationary solutions enables process optimization and more efficient working.

Dehumidifying, heating and cleaning – the ideal machines for the maritime sector

For the typical task in a shipyard – namely a high dehumidification performance even at low temperatures – Trotec provides the desiccant dehumidifier TTR 1400. This industrial desiccant dehumidifier dehumidifies up to 177 kg in 24 hours even under rough conditions. With the heat recovery integrated as standard and the electronic energy management all TTR desiccant dehumidifiers rank among the most economic devices of their kind. In contrast to condensation dehumidifiers, the desiccant principle not only enables a reliable and high dehumidification performance even at low temperatures, but above all also the achievement of lower dew points. When the dew points do not have to be quite as low, a condenser dryer for use in ship building, shipyards or the area of cargo is also suitable. For instance the industrial condenser dryer DH 160, which has a dehumidification performance of up to 250 litres per day.

Dry air for the wet industry

Always the right temperature

The proper temperature also plays an important role when working in the maritime sector. Particularly well suited for the maritime sector is the high-performance electric heating unit TEH 400. It can be controlled electronically in terms of air volume and temperature in multiple stages and is designed for air transport distances of up to 100 metres hose length. Professional devices for air purification not only protect employees, but also other devices and the ship's coating surface from dust deposits and inclusions. Devices such as the air cleaner TAC 6500 come with the required capacity for dust class H. Whether dehumidifying, heating or cleaning: The monitoring of air quality can be ensured with different measuring devices and data loggers of our measuring technology range.

Make use of our best practice industrial services

Make use of Trotec's best practice industrial services

Since every industrial undertaking has characteristic process flows, installations and facilities, every air treatment solution demands case-specific device configurations. All in all, the combined effects of air currents, humidity conditions and temperature fluctuations are often hard to calculate on a purely theoretical basis, e.g. in airlock areas or on conveying paths. The consequence: Unnecessary additional costs due to an overestimated demand or – even worse – solutions not working sufficiently in real life.

You can count on our experts

In order to precisely calculate the demand in the industry and to develop tailor-made concepts for climate conditioning experienced climate specialists are needed. Rely on our team of experts as well as the industrial services: We analyse the individual requirement situation with you present on site, determine the specific demand for devices and develop a tailor-made project solution right up to the exact positioning of the devices.

Just give us a call at +49 2452 962-777 – our industry consultants will be pleased to help you personally and provide information regarding our best practice industrial services. Or send a request indicating your personal requirements directly to our industry experts. We will answer promptly!

Upon request, we also produce customized desiccant dehumidifiers as special models

Upon request, we will readily produce tailor-made desiccant dehumidifiers as special models “made in Germany” perfectly geared to your needs, e.g.:

  • TTR industrial desiccant dehumidifiers with hygienic design
  • TTR industrial desiccant dehumidifiers for PWIS-free dry air
  • TTR industrial desiccant dehumidifiers with extremely low dew point

Makes use of the possibility of having special models with tailored components for your individual needs planned, designed and manufactured in close consultation with our specialists.
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Trotec products for the shipbuilding & shipyard sector

Application examples for the shipbuilding & shipyard sector

  • Dehumidification in ships' holds

    There is only one remedy for mould, microbial contamination and corrosion on cargo and ship: to supply constantly dry air with a humidity suitable for the cargo into the ship’s hold. To achieve reliable results, the dehumidification system must have been planned professionally.

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  • Tightness testing of life jackets and immersion suits

    When checking the tightness of survival suits, life jackets, diving equipment and protective suits there can only be 100 per cent certainty, for less means: none at all. Testing companies, specialized in the inspection of such protective clothing, therefore depend on a reliable measuring device operating according to the tracer gas method. The LD6000 is one such measuring device.

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  • Evacuation exercises on passenger ships

    Even if passenger ships are supposed to be an extremely secure means of transport, the preparation for an emergency must be taken seriously. International regulations drafted under the auspices of the United Nations require that sea crews must be trained for the case of an evacuation as part of the safety precautions. To practice for an emergency under realistic conditions, fog machines are used....

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  • Drying compressed air

    The most frequent causes for a production stop are too much water vapour in the machines and installations, and corrosion inside the pipelines. Therefore, too humid compressed air should be avoided by all means. An effective option is the use of high-performance dehumidifiers. The answer to the question of how dry the compressed air has to be in order to guarantee optimum production conditions and...

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