Professional electric heater TEH 100

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Professional electric heater TEH 100

Absolutely awesome not only in terms of condensation-free heat.

If you are looking for the ideal mobile heating solution for construction sites, industry and agriculture or for heating unventilated rooms with condensation-free warmth, we can highly recommend our most powerful professional electric heater of the TEH series.

The suberb first impression when beholding the tried and tested German industrial design (protected prototype) is gloriously confirmed when observing the inner values of this powerful electric heating device:

Concealed underneath the TEH 100's steel sheet construction with protective coating is an especially developed chassis, which was elaborately flow-optimized for maximum system efficiency so that focussed hot air can be streamed via hose distances of up to 15 m without turbulence losses.

Due to the focussed current of heating air and the high fan performance of max. 1,785 m³/h, even large rooms are quickly heated. Given extreme performance values of the TEH 100, the heating device is provided with an extra thermally insulated hose connection with special supporting ring, so the connected warm air hose does not lose its grip. The discharge grille integrated in the connector additionally forces a directed current of warm air.

The robust step switches of the TEH 100 enable a need-based regulation of the heating capacity for every application requirement. Step one activates the fan, while steps two to four each raise the heating capacity, up to the maximum of 18 kW.

Thanks to the identical stacking groove, the multi-stackable electric heating device can flexibly be stacked to save space during storage and transport in random combination with equally dimensioned models such as the TEH 70. During application individual heating compositions can be realized, for instance 180°-stacking installations for a combined air transport in several directions.

The wheels of the TEH 100 can be turned in all directions, making quick site changes a breeze. When stacked again and with the RollStop catch arrested in the stacking groove, the wheels give a stable hold again.

Professional electric heater TEH 100
Professional electric heater TEH 100
Professional electric heater TEH 100
Professional electric heater TEH 100

A few practical benefits:

  • Development, design, production: 100 % Trotec
  • Particularly durable steel sheet construction with resistant protective coating
  • Flow-optimised chassis for a focussed current of non-turbulent, warm air
  • Flexible, four step performance control
  • Practical stacking groove for stable, space-saving storage and transport
  • Extra thermally insulated hose connectors with supporting ring for additional grip
  • Minimised outer sleeve heating with double-walled housing model
  • Very easy to maintain construction
  • Robust Trotec ergonomic recessed handles with an inner Grip-Clip, for the best hold while carrying
  • Tried and tested German industrial design - protected prototype
  • Stackable with equally dimensioned models


TEH 100 Electric Heater show in Trotec online shop

TEH 100 Electric Heater

This robust electric heater with its 18 kW heating output, is perfectly suitable for the rough conditions on construction sites as well as industry and agriculture. And thanks to its wheels, transport is child's play.

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Daily rent:
12.00 € incl. VAT per day



Technical data
General information
  Article number 1.410.000.220
Heating capacity
  Stage 1 [kW] 0
  Stage 2 [kW] 9
  Stage 3 [kW] 13.5
  Stage 4 [kW] 18
  Stage Max. [kW] 18
  Stage Max. [kcal] 15,400
Amount of air
  Stage Max. [m³/h] 1,785
Air pressure
  Stage Max. [Pa] 130
Temperature increase
  in [°C] 38
  Number of fan stages 1
Electrical values
  Mains connection 400 V/50 Hz
  Nominal current consumption [A] 27.2
  Recommended fusing [A] 32
  Power input [kW] 18
Electric connection
  Connection plug CEE 32 A, 5-pin
  Provided by the customer
Sound values
  Distance 1 m [dB(A)] 69
Hose connector
  Hose connection
  Diameter [mm] 300
  Max. hose length [m] 15
  Length (packaging excluded) [mm] 400
  Width (packaging excluded) [mm] 400
  Height (packaging excluded) [mm] 480
  (packaging excluded) [kg] 29.5
Equipment, features and functions
  Carry/transport handle(s)
  Rubber-tyred metal wheels
  Plastic wheels
  Non-marking full-rubber wheels

 standard equipment

 optionally available

 not available


Thermostat for Electric Heaters TEH 70/100; TDE 65/95 show in Trotec online shop

Thermostat for Electric Heaters TEH 70/100; TDE 65/95

This external thermostat is available for the models in the TDE electric heater series (TDE 65 / TDE 95) and TEH 70 and TEH 100. It allows you to maintain a constant temperature that suits your individual demands and requirements.

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SP-T Flexible Duct, 305 mm, 7.6 m show in Trotec online shop

SP-T Flexible Duct, 305 mm, 7.6 m

The SP-T hoses are light and flexible and ideal for ventilation and extraction in the field of climate technology, for drying buildings and on winter building sites. The extremely resilient hoses can stand up to temperatures up to 100°C and are reinforced with steel spirals for added strength.

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SP-C Flexible Duct, 305 mm, 7.6 m show in Trotec online shop

SP-C Flexible Duct, 305 mm, 7.6 m

Extremely valuable accessories for existing or mobile heating units. Can be connected directly to these as two metres of hose are made of neoprene and therefore extremely heat resistant.

76.91 £ incl. VAT
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Universal Lashing Belt for SP Series show in Trotec online shop

Universal Lashing Belt for SP Series

Flexible connecting straps made of special material with an automatic stop mechanism at the strap buckle. Can be used to connect the hoses to connecting pieces or connecting collars.

You save: 33 %

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Pro extension cable 20 m / 400 V / 6 mm² (CEE 32 A) - Made in Germany show in Trotec online shop

Pro extension cable 20 m / 400 V / 6 mm² (CEE 32 A) - Made in Germany

Completely made in Germany, this pro extension cable is not just impressive due to its careful workmanship and use of high quality components, it is also an essential accessory for electric heaters, oil heaters or many other devices with high current connections.

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Heatbox for TEH 70/100 and TDE 95 show in Trotec online shop

Heatbox for TEH 70/100 and TDE 95

When heating with electric heaters placed indoors, the ''classic'' ventilation through opened doors and windows will cause side effects such as drafts, invasion of privacy and humidity problems. The heatbox helps on many levels.

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Recirculation set for TEH 70 und TEH 100 show in Trotec online shop

Recirculation set for TEH 70 und TEH 100

The two-piece recirculation set for fresh air supply for indoor use of electric heaters. The set consists of a T-distributor and an adapter, which can be screwed on to the back plate of the heating device.

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Alternative products

TEH 100 with alternative products:

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TDE 95 Industrial Electric Heater show in Trotec online shop

TDE 95 Industrial Electric Heater

Although its quite a size and weighs all of 32kg, a set of sturdy castors makes the heating unit easy to manoeuvre. Like all the models in the TDE-series it has an overheat protection. You can connect hot air hoses with a diameter of 300mm to the unit to transport the air to where you need it.

You save: 100.97 £

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TDS 100 Electric Fan Heater show in Trotec online shop

TDS 100 Electric Fan Heater

The TDS electric fan heater combine solid technology in a budge-optimized solution with a focus on primarily long stationary heating applications. The TDS 100 electric heater convinces with a max. heating performance of 22 kW (18,920 kcal) at an emitted air volume of 1,632 m³/h.

You save: 184.66 £

369.29 £ 184.63 £ incl. VAT
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