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Our measuring devices for thermography: advanced infrared cameras, contact thermometers and IR thermometers


Using thermal imaging cameras

Razor-sharp infrared images and manifold measurement and display functions are among the assets of Trotec's thermal imaging cameras. In a matter of seconds, these cameras detect energy leakage and indicate hot or cold sections.

Even in locating persons or animals the infrared cameras can be of valuable service.

Precise inspections using an infrared thermometer

Trotec's infrared thermometers achieve exact temperature measurements. Particularly striking are the wide measuring ranges, the unfailingly handy design and the precise measurement results.

Used by professional craftsmen or DIY enthusiasts at home: The infrared thermometers are ideal aids for heat measurements.

Trotec's infrared cameras indicate wet and dry spots in a minimum of time. As a result, any construction-related issues can quickly be detected and eliminated.

An outstanding thermography measurement performance is also accomplished by Trotec's contact and infrared thermometers. These convenient thermometers operate at the push of a button and carry out non-contact measurements without difficulty.