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Hygiene management for the hotel business & co.
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Hygiene management for the hotel industry & co.

The Trotec solutions for fighting bed bugs, fleas and viruses on surfaces as well as in the air – 100 % biological without any chemicals

Small bed bugs – a major issue for any type of accommodation

Minor cause – major problem:

No-one likes to say it out loud, but especially in the accommodation sector bed bugs & co. appear to be unstoppably on the rise. The use of chemical agents can only do little about this as is substantiated by recent studies.

And the parasites couldn’t care less about whether their new home is a luxury hotel, a youth hostel, a home, or a military barrack.

All-round solution for thermal disinfection – 100 % biological and chemical-free

An effective heat treatment – embedded in an elaborate hygiene concept – is probably the most efficient approach for the elimination of pests in interior spaces. For this purpose, the TAC XT was developed and supplemented by a universally applicable cloud application, making it possible to schedule, check, track and document the process of thermal disinfection.

Trotec's hygiene management concept can be easily implemented for any type of accommodation, for instance:

  • Hotels and holiday resorts
  • Youth hostels
  • Barracks
  • Homes
  • Correctional facilities

Modular hygiene concept – easily implemented

In the centre of the Trotec hygiene concept, we have the multi air handler TAC XT, an equally powerful and versatile thermal disinfector for professional pest control.

The concept is rounded off by a versatile cloud application with an integrated dashboard and analysis options.

Via the cloud, all rooms to be treated and even individual sites can be recorded.

The combination with the QR code identification and tracking as well as the mobile app provides you with a comprehensive hygiene management solution which you can use to check and document the status of your hygiene concept easily and at all times from anywhere.

Trotec's hygiene solution – perfect for hotels, flats, homes or military barracks
The universal Trotec hygiene solution to fight bed bug infestation and other parasites

With Trotec’s hygiene concept, an iterative process can be implemented very easily:

  1. Mark the room to be treated with a QR code
  2. Scan the QR code
  3. Automatic transmission of the data to the Trotec cloud
  4. Manage the data and organise targets using the Trotec mobile app
  5. Implement an individual hygiene treatment for all rooms coded – treatment via TAC XT is carried out directly in the respective target room
  6. Secure documentation of the treatment process via Trotec mobile app in the Trotec cloud

Universal hygiene concept

Trotec's hygiene solution

Ideal for hotels, hostels, homes or barracks

  • Multi air handler TAC XT
    Fully automatic thermal disinfestation
  • Data cloud plus mobile app
    One software solution for the management of all data of Trotec devices – dashboard and analysis tools integrated
  • Complete hygiene concept
    Different concepts and technical solutions for individual demand situations
Decentralised hygiene concept, device installation in the room

Decentralised treatment

Standard procedure

The TAC XT is transported directly to the treatment room, installed in the centre of this room, and the QR code of the room is checked in via app.

Then the fully automatic disinfestation cycle starts, and, in a final step, the room is checked out via QR code scan as thermally cleaned in the Trotec cloud.

Centralised hygiene concept, device installation in the room

Centralised treatment

Option 1

In this variant, all treatment items coded – mattresses, cushions, bed linen, etc. – are brought into one «hygiene space» in a centralised fashion.

Then the fully automatic disinfestation cycle is initiated, and the treatment items, in a final step, are checked out via QR code scanner as thermally cleaned in the Trotec cloud.

Centralised hygiene concept, device installation outside

Centralised treatment

Option 2

As an alternative to the indoor installation of the TAC XT in the hygiene space, the multi air handler can also be installed outside this hygiene space with a tubed air inlet into the room.

Disinfestation and check-out of the treatment items will then be carried out along the same lines of process variant 1.

Trotec hardware plus software – all-round hygiene management

The unique module-based solution for professional pest control and an extensive hygiene management

Trotec hardware plus software – all-round hygiene management

Whereas the TAC XT as a stand-alone device already presents an unparalleled effective solution for thermal treatment, its combined use with the Trotec cloud application completes it to a consistent, seamless monitoring and certification system for the internal hygiene concept.

The room to be treated can be marked via QR code and entered into the inventory list of the Trotec cloud application via app and can also be checked in for treatment and checked out again when the treatment has been completed.

For each room, a variety of settings can be made, like for example preliminary settings specifying the treatment intervals, the place of installation, subsidiary, and lots more.

By means of a timer function, the Trotec cloud application then for example initiates a follow-up appointment for the thermal treatment and also alerts users via the app. For every coded room or whole subsidiaries, reports can be generated via the Trotec cloud application and the hygiene status can be fully logged.

In this process, the Trotec cloud application is not only accessible via a PC browser, but also from any location via the mobile app. This also allows external facility managers or division managers of the accommodation to gain an overview at all times.

Room unit at a 5-star level

Since every multi air handler also accommodates an air purification unit, the thermal treatment procedure at the same time includes thorough cleaning of the entire room air, due to convection.

In this process, the fine particulate air filter of the device separates the fine dust particles raised by the treatment, ensuring that the room is practically free from dust afterwards.

With our modular solution of multi air handlers, cloud application and mobile app you’ll benefit from a complete hygiene solution for you company, individually customisable to any requirement and at the same time 100 % effective, 100 % biological, 100 % chemical-free!

Sample programme sequence for thermal pest control treatment
Integrated automatic control system for thermal disinfestation

Effective technique

Thermal disinfestation with the TAC XT from Trotec

Heat treatment is a highly efficient procedure for pest control. since insects only have very limited options to regulate their body temperature as they cannot sweat. At temperatures from 45 °C onwards, the proteins in their bodies will start to coagulate and enzymes will be destroyed.

With a conventional heating device alone, these vermin can no longer be handled.

Certain parasites would recognise a sudden increase in heat as danger and immediately escape.  With others it would be exactly the other way round, a condition requiring changes to the procedure.

This is why all treatment cycles of the TAC XT – from the heating-up process to cooling down and including the actual disinfestation – are individually pre-programmed and adjustable, attuned to the application and type of parasite.

Integrated automatic control system for thermal disinfestation

The multi air handler TAC XT, which can be operated via touch display, is equipped with different automatic programmes that can be adapted to your needs (e.g. to the respective type of parasite).

The treatment duration, the room and surface target temperature as well as the type of parasite can be individually configured. An intelligent, sensor-supported automatic control system then carries out the treatment process, starting with a heating-up phase, then increasing the room air temperature step by step.

Afterwards, the disinfestation cycle will be launched: the room air temperature and contact surfaces of the inventory will be heated to a temperature that can be preset up to ≤ 75 °C. Any kind of vermin within the treatment radius will then be killed. In a last step, the programme automatically starts the cooling phase.

Trotec cloud – modularity for maximum possibilities

Trotec cloud – modularity for maximum possibilities

The Trotec cloud application is designed on a modular basis and is easy to handle. In this way you can for instance easily extend the hygiene concept in the cloud to the cleaning of toilets, rooms, guest rooms and kitchens – to potentially required ozone treatments of rooms in the event of odour issues.

Especially in hotels or guest houses, some guests may leave unpleasant odour souvenirs that persistently remain in furniture, textiles and curtains for a long time.

The ozone disinfectors and plasma field ionizers from Trotec enable hotel keepers and guest house operators to provide for effective odour neutralisation.

In particular our AirgoPro® devices are furthermore ideally suited for an overnight refreshment of rooms, for example to eliminate all odours of the evening before in hotel bars, dining rooms or breakfast rooms.

Whether you utilise the thermal disinfector, odour remover or air cleaner, with the Trotec cloud application practically every treatment device, treatment item and treatment room can be coded, recorded and controlled with in line with the hygiene management approach!

Extension examples of the Trotec cloud to ensure a complete and easily controllable hygiene concept:

  • Toilet cleaning
  • Room cleaning
  • Guest room cleaning
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Ozone disinfection
100 % hygiene management – 100 % satisfied guests

Good references are the best recommendation – see for yourself who relies on our products where the protection of employees, customers and children is concerned!

Good references are the best recommendation

We’ll be happy to offer you a personal consultation to show you the large variety of benefits of our all-round hygiene solution for your company – contact us for consultation!

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